Real life appears with each step you take, and disappears in each step you leave behind.

The topics of contemplation in the following months:

Jan: The force of inner Alchemy

Feb: The language of alchemy

March: Transfiguration in the human form

April: The ecstasy of Life

May: On the freedom of alchemy

June: Alchemy, life and Love

July: Realization at the level of alchemy

We invite you to interact with the teachings in different formats. Meditations, intensives, shamanic work, retreat, and one on one.

Berdhanya Mystic Teachings

Understanding Self Fragmentation

Real unity only happens in the moment of self-realization. Until then we remain in duality, fragmentation and pain. We must give ourselves the courage, consistency and contemplation time to perceive our internal choices. We need the space to practice our authenticity,...

Sutra: The 3 types of emptiness

The notion of “I”, you, space and time given by the mind has the effect of creating form and planetary existence (earth bodies) The form in a restless state seeks experiences. When the senses engage in the experience, form is established and the wheels (chakras) are...