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Simple yet practical, comprehensive yet timeless, with cutting-edge yet empowering, Berdhanya’s Teachings both transcend and empower the seeker of truth. The teachings offer a self-cultivation, easy to follow program to reclaim your spiritual awakening and your heart’s purest knowing.


Berdhanya is a Spiritual Teacher committed to inner empowerment and self-actualization. If you are an individual who is passionate to reach the deepest possible realizations and are seeking comprehensive tools to live a life with meaning, you’ve come to the right place. Berdhanya’s work reassures a feminine approach, yet, with sharp presentation of truth and clear perception. But don’t take our word for it; test it out for yourself and join an international community that is representing an authentic and more fulfilling human existence.


How to get started?

It is quite simple. We suggest that you explore and get familiar with Berdhanya’s Spiritual Teachings on this site. 
Meet her in the charming meditation classes in Ottawa or on-line or jump straight into her introductory course “Practical Awakening”. 

Berdhanya Spiritual Thoughts

The Seven Directions of the Soul

By Matthew Cosgrove Excerpt from His Book The altar of the Initiative The Altar of the Initiate draws on the ancient teachings of the seven directions to cast insight into life’s higher purposes, stages and true meanings of the initiations that life provides. Why are...

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Ayurveda and the 3 types of Menopause

By Dr. Shamna Pradjith Womanhood is a great blessing and is, of course, a big responsibility. A woman passes through various life transitions including menarche, pregnancy, labour, breast-feeding, child nurturing and finally menopause. These phases are all part of...

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5 Ayurvedic Treatments to Purify your Perception

By Isabela Blanchet Senses produce perceptions. Right perception of reality is the key to understand your life, your world and your inner freedom. – Berdhanya Swami Tierra Your five senses are the doorway to your reality. The way you perceive depends on how clean are...

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Ayurveda & Wellness Programs


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Ayurvedic Nutrition Blog

Ginger Chutney


In silence retreats I like to serve this chutney to aid digestion for vattha dosha. It complements wonderfully the simple kachadi. You can make a good amount and refrigerate for 4 to 5 days.

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Berdhanya Council of Children and Family


Transformative Breath for Children

This is not a simple pranayama (breath exercise) just to calm the child. This breath, when adopted as a daily routine, impacts the formation of the brain, the immune system and the self-identity of the child. It is the best tool to give to a child to respond with equanimity in front of stress.

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Initiating the “Coming of Age” Ceremony

North Americans in general don’t tend to mark or celebrate changes of life cycles, except maybe for births and weddings. Other events are highlighted by mundane parties. In other parts of the world, coming of age ceremonies are imbued by tradition, meaning and symbolism.

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Children of our time: Robots or Humans?

Children’s education is in constant evolution. When parents or educators realize what our times are requesting from our children we need to contemplate a few things.

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