Berdhanya Swami Tierra is a spiritual teacher, author, and mystic born in Colombia and educated at the Incca University in Bogotá. For over 15 years, she cultivated the visual and performing arts obtaining recognition in international artistic circles. She emigrated to Canada and enriched her natural science studies and visual arts.


Berdhanya Swami Tierra teaches those individuals who are sincerely interested in self-cultivation and inner mastery. Her passion and mission are in offering an uplifting and inspirational platform for the awakening of humanity. Berdhanya supports inner awakening and personal freedom through meditation, mystical teachings, self-inquiry and contemplation.


She holds psychology and anthropology studies from the INCCA University in Colombia. She had studied and practiced natural sciences and Earth Spirituality in the amazon forest, where she resided for over three years. Harbhajan Singh Khalsa taught her the four levels of mastery in the science of Kundalini yoga. Hatha yoga and Pranayama mastery programs were offered to her by Yogrishi Vishvketu. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ( her formal spiritual teacher) imparted the art of silence/meditation and Vedic studies. She had studied and practiced the art and science of Ayurveda for over 25 years with different teachers, including Dr. Vasant Lad and Dr. Shamna Prajit. Berdhanya enjoys quantum physics, gardening and art studies.


Her profound, simple, yet straightforward teachings highlight earth wisdom and natural sciences. Her teachings point toward the embodiment of our true nature through acceptance, relaxation and clear perception.
Her fluent mystical insights reveal content relevant to our present human Evolution. They integrate physics, biology, yoga, archeology, cosmology and earth history.
Her lectures, books and essays support inner training and wellness. The teachings take form in courses, pilgrimages, community and private meetings.



The year 2021, was a year of opportunities and expansion in Berdhanya Teachings. She explored deeper the science of Pranayama and meditation. She presents her gratitude to the Adi Nath Shi tradition for inputs of Vedic and Yogi wisdom. She also completed training in Marma Chikitsa with Dr. Vasad Lad.- She complements her studies with 1-year of reclusion in nature.



The main passion of Berdhanya is to create content in written or oral form.

The actualization of mysticism as a tool for inner peace and greater fulfillment in humanity is the core of her voice. Berdhanya is the author of 16 books and essays, including The the world within, Mastering realityMystic HeartLost secrets of the feminineThe pillow book, The yoga of consolidation, Steps of the Seeker, Subconscious Core alignmentsBe me Be Here, The Nine Gates and the Circle of Affection.

The love for Ayurveda and cooking is reflected in the blog ” the book of taste.”



Since the beginnings in 1988, Berdhanya has created platforms to support the diversity of her teachings. She has founded “The Bioenergetic Institute,” “Club Yoga” ( family program), Home of Vedic Healing, Living Arts, and recently an online school: Evolution.”  Under her expressions lies the transformation of consciousness, a spiritual awakening that she sees as the next step in Human Evolution. 


Community meetings, retreats and other training are facilitated year around in 3 locations: Ottawa, Wakefield and lake Thorne in Pontiac, Quebec.


Berdhanya’s teachings are complementary with the work of Matthew Cosgrove ( oracle and Shaman), Dr. Shamna Prajith ( ayurvedic Dr.) and Sebastian Peralta ( Ayurvedic Practitioner.) Her team support student wellness, purification and relaxation.


 Spanish and Slovakian Communities can enrich their inner studies with specific courses.


Berdhanya lives in Wakefield, QC. Canada. She and her husband enjoy the art of gardening, cooking and community building.


 Berdhanya preferred social media platform is Youtube. She is not often on other social media platforms. However, you can see her presence on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram.