Real life appears with each step you take and disappears in each step you leave behind.

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3 types of seekers and their inner challenges

Copy from the Berdhanya book: The steps of the seeker". A long time ago, the seekers of India recognized July as the month that enhances reflection on the relationship between the student and spiritual teacher. It is the time of the moon when the plentitude of life is...

The maturity of experiences

When you agreed to enter into the dimension of form, you agreed to participate in the exploration of experiences. With the right understanding of that contract you can navigate them with much ease, joy and purpose. All experiences are a projection of your belief...

2019 Highlights and Projections for 2020

NEWS FROM THE TEACHER Dear Ones, The 2019 year is now closing it doors for us after much satisfaction, exploration and learning. The teachings have taken many forms and formats for you to explore the themes of affection, introduction to ancestry and fusion. The notes...