Ceremonies are the science of miracles, alignments and devotion. It is a higher expression and a sophisticated tool of gratitude and inner mastery.

They are five forces that, when in alignment, move the heavens and the Earth. When in alignment, the five pranas produce the mobility and balance of the vibrational self. 

Each prana has a distinctive effect and purpose in each ceremony.

1.- The alignment of prana (a region on the heart): This force comes from the heart in gratitude, passion and reverence. It is a call for life beyond the mundane.

2.- The force of apana: Offerings in the form of letting go of the obsolete are food for the divine vibration. The moment we let go, we can surrender and open a space for other vibrations to enter our biosystem.

3- The force of Samana prana: The opening towards transmutation and real change happens when we merge our Samana prana with the energy of rajas and the vibration of the illumination body. With samana prana, we can transform water into wine and dispel foreign forces from any object or subject.

4.- The force of vyana prana: Vyana is the presence of joy in the system and the ability to expand and contract the vibrations produced in the intonations and invocations.

5- The force of Udana prana: Udana prana merges our ceremonies into a place of profound bliss, contentment and spiritual satisfaction.

All ceremonies have Sankalpas, pure heart and humility. It is a tool of the wise to recycle their prana and merge with cosmic energy and vibration. Each ceremony has alignments and acknowledgement and a deep desire to honour the mysteries of life. It is a celebration, a private space where time can dissolve us in pure love and the addiction to penetrate god in all its forms.