For the last 20 years, we have offered uninterrupted weekly meditation classes. These one-hour meditation classes online provide tools and teachings for all walks of life.
Our meditation program for 2023 focuses on the cohesiveness of the subtle anatomy of our internal self.
We offer four meditation modules. The First module focus on the detachment and alignment of the first three chakras. The second module is on devotion and correct compassion, 3td module is on communication and resonance and the 4th module in the cohesiveness of command, the central nervous system and destiny.

Council of Earth is a program that invites individuals to learn the anatomy, physiology, and evolutionary steps of their land in macro and micro ways. Participants are invited to explore different sites of earth, either in journeys retreats or in virtual meetings.  Suppose you resonate with energy’s power as a fundamental building blog of reality and wish to contribute to the planet’s consciousness increment. In that case, this program is for you.

Activate Your Self-Realization with Practical Awakening

Berdhanya’s basic

Self-Cultivation Course

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 These monthly one-day meetings are a close-up of the seeker’s energetic structure. We work with the oracle’s vision and give insights into where you are in the evolution of your perception. In addition, it offers direct and personal guidance to the participants.

Evolution is a school that reflects the teachings of mystic and spiritual teacher Berdhanya Swami Tierra. Our goal is to create a movement of self-education that responds to the need in society for a platform where human expression is based on the individual’s own passion, freedom and real purpose.

Berdhanya is the author of 14 books in 3 languages.
Her books support the seeker with a recompilation of her lectures, articles and sutras. Each book is truly a mystic gem that anyone interested in self-realization will surely enjoy.

La communidad hispanoamerica esta apoyada con programas semanales, retiros y servicio communitario.

Self-Cultivation Course

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New training in Evolution

This self-directed journey gives us the tools

and understanding how to surrender, what to abandon, and why to surrender our control.

Also, the practices and teachings aim to correct the mutation of the chakra system from the long-term use of human control.

This class clarifies the divine attribute of authenticity and the relationship to safety and protection. 

These teachings are based on the sutra from the moon prayers:

 “ Salutations to the Heart of Belonging that is authentic, unbroken and unmodified.”

This is a seven days journey to restore and upgrade your relation with the truth flow.


Breathontology, healing and meditation

Breathontology (or pranaontology) is an art and science that uses the power of awareness of the breath to support balance and well-being. At its core, Breathontology uses awareness and the breath as a tool to reprogram life force energy using specific breathing...

Reflections on detachment

The Buddhist notion of non-attachment relates to an engagement with experience with flexibility and without fixation on achieving specified outcomes. The law of detachment indicates that we must renounce our attachment to things, which does not mean that we abandon...

Shiva Swarodaya and Breathontology Therapy

Train as a breathontologist Shiva Swarodaya is an ancient Sanskrit tantric text. A comment and translation termed Satyananda Saraswati made Swara yoga in 1983. It is also termed "Phonetical astrology": the "sound of one's own breath" and is written as a conversation...


Ritucharya: The art of changing with the seasons

One of the components I love of Ayurveda art and science is the attunement to the earth's changes. For example, it considers the proper time, hour and season to collect medicines, change diet, go into purification and even when conceiving a child. The art and science...

the 5 Pitta sub-doshas and how to balance them

Now that I live in hot weather, I have my eye on the dynamic of Pitta and how to balance this fiery dosha. Having those decadent milk showers and getting near my hibiscus tea makes my life much easier and cooler.  There is no comparison in the care for pitta dosha; it...

Karna Purna: Three reasons I put medicated oil in my ears

The ear is the organ of sound and equilibrium with the function of the transmission and transduction or the conversion of sound waves into electrochemical impulses to the brain. It also maintains equilibrium or the sense of balance (middle ear). This is done through...