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Sutra: The right action

Action is a flame of purification and liberation. The pure action is free from the desires and agendas of the little self. Pure action is transformative and useful to your form. Pure action is selfless and useful to others. Impure actions deform the matrix of...

Sutra: Transcending knowing

When the knower, the known and knowledge merge in one self, the pure experiencer does not once again generate division within. When all knowing is transcended, we recognize that even that intelligence is not the pure truth (the self) When knowing is mastered, even the...

Sutra: The Lightness of Being in the world of Form

Infinite consciousness plays and delights itself as it takes diverse forms. Form is and retains infinite consciousness. As the seeker comes into existence on Earth, they will meet and undergo the laws of transfiguration from non-form into form. The seeker’s...




  1. The altitude of perception
  2. The resonance of Essence
  3. Initiating the central channel into mastery.
  4. The journey of Compassion
  5. Attitude and inner essence

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