We facilitate: Powerful Insights, profound teachings and Extraordinary Shamanic Ceremonies for inner freedom


 These meetings are striking times for the seeker and give them space to experiment with their understanding of reality and benefit from new themes that complement their compassion and well-being.



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Upcoming Intensives 2023


Intensives are designed as monthly reinforcements of the teachings. Our meetings cover three components:

1.- Tuning with the theme of the month.

2.- Berdhanya gives teachings that take the month’s practices to another level of depth and understanding.

3.- Personal group exchange for examples and applications in our daily life.

4.- Ceremony of purification and energetic alignment.

5.- Meditation and blissful enjoyment.

6.- Homework.

In this format, the participant can extend the period of their concentration and enter into acceptance and inner empowerment.

April 29 2023. The 3 rules of the goddess


This intensive opens the door to a series of feminine empowerments. While our stay in Africa, we open the door for the voice of that continent to express its desire to participate consciously in the planetary raising. We encounter light beings with extraordinary teachings of the primal formation of our biology and the upcoming upgrade of our DNA.
We are exploring the rules of alchemy at the level of the trinity of the goddess—the ancestral body of the goddess, their soul and the spirit. This intensive is an introduction to upcoming work.
This intensive teaches you how to fortify the channel of goodness using the technique ” The sphere of Arghans.”

 April 29 at 9 am est time.

Via Zoom.- Details will be provided after registration.

May 27 2023 Intraterrestial and the goddess.

The formation of our reality is a cooperation of different vibrations, timelines and internal voices. All these resonances are reflected in our cellular world. When in alignment, the construction and physiology of the cells receive information from different timelines. As we receive more information, our biology increases its power; it expands and delivers a version of ourselves based on wholeness.
This intensive teaches you how to connect with the intraterrestials using the technique of cellular resonance.

May 27 9 am est time.

Zoom meeting.

June 24 The inverted universe

Do you exist at another time? How do the timelines relate to the goddess and the perception of your daily life? What are the influences in your soul journey? These pieces of contemplation are explored in this intensive. Also, you are learning to apply the ” Breath of life” technique to harmonize timelines and discern the voices you wish to contribute and live with it.

Saturday, June 24 from 9 am to 12 pm.

Zoom meeting

July 29 2023 The goddess in the heavens.

You are a portal. Your intention, attention and voice locate you on the map of creation. The raising of the vibration of the goddess to the upper part of the body destroys all sense of limitations, harmonizes any judgements and opens the door to release the physical body from reincarnation. Learn a yoga nidra technique to purify the soul from the earth’s elements in this intensive.- It is only through the gate of the goddess that this process is possible.

July 29 from 9 am to 12 pm est time.

Zoom meeting.

Aug. 19 2023 The portal of the sun and the illumination of the goddess.

“The Portal of the Sun” is a 4 hours workshop with Shaman Matthew Cosgrove and Spiritual teacher Berdhanya Swami Tierra. We are clearing the unwanted and researching the different types of sun lights that allow your electromagnetic system to be in homeostasis.
Learn in this intensive breathontology technique, the” Seven Light breathing.” -this practice aids the elemental light in the channel of the goddess.
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Aug. 19 from 9 am to 12 pm est time.

Zoom Meeting.

September 23 2023 The brain of the goddess and the seven nadies of alchemy.

We were all created under the laws of the goddess. You make what you deserve ( what you are granted), what you need, and what you owe.- These laws are unbroken, constant and perfectly fluid with your actions. Learn in these intensive to harmonize the flow of the seven nadies of alchemy, so your manifestations are not irregular or deprived of awareness. We will teach the technique called ” the breath of alchemy.”

September 23 from 9 am to 12 pm Est time

Zoom Meeting

October 28 2023 Impeccability, fragility and fraternity.

What are your earth contracts, how do they work, and how are they related to the alchemy of earth? This intensive gives you information and a breath to upgrade inner contracts: choices, impeccability, and brotherhood will be reviewed.

October 28 from 9 am to 12 pm. Est time

Zoom meeting.

Nov. 25 2023 The peacock light

In the great rhapsody of light, all exist and move from resonance to matter and matter to resonance. Our ability to display and activate each of the attributes of light enhance the vitality and expansion of the structure of being. This workshop will teach you the management and characteristics of 12 lights and their relation to our actions and mission on earth. Also, learn the yoga nidra to consolidate the peacock light in the upper part of the body.

November 25 from 9 am to 12 pm Est time.

Zoom meeting

December 9 2023 Kundalini raise

Your Nadi system can move the life force to a certain degree. However, it all depends on the conscious preparations of the nadi system and the cohesiveness with the goddess kingdom. Learn in this last workshop of the year the breathontology technique to align the flow of kundalini in the ray of the feminine.

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Intensives are from 9 am to 12 pm Colombian time.

Cost for full intensive: 225.00

Working with Berdhanya in intensives is a rare and remarkable opportunity for spiritual development, and I feel very blessed to be part of this movement each month. As a guide, Berdhanya brings incredible depth, precision, openness and majesty to each topic that we explore. I always feel the effects of these intensives about a week before the class begins, as the invisible forces start shaping challenges and opportunities for me to understand my reality in a new way. It is so beautiful and awe-inspiring to learn to navigate reality in this way, where a change in consciousness and self-perception immediately ripples into the creation of a new reality. I am also thankful to be surrounded by such a committed group of souls each month, where I can learn from others who also united under the common goals of self-liberation, self-mastery and self-realization. Thank you to both Berdhanya and Matthew for your guidance and inspiration in these times. I truly feel we are part of the same unit, and am enjoying every moment. BRIYA