Ayurvedic spices for easy cooking

Ayurveda has been using spices not only as a medicine but also to stimulate and balance all the bodily systems. When there is a combination of spices made into a blend it is called a churna in Ayurveda.

Viveda strives to make  spices pleasurable for all types of cooking and tasting. Our blends facilitate a quick modern style of cooking. Our spices can be used raw, cooked or even as a medicine. Although our spices are based in the Indian knowledge of Ayurveda they are not spicy and the  are adapted to the western palate and kitchen.

You will be surprised how versatile and tasty the aromas are for all of our organic blends. We invite you to experiment and discover the health benefits and the depth that each of these spice blends can bring you and your family.

Use our delicate blends to quickly adapt any meal to what you as a individual need on that day and time.

See our ayurvedic blog for hundred of recipes.


See our ayurvedic blog for hundred of recipes.

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