You are empty in principle and only inhabited by the different qualities of the divine. Your choice to be inhabited by any aspect determines the quality of your perception.

Live courses with Berdhanya

Online courses guide the seeker towards self-realization by enhancing the enhancement of subtle bodies in service of Earth. Online courses provide a learning modality through which concentration, meditation and awareness of group energy provide for a potent current of service and inner awareness. They are a favourite among lightworkers, inner warriors, shamans and those with a deep desire to serve earth in a subtle way and to refine their subtle inner expression. Each course is usually from 5 to 6 weeks in length. Topics are chosen in accordance with current pulsations of earth, and with the requirements of our time. Classes are recorded in case you miss a class or want to take the course in a different time frame. These courses are enriched by Berdhanya’s international pilgrimages to different parts of the planet. From 2016 to 2019, the topics of these courses will enhance and explore the presence and role of our own realization (mastery) on the new earth. Requirements: Practical Awakening

How to connect via skype


  • You need to have an account with Skype.


  • Please send Berdhanya’s office your e-mail or skype code, the office will send you an invitation which you need to accept.


  • Berdhanya will call you a few minutes before the online class start.


  • Contact Berdhanya on skype under Berdhanya Swami Tierra- Canada

Sept. 10 to Oct. 15:

Reconstruction and Resonance


This course apply the use of inner resonance for the reconstruction of our integrity and inner leadership.

Class 1: Spiritual reconstruction

Class 2: Abandonment of the reconstruction

Class 3: Relations to the form in the 3 dimension.

Class 4: Refusal of surrender.

Class 5: Resonance and spirit guides

Class 6: the 4 stages of integration.


Thursdays 9 am to 10 am Est time


Cost: $ 355.00


Classes: Every week, no interruptions



Oct. 22 to Nov 26:

The feminine fibre in the chakra system of the earth.


Our own intimate essence, the very center of our heart is constantly in perfect synchronicity with the pulsation, melodies and choices of the earth. This course teaches you how to harmonize our chakra system with the most powerful influence we have; this pulse of the planetary mother. We will be review planetary influences and other aspects of the resonance withing.

Class 1: Feminine Resonance.

Class 2:Chakra systems in the 3 and 7 dimension

Class 3: Earth new active chakras 

Class 4: The resonance of the new earth.

Class 5: Alignment of personal chakras with earth heart.

Class 6: Polarities and points of evolution.


Thursdays 9 am to 10 am Est time

Cost: $ 335.00

Classes: Every week, no interruptions.

Dec. 3 to Dec. 17

3 Ceremonies to align time and space


Time and space are the polarities of creation. The readjustment and alignment of those vector creates consistency and cohesiveness in the form and it expression. This 3 ceremonies adjust our tendencies to vibrate our of the natural resonance and to maintain inner clarity of purpose and meaning.

Ceremony One: Core and fibres

Ceremony 2: Alignment of time

Ceremony 3: Alignment of space.



Thursdays 9 am to 10 am Est time


Cost: $ 108.00





In the beginning, I had no idea what this process would be, or where it would lead, and I questioned the effectiveness of Internet/Skype sessions… Now I know, after just two meetings, that our physical location to one another is irrelevant. Berdhanya is a powerful person! She is an outstanding facilitator, a knowledgeable and experienced guide; she is kind and approachable; and she is connected to energies and to realms we may not have recognized. She can enable metaphysical experiences (yup, that’s what I said! …as “out-there” as it may seem!)”


“The online classes are no different than the classes I used to take in person with Berdhanya.  It is like being right in front of her – powerful, strong, deep, subtle.  There is no distance really. Every time we have a class I can feel her presence, sharpness and her kindness, love and compassion. It is a blessing to be able to continue with our work through the online classes.



Just listened to last week’s persona class.  Powerful mediation!  When we separated from “the holy one,” I started to cry and my bottom lip was trembling.  Then, as I pulled back even further, I experienced nothingness, emptiness and a great sense of peace and a deep relaxation took over.  There were no labels in this space…just pure being.  
 It is amazing to me just how powerful the transmission of the teachings are in the recordings.
 in humble gratitude.


“I have benefited greatly from my group and individual online work with Berdhanya Swami Tierra. Her deeply grounded presence is felt fully despite the length of physical distance between us. I am able to effectively receive her teachings, deeply feel her healing work, and be completely moved by her loving energy. I highly recommend Berdhanya’s classes to anyone desiring to fully awaken in this life.” — Edward Colley, M.A. Teacher & Transpersonal Psychotherapist.Canada



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