Breathontology (or pranaontology) is an art and science that uses the power of awareness of the breath to support balance and well-being.

At its core, Breathontology uses awareness and the breath as a tool to reprogram life force energy using specific breathing patterns. It is designed to help purify, strengthen and restore the body’s natural state of homeostasis.

In yogic science, pranayamas have been used as a basis for meditation and higher states of awareness for over 5,000 years. Breathontology uses specific breathing sequences tailored to the needs of the individual to connect, heal and balance the 12 primary vibrations at the level of the physical body, soul and spirit. Breathontology takes yogic breathing techniques to another level of awareness and practice.

The term “breathontology” was first introduced by Berdhanya Swami Tierra in 2021 in response to the global pandemic and a recognized need in humanity for stronger immunity, deeper rest and greater self-awareness. It is a term that blends cross-cultural, centuries-old wisdom and knowledge that is now evidenced in international research journals. 


Breathontology is a tool designed to move the human brain to its maximum capacity for:

Unity: By creating greater cohesion between the body, mind, emotions and actions and supporting healing from stress, trauma and fatigue.

Sealing: Our earthly existence, living and learning are in partnership with the guidance of our higher self and soul journey. These two essential harmonizations of different charges generate more energy, quick action and undefeated fluidity. 

Expansion: By offering a platform for greater self-connection and expression of our passions in an effective, expansive and consistent way.

Stabilization: Our external pulls and inner distractions are stabilized through discrimination and concentration, creating harmony between the inner and outer aspects of our being.

Reprogramming and healing: By releasing limiting patterns in the nervous system and supporting a state of homeostasis, a conscious daily practice of breathontology reprograms old habits, traumas, memories and identifications, supporting behavioural change and more positive lifestyle choices.

Developing higher intelligence: By opening new brain waves, it facilitates learning, intuition, pure perception and human evolution. Strengthening the nervous system awakens the subtle senses, increasing understanding, wisdom and compassion.

One of the primary objectives of breathontology is the stabilization and harmonization of our capacity to belong to each other, to increase the vital force in the human body and to apply a self-directed individual to their passion and purpose.

Related outcomes in our health, mind and relationships:

  • naturally boosting focus, energy levels and athletic performance
  • slowing the effects of aging
  • releasing the effects of chronic stress, trauma or a fast-paced lifestyle
  • helping to alleviate anxiety, depression, fatigue and insomnia
  • ​providing natural relief for back pain, high blood pressure and inflammation
  • ​supporting immune function and respiratory health
  • ​supporting behavioural change and positive emotions such as joy, motivation and gratitude
  • reducing negative self-talk and self-destructive patterns
  • supporting emotional stability and a peaceful and productive mind


The Practice of Breathontology

The primary guidelines for breathontology include the following: 

  • Consistent awareness 
  • Compassion: inner acceptance and 
  • Sequential breathing is guided by a master or an expert in breathontology.

Breathontology sessions are tailored to the client’s capacity, desired outcomes and goals. The practice of breathontology uses the in-breath, the out-breath and Kumba (retention of breath) in specific numerical patterns. It also involves using the eight traditional yoga pranayamas and simple asanas, if needed.

Breathontology is a process, and each practitioner will prepare the body and the respiratory system with Ayurveda treatments/herbs, diet suggestions and inspirational teachings before entering into a deep practice of breathontology.

Three levels of preparations:

  1. Cleansing and fortifying the respiratory system
  2. Daily commitment and guided program
  3. Environmental awareness

Breathontology Teacher Training Program

Many students who have experienced the beneficial effects of Breathontology feel inspired to expand their knowledge and to teach others.

The Breathontology Teacher Training Program is a comprehensive, one-year program in three modules (500 hours). It is based on the science of Swara Yoga, Ayurveda and the teachings of Berdhanya Swami Tierra and includes an in-depth study of physiology, anatomy, yogic science, asana, subtle energetics (Pancha pranas) and ayurvedic therapeutic practices. 

The teacher training is available through Evolution, an online school for supporting the awakening of higher potentials and the Evolution of consciousness, based on Berdhanya Swami Tierra’s teachings. Learn more here