Our silent retreats follow the ancient Vedic practice of purification, reprogramming and rejuvenation.


Balance your life, gain clarity and upgrade your inner understanding.

Our retreats use specific meditations, yoga, breathontology and teachings
to point towards internal connection and freedom.



We have 30 years facilitating silent retreats on 4 continents

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We facilitate online retreats

Our community of meditators is around the planet. We are aware you are not always able to be present in our retreats. We facilitate online retreats with a specific and effective process for your inner renovation and rest.

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It is time to start your inner journey  

We offer meditation programs

Daily meditation is the key for our mind to process our daily life. We offer a series of meditation programs as a foundation for retreats. Time to seat down and be guided step by step to bliss.

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Our teachings are pointed to satisfy modern spirituality 

“Retreats with Berdhanya have become a must for me. For the serious student of meditation and inner-peace a step outside the regular routine is an essential journey to take. The silence retreat is a delicious opportunity to spend in inner contemplation, physical rejuvenation and spiritual expansion. Thank you Berdhanya for the retreats, I look forward to the next one.”   Gurprasad

A retreat is a chance to suspend the judgments of my mind, and to reset the senses form endless stimulation. During the compression of silence I learn to forgive the hash critiques of life, and I find life’s inner beauty. I can participate in life in a more authentic relaxed and loving way.” Swan

” What a pleasurable weekend ! I feel totally revitalized and refreshed after my short time here. Retreat can be a bit intimidating at times- leaving the comfort of home for a break in a total silence, knowing that I have to see parts of myself that I did not want to see…..but the serenity and rest are incomparable, better that the best of spas.”

In silence, you are revealed.