We facilitate: Powerful Insights, profound teachings and Extraordinary Shamanic Ceremonies for inner freedom


Workshops with Berdhanya and Matthew can vary from a two-hour meeting to an entire day.

It also can request a self-directed process ( Using the school platform) as a way to aid the integration of the material at the level of the body, mind and emotions.


These meetings are striking times for the seeker and give them space to experiment with their understanding of reality and benefit from new themes that complement their compassion and well being.



Go to evolution- find an online intensive

Upcoming Intensives 2022

For the second semester of 2022, intensives will have two components:

1.- A process, practice and teachings posted in the school Evolution and

2.- an online ceremony.- Check the dates and times below.

In this new format, the participant can extend the period of their concentration and mature biological and mental changes.

August 2022 Intensive- Surrending Control
Teachings in the school:

These seven days of self-directed journey give us the tools to understand how to surrender, what to abandon, and why to surrender our control.

Also, the practices and teachings aim to correct the mutation of the chakra system from the long-term use of human control.

The end of our suffering and the dwelling in our true nature is based on surrender. Surrender is to realize that everything belongs to divine order and that we are the players. The little mind, the identification with the persona and our addition to power can be liberated with these teachings.

Our identification with concepts, beliefs, and values deplete our source of energy and chakra system. As a result, the availability of our primal force is fragmented, dissipated, or avoided. This course restores the chakra system and connects you deeply with the SHA-kty force ( the force of form). As a result, to give birth to an authentic expression of your true self.

These morning and evening practices enhance your stability, calmness and power of discernment.- It aids concentration and meditation and opens your central channel to receive a transparent transmission from a higher knowledge. It is a restoring practice that points toward truth, freedom and wellbeing.

Register for the first step in Evolution 

Ceremony: Aug. 31, 7 PM – Online. After registration

Via Zoom.- Details will be provided after registration.

September 2022 Divine stability

Our September Intensive will have three components.
1.- A more profound knowledge of the first chakra ( Muladhara). Layers of the chakra and divine stability.
2.- Shamanic readings with the oracle on the first chakra. Readings are available to selected students. This opportunity will open a space for examples and new learnings.
3.- Ceremony to establish the divine stability in the first chakra.-

Teachings will be posted at the school. You can purchase the full intensive or just the ceremony. See link here
Ceremony Sept. 30 at 7 pm EST time- pre-registration is required.

Ceremony: Sept 30, 7 pm online

October 2022 Karma month and cycles.

This intensive will harmonize your birthday month with your destiny. It teaches life cycles at the level of your soul and gives you the tools to understand the gifts of each year’s birthday cycle.

Ceremony: October 31, 5  pm

November 2022 Power and joy

These teachings and ceremonies open the portal to connect with the keepers of power in the realm of fire. Humans are entitled to activate certain levels of perception and awareness, our habits and choices dilute the sight and potential uses of these natural attributes.  The teachings and initiation celebrate the possibility of activating these powers at the navel center.

Ceremony: November 26, 5 pm to 7 pm




Where: Process is at the school and ceremonies via Zoom or in person. Check the monthly details. 

Time: Check monthly times for the ceremonies.

Cost for full intensive: 225.00

Cost for the ceremony only: $ 50.00

Working with Berdhanya in intensives is a rare and remarkable opportunity for spiritual development, and I feel very blessed to be part of this movement each month. As a guide, Berdhanya brings incredible depth, precision, openness and majesty to each topic that we explore. I always feel the effects of these intensives about a week before the class begins, as the invisible forces start shaping challenges and opportunities for me to understand my reality in a new way. It is so beautiful and awe-inspiring to learn to navigate reality in this way, where a change in consciousness and self-perception immediately ripples into the creation of a new reality. I am also thankful to be surrounded by such a committed group of souls each month, where I can learn from others who also united under the common goals of self-liberation, self-mastery and self-realization. Thank you to both Berdhanya and Matthew for your guidance and inspiration in these times. I truly feel we are part of the same unit, and am enjoying every moment. BRIYA