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Spiritual Teacher Berdhanya Swami Tierra

Simple yet practical, comprehensive yet timeless, with cutting-edge yet empowering, Berdhanya’s Teachings both transcend and empower the seeker of truth. The teachings offer a self-cultivation, easy to follow program to reclaim your spiritual awakening and your heart’s purest knowing.

Berdhanya is a Spiritual Teacher committed to inner empowerment and self-actualization. If you are an individual who is passionate to reach the deepest possible realizations and are seeking comprehensive tools to live a life with meaning, you’ve come to the right place. Berdhanya’s work reassures a feminine approach, yet, with sharp presentation of truth and clear perception. But don’t take our word for it; test it out for yourself and join an international community that is representing an authentic and more fulfilling human existence.

How to get started?

It is quite simple. We suggest that you explore and get familiar with Berdhanya’s Spiritual Teachings on this site. Meet her in the charming meditation classes in Ottawa or on-line or jump straight into her introductory course “Practical Awakening”. Let Berdhanya’s magical presence rub off on you and expand your inner perception. You can connect with this remarkable spiritual teacher on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Learn About Her Spiritual Teachings

The spiritual teachings and training of Berdhanya are directed towards those individuals seeking natural healing, mystic teachings or those who sincerely wish to establish inner freedom within themselves.

Spiritual teachings are a way to facilitate the understanding and awakening of the right perception. The active talks, meditations and activities with Berdhanya facilitate the awareness of the natural self and the destruction of any self-imposed beliefs, values and concepts. Berdhanya teachings are delivered according to the seekers capability and involvement and are free from any religion or dogma.

The spiritual teachings of Berdhanya invite the seeker to go through three defined stages where the natural self is always the point of reference to establish personal mastery and spiritual awakening.

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Your spiritual teachings are fluid, creative, practical and responsive to what is simultaneously happening on a cosmic level while being responsive to what is occurring in the physical daily consciousness (including my own – I am not separate from the equation). Your methodology of teaching is to me, Indigenous in many ways.  By this I mean, grounded in relationality –  all relations are relevant to myself as a seeker. I learn to position the seeker in both self and collective responsibility. You do not dish out answers, solutions and absolutions. Contrarily, you employ a methodology of teaching that brings enough knowledge for inspiring change and pleasure without disrupting the entire ecosystem.

Berdhanya Spiritual Thoughts

Silent Retreats to Obtain Complete Inner Peace

Spiritual teachers often suggest silent retreats as a way to reconnect with your inner wisdom. Guided silent retreats are recharging, relaxing and life transforming.
Our daily life takes energy from us, our senses are in contact with many stimuli and our minds are requested to make decisions – to process information and to respond to our environment.

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Are you a seeker?

We are all seekers; we all seek happiness and fulfillment. Some people seek it in the outside reality; the target may be a good marriage, a good job, good finances and success. However, the spiritual seeker changes the direction of inquiry towards her/his own...

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