Group healing activities propel self-understanding, communication and compassion.

Well-being begins on the inside.

Workshops with Berdhanya can vary from a two-hour meeting, to an entire day. They can be found at one of her three centres: Ottawa, Wakefield or Ladysmith, or internationally. Regardless of the location or the format of the workshops, these meetings are striking times for the seeker, and gives them space to experiment with their own understanding of reality as well as to benefit from new themes that compliment their studies.

Upcoming Intensives


Where: 22 Hillcrest Wakefield.

Time: 9 am to 12 pm.

Cost: 150.00

Sept. 10 : What is the Abyss of the Self?

Oct. 8th :The 4 Abyss of the self.

Nov. 12 :Emerging of the Self: the 3 stages.

Dec. 10: The autonomy of the Master.

Jan 14 : The power of losing your world.

Feb. 4 :The genesis of the Arcturus.

March 18 :The infrastructure of the telepathic self.

April 15 :The extended Central Nervous System.

Mayo 27: The return of the rubies.

June 17 :Offering and Belonging.

July 8th :The paradox of expansion.

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