Council of Earth Program



This program is for earth lovers.


Acknowledging that our physical body is a replica of the earth’s physiology is to include our existence and body in the equation of nature. That is the first stage for you to be a member of the living earth.


The second stage is when you realize that the same intentions and cooperation form an expandable force to harmonize places with the group and the land they inhabit. 

The third stage of the member is to realize that our changes and choices contribute to form earth mind frequency.- The human race is the consciousness of the earth. 

Individuals attracted to this work cooperate in unison to donate to earth their inspiration and realization.

Council of Earth is a program that invites individuals to learn the anatomy, physiology, and evolutionary steps of their land in macro and micro ways. Participants are invited to explore different sites of earth, either in journeys retreats or in virtual meetings. 

This program harmonizes your physical body deeply with earth, with your ancestors, and with cosmic evolution.- The participants are guided by Matthew Cosgrove, our leader oracle, and Berdhanya. With their Shamanic vision, both teachers offer a unique and global view of the earth and your relation to it.

Earth spirituality is rescued, updated, and applied in our daily life.

It is grounded, practical, and expansive.

The program’s topics are selected following current pulsations of earth requests and human requirements.

Requirements: Practical Awakening

Living on earth TV series.

How to become a member of the Council of the earth Program:

1.- Complete the pre-requisites.
2.- register for any course.
3.- Explore 100% the language of the teachings, the potential in each homework and participate in group conversations.
4.- Welcome to Earth!


How to connect via skype


  • You need to have an account with Skype.
  • Please send Berdhanya’s office your e-mail or skype code, the office will send you an invitation which you need to accept.
  • Berdhanya will call you a few minutes before the online class start.
  • Contact Berdhanya on skype under Berdhanya Swami Tierra- Canada

2022 Programs

You can join online programs through Evolution, Berdhanya’s school, or/and join live the earth’s council in weekly meetings.
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 May Program 2022


El Paso: Reclaim, Release, Reorganize the void.


Uncertitude can turn the mind inwardly or can make our worst insecurities to come forward. As the entity of earth received more energy of Love, we can witness and participate in this movement, or we can move away from our higher self.

We are proposing in this journey to release bondages between races, borders and parts of ourself.

El paso is a our starting point. Our first meeting is May 22 at 6 pm.

It will be another 6 meeting in specific locations. Times to be determinate.


We are making this exploration online, so anyone interested in learning about land purification and activation can take these teachings.


Take the ride

These are exciting times for humanity and each individual. It is the time to look around, be simple, and use local resources. 

There is an expediential pulse to raise consciousness on the planet. We are no longer indifferent about our choices, food sources, and interaction between human groups. It is the time to show our vibration and reclaim individual spirituality.

Earth is evolving, and we are with her. – We intend to explore the role of structural centers and their fractal relation to our way of thinking, acting and relating.

This course brings forward teachings that prepare our physical body to unite, end dual thinking, and enter clearly into upcoming changes and challenges.






First meeting online May 22 6 pm.

Cost: $ 425.00


Recordings of the program will be available in the COE file in Evolution.



In the beginning, I had no idea what this process would be, or where it would lead, and I questioned the effectiveness of Internet/Skype sessions… Now I know, after just two meetings, that our physical location to one another is irrelevant. Berdhanya is a powerful person! She is an outstanding facilitator, a knowledgeable and experienced guide; she is kind and approachable; and she is connected to energies and to realms we may not have recognized. She can enable metaphysical experiences (yup, that’s what I said! …as “out-there” as it may seem!)” Charline

“The online classes are no different than the classes I used to take in person with Berdhanya.  It is like being right in front of her – powerful, strong, deep, subtle.  There is no distance really. Every time we have a class I can feel her presence, sharpness and her kindness, love and compassion. It is a blessing to be able to continue with our work through the online classes. Amrit


Just listened to last week’s persona class.  Powerful mediation!  When we separated from “the holy one,” I started to cry and my bottom lip was trembling.  Then, as I pulled back even further, I experienced nothingness, emptiness and a great sense of peace and a deep relaxation took over.  There were no labels in this space…just pure being.  
 It is amazing to me just how powerful the transmission of the teachings are in the recordings.
 in humble gratitude.


“I have benefited greatly from my group and individual online work with Berdhanya Swami Tierra. Her deeply grounded presence is felt fully despite the length of physical distance between us. I am able to effectively receive her teachings, deeply feel her healing work, and be completely moved by her loving energy. I highly recommend Berdhanya’s classes to anyone desiring to fully awaken in this life.” — Edward Colley, M.A. Teacher & Transpersonal Psychotherapist.Canada Edward


Keep in touch !!