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For the first semester of 2021, we are offering 25 weekly online meditations. This module, ” The Undefeatable Mediators,” reviews the fundamentals of meditation, applications and methods proven useful for stable, expansive and enriching living.

“Council of Earth” is a group of individuals dedicated to offering their channel as a way to break the individual impotence in front of earth challenges. Suppose you resonate with energy’s power as a fundamental building blog of reality and wish to contribute to the planet’s consciousness increment. In that case, this program is for you.

Activate Your Self-Realization with Practical Awakening

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Self-Cultivation Course

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 These meetings are striking times for the seeker and give them space to experiment with their own understanding of reality as well as to benefit from new themes that complement their studies.

Intensives in 2021 will be online.

Evolution is a school that reflects the teachings of mystic and spiritual teacher Berdhanya Swami Tierra. Our goal is to create a movement of self-education that responds to the need in society for a platform where human expression is based on the individual’s own passion, freedom and real purpose.

Berdhanya supports the seeker with a recompilation of her lectures, articles and sutras. Each book is truly a mystic gem that any individual interested in self-realization will surely enjoy.

La communidad hispanoamerica esta apoyada con programas semanales, retiros y servicio communitario.


Sit back with a cup of tea every Friday evening to watch the episodes of ” living on Earth .” A gift from us to introduce you to the subtle anatomy of earth. Subscribe to our channel; that way, you don’t miss any episodes.

The Spring is a passionate and determined group of monthly givers on a mission to end the water crisis in our lifetime. People like you, from more than 100 countries around the world, giving anything they can to prove how unstoppable we are when we work together.


A soul is born always in a grid

Fibres, Grids and Origin of Soul January 15, 2021 This article is a transcription of a student class. What are Grids? Begin by putting three dots in your notebook. Let's explore the inner authority grid. Let's imagine that those dots are composed of high...

The softness of the heart

Sooner than later the seeker arrives at a place where all in creation is reflected, felt and alive as pure awareness. Tears naturally jump out of the eyes in that blissful, detach space of witnessing. It feels vulnerable, however, there is great power and safety...

Mingle with the Collective

The complicity of the heart with all human beings is expressed by a collective link. All humanity shares the same heart, the same need to be loved, to be recognized and to be useful. This link is also attached to the heart of the Earth that communicates her journey...


Nasya and deep meditation

"The nose is the door to consciousness and the pathway to our inner pharmacy."- Dr. Vasad Lad. I can not imagine meditating without preparing the nostrils to breathe smoothly, remove mucus accumulation in the sinus, and lubricate the third eye. With a daily anointing...

Two yoga poses for winter

A robust 12 set of sun salutations can burn dullness. Also, you can add in your daily yoga routine warrior poses. Holding these two poses every day for a period of time builds strength, character and courage. Both poses mentioned below reduce and balance kapha dosha....

Ayurvedic Daily routine in winter

Daily Routine for Winter Maintaining a predictable daily routine will help keep Vata in balance this winter. Kapha will benefit from keeping things fresh and a bit unpredictable, so do your best to strike an appropriate balance for yourself. Certain parts of your...