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For the first semester of 2021, we are offering 25 weekly online meditations. This module, ” The Undefeatable Mediators,” reviews the fundamentals of meditation, applications and methods proven useful for stable, expansive and enriching living.

“Council of Earth” is a group of individuals dedicated to offering their channel as a way to break the individual impotence in front of earth challenges. Suppose you resonate with energy’s power as a fundamental building blog of reality and wish to contribute to the planet’s consciousness increment. In that case, this program is for you.

Activate Your Self-Realization with Practical Awakening

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Self-Cultivation Course

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 These meetings are striking times for the seeker and give them space to experiment with their own understanding of reality as well as to benefit from new themes that complement their studies.

Intensives in 2021 will be online.

Evolution is a school that reflects the teachings of mystic and spiritual teacher Berdhanya Swami Tierra. Our goal is to create a movement of self-education that responds to the need in society for a platform where human expression is based on the individual’s own passion, freedom and real purpose.

Berdhanya supports the seeker with a recompilation of her lectures, articles and sutras. Each book is truly a mystic gem that any individual interested in self-realization will surely enjoy.

La communidad hispanoamerica esta apoyada con programas semanales, retiros y servicio communitario.


Sit back with a cup of tea every Friday evening to watch the episodes of ” living on Earth .” A gift from us to introduce you to the subtle anatomy of earth. Subscribe to our channel; that way, you don’t miss any episodes.

The Spring is a passionate and determined group of monthly givers on a mission to end the water crisis in our lifetime. People like you, from more than 100 countries around the world, giving anything they can to prove how unstoppable we are when we work together.


The Circle of Tongues

How do teachers become controversial? What is the purpose of this passage? How does the controversy take form? I have witnessed the phenomenon of accusations against spiritual leaders and progressive thinkers as I have studied the lives of scientists and mystic...

Sacred Feedback

Satsang excerpt  from 2020 All the messages that you hear every moment are the electrical discharge of your higher self into your essence and the essence filters these messages through your belief systems. They go first into the mind as a thought or to your emotions...

Performing a Despacho ceremony

Icons in ceremonies bring positive representations for the mind to relate, calm and reprogram itself. Each tradition has icons in ceremonies; Christianity has the chalice, the wine and the bread; Hindus no dought are the winners of exquisite combinations of spices,...


Vitality in the muscles with Kakshadhara Marma

This beautiful spot in your body works faithfully for you to keep your muscles strong and vital. The Kakashadhara marma is the first marma in the upper extremity. The 'kaksha' region refers to the root of the arm (armpit). The word 'dhara' means bearing or holding....

Essence and Hridaya marma

The point of guidance Hridaya means heart, is one center, with one pulse and significant influence on the quality of life and eloquence of a person. The word hridya in Hindi also means the one that receives or distributes. Thus we know that heart is an anatomical...

Building vitality with Rasayana Therapy

What is Rasayana? Rasayan is a Sanskrit word meaning path (āyana) of essence (rasa). It is an early ayurvedic medical term referring to techniques for lengthening lifespans and invigorating the body. Ayurveda teaches that anything supporting and nourishing the blood...