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Understanding Self Fragmentation

Real unity only happens in the moment of self-realization. Until then we remain in duality, fragmentation and pain. We must give ourselves the courage, consistency and contemplation time to perceive our internal choices. We need the space to practice our authenticity,...

Sutra: The 3 types of emptiness

The notion of “I”, you, space and time given by the mind has the effect of creating form and planetary existence (earth bodies) The form in a restless state seeks experiences. When the senses engage in the experience, form is established and the wheels (chakras) are...

Sutra: The 4 stages of the seeker in relation to existance

The seeker has 4 consecutive stages in existence: The state of living in the world of the source (transformation); The state of being near the qualities of the source (transmutation); The state of assuming the form of the source (transfiguration); and, The state of...




  1. The altitude of perception
  2. The resonance of Essence
  3. Initiating the central channel into mastery.
  4. The journey of Compassion
  5. Attitude and inner essence

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How to Heal Dry and Wet Cough According to Ayurveda

Winter can be difficult for the respiratory system. The change of temperature, the lack of fresh air or to cold can produce cough. Identifying the quality of a cough is a very important first step in the Ayurvedic approach to returning to balance. In the simplest...

Ayurvedic Diet for Winter

Winter is actually the season when the digestive fire is strongest. The body requires more fuel to stay warm and healthy in the winter months, and the cold weather forces the fire principle deep into the core of the body—igniting the digestive capacity. Our bodies...

How to use nasya Oil for a Healthy Respiratory System

According to Ayurveda, the delicate skin of the nasal passages and the Eustachian tubes of the ears require lubrication to stay healthy, balanced and protected in the colder months. Nasya is the practice of lubricating these passages with a special herbalized oil...