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 Retreat in Kerala India 2026

Theme: Balancing The elemental world with Ayurveda

Journey in Colombia South America

20 days travels to upgrade the emotional body


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Evolution is an online platform that offers courses, journeys and teachings to support inner freedom by reprogramming habits of attachments, illusions and limitations.


“Life itself is neither first nor last, neither in nor out. It never began, nor does it never end. Life is another name of your divinity.”

Pilgrimage with Berdhanya really tests the flexibility, creativity, adaptability and spontaneity of the participant. Each pilgrimage is different. However, as a general rule, pilgrimage requires the changing of places every few days. In other instances, the participants remain in one site and explore the within more quietly.

Through the years, Berdhanya has chosen countries from the west and the south of the Earth. She has visited Southern and Northern India, Ecuador/Galápagos, Peru, Central and Northern Colombia, Central Bolivia,  Guatemala, Belize, Brazil, Eastern and Western Canada, USA and Mexico. Berdanya usually travels with her husband, Matthew Cosgrove, and a small group of people. Both teachers and participants interact to decode and facilitate ancient and relevant knowledge that is embedded in sacred sites. This inner anthropology enriches the participant’s life with powerful experiences, connects them with pristine nature and exposes them to the richness of different cultures. Ceremonies and meditations are usually performed in pristine natural environments the with cooperation of the local inhabitants.  We can say that the pilgrimages are live entities that carry the participants to places they have never been before.

Past Journey to South India


You are a real master in motion! I am amazed how you can connect and transform people with your simplicity and love. Thank you both for the amazing teachings on this trip. Carla
Travelling with you is the ultimate teachings. It put me in full presence of what I am capable of. I come back home full of gratitude and with a new vision of my life. Sabrina
Thank you Berdhanya for your help. Travelling in the company of spiritual teachings is a way for me to connect and expand. Always your choices of places are perfect for me. I feel I have grown over 10 years in this retreat. Silvia