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Berdhanya supports the seeker with a recompilation of her lectures, articles and sutras. Each book is truly a mystic gem that any individual interested in self-realization will surely enjoy. VIEW HER LATEST BOOK


In the library, there are groups of courses and satsangs that enrich the understanding and evolution of the seeker inner world. The courses are live audio recordings and videos from Berdhanya lectures and classes. VIEW AND DOWNLOAD COURSE


Online courses provide a learning modality through which concentration, meditation and awareness of group energy provide for a potent current of service and inner awareness. In each class, the students have the opportunity to connect in a very intimate way with Berdhanya and the teachings. VIEW THE UPCOMING CLASSES


2019 Highlights and Projections for 2020

NEWS FROM THE TEACHER Dear Ones, The 2019 year is now closing it doors for us after much satisfaction, exploration and learning. The teachings have taken many forms and formats for you to explore the themes of affection, introduction to ancestry and fusion. The notes...

Living Belly Button-less

(Satsang, December 5, 2017) Berdhanya: What does it mean to be belly button-less? What does the belly button mean? It’s not the navel, it’s where you were fed from as a baby.  Who fed you? Student: My mother. Berdhanya: So, now you have no belly button. Nobody to feed...

Inner Ceremonies

Inner ceremonies are the tool for reconciliation. They are the place where you have finally accepted to surrender, to be equal, to detach from guilt and to make a step forward toward your own action of mastery.  With its two aspects (stillness and expression), inner...


Making Ayurvedic Oils

Ayurvedic herbal oils so unique, healing and with a great ancient craft. What Is a medicated Herbal Oil? Creating an herbal oil is no haphazard, random selection of ingredients—it’s a careful selection of herbs paired with the right base oils to cook into the perfect...

The Rest and Repair Diet

By Briya Freeman  A rest-and-repair diet is a good idea anytime you want to give your digestive system a reboot, such as after the holidays, illness, low digestive fire, at the change of seasons or in times of stress.  You may choose to follow this diet once a week,...

The Art of Eating Wisely

By Briya freeman Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures. To promote better digestion and a more enjoyable relationship with your next meal, try incorporating the following lifestyle habits into your routine: Tune Into Your Body Start by recognizing that you have a...