Group healing activities propel self-understanding, communication and compassion.

Well-being begins on the inside.

Workshops with Berdhanya can vary from a two-hour meeting, to an entire day. They can be found at one of her three centres: Ottawa, Wakefield or Ladysmith, or internationally. Regardless of the location or the format of the workshops, these meetings are striking times for the seeker, and gives them space to experiment with their own understanding of reality as well as to benefit from new themes that compliment their studies.

Upcoming Intensives

Intensives in Wakefield Quebec.
Jan 19 2019: Attributions of the Natural Self
In alignment with the will of the source, the self gains and reclaims the natural attributes of service and sacrifice. This intensive brings the seeker to the proposal of merging with these attributes and accepting them as their natural way of life.
Feb 14-22 : 10-Day Intensive in Colombia: The Forces of Reconciliation
The reconciliation with the attributes of the source allows the seeker to gain a specific magnetism for transmutation of people and places. This intensive will be focusing on the infusion of these attributes into certain categories of our life and the environment. We are choosing the northern part of Colombia as a place of rest and practice of the teaching.

This intensive will have periods of satsang and pilgrimage throughout the city of Cartagena Colombia

Cost: 1000.00

March 30: The Source, God and the Karmic Traces
As we open deeper spaces in the karmic bodies, we have more availability to the forces of life and love. The actions of the source becomes clear and integrated within our personality. This intensive opens a space for a ceremonial liberation of our concepts about the source and god.
April 13: Inner Anecdotes
The master’s state of emptiness requires a company of grace, beauty and subtle power. Inner anecdotes are the master’s inner legacies and subtle dialogues. How they are spoken and communicated to our inner and outer world is part of our effective communication. In this intensive, Berdhanya will facilitate a space for inner communication with the source.
May 11: The Self with No Identity
May 4: The Self with No Identity

As a master, you are requested to integrate 3 states of perception in one single unit of life. This process requires a readjustment of our personality as we enter our natural emptiness. This intensive is an invitation to individuals who are experiencing new ways of being in a world that may seem far and unrelated.

June 8: Communicating Silence
As silence is our natural way of being, it slowly penetrates our movements, our sense of time and our sense of self. Individuals interested in expanding the vibrational aspect of silence in their own inner world are invited to this intensive.
July 6: Conclusions and expansions.
As a final intensive of the semester, the focus will be on the integration of the teachings and in sealing what’s  important for the seeker. Berdhanya is opening a ceremonial space for conclusions and earth expansions.

Where: 22 Hillcrest Wakefield.

Time: 9 am to 12 pm.

Cost: 175.00

Working with Berdhanya in intensives is a rare and remarkable opportunity for spiritual development, and I feel very blessed to be part of this movement each month. As a guide, Berdhanya brings incredible depth, precision, openness and majesty to each topic that we explore. I always feel the effects of these intensives about a week before the class begins, as the invisible forces start shaping challenges and opportunities for me to understand my reality in a new way. It is so beautiful and awe-inspiring to learn to navigate reality in this way, where a change in consciousness and self-perception immediately ripples into the creation of a new reality.

I am also thankful to be surrounded by such a committed group of souls each month, where I can learn from others who also united under the common goals of self-liberation, self-mastery and self-realization.

Thank you to both Berdhanya and Matthew for your guidance and inspiration in these times. I truly feel we are part of the same unit, and am enjoying every moment.


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