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Sutra: The Unreality of Form

The subtle sound vibration constitutes space and the subtle touch vibration constitutes air. Their friction causes heat and gives rise to the fire element. When the fire subsides, there is water. When all these elements get together, they give rise to earth. The...

Sutra: The concrete form and the void

The concrete body and all its faculties are images (like in a mirror) of the great void (formless). The formless delights to know itself by animating all of its countless images. The soul bodies (unconditional love) incarnate the void, so the void can become (and...

Sutra: The Untouched Nature of Consciousness

The source is unmodified by any knowing, by any form or by any affection. Consciousness does not truly undergo any modification, nor does it ever become impure. The impurities themselves are imaginary; their illusion is the impurity. When this is realized, the...




  1. The altitude of perception
  2. The resonance of Essence
  3. Initiating the central channel into mastery.
  4. The journey of Compassion
  5. Attitude and inner essence

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Ayurvedic Diet for Winter

Winter is actually the season when the digestive fire is strongest. The body requires more fuel to stay warm and healthy in the winter months, and the cold weather forces the fire principle deep into the core of the body—igniting the digestive capacity. Our bodies...

How to use nasya Oil for a Healthy Respiratory System

According to Ayurveda, the delicate skin of the nasal passages and the Eustachian tubes of the ears require lubrication to stay healthy, balanced and protected in the colder months. Nasya is the practice of lubricating these passages with a special herbalized oil...

A Trinity of Essential oils for a Balanced Winter

Do you want to boycott the cold and humidity that make you feel tight and withdrawn? Call on black pepper, jasmine and pink grapefruit essential oils in sesame oil with a touch of vitamin E oil for a savvy solution. This trio will perk Lady Kapha and Dame Vata like no...