Real life appears with each step you take, and disappears in each step you leave behind.

The topics of contemplation in the following months:

September: The nature of self-orbits

October: The gravity of the self.

November: Orbits at the cellular level

December: Declaring the source of beingness

Jan 2019: The freedom of the form.

We invite you to interact with the teachings in different formats. Meditations, intensives, shamanic work, retreat, and one on one.

Berdhanya Mystic Teachings

Spiritual tantrum and the sense of being lost

On this occasion, I would like to point out a very soft spot within you that falsely thinks that you are not loved by God, that you are being abandoned and left alone like a child in the mysteries of the cosmic dangers. That false sense of being lost is truly...

The Power of Affection

You can make love to your partner, embrace your children, write poems or give presents to the ones in your circle of love, but the transmission of affection won’t be complete or fully satisfied until you add 3 ingredients: presence, interest and curiosity. Presence:...