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Meeting privately with Berdhanya

A first-time meeting with Berdhanya facilitates the following assessment:

1 . Feedback on your spiritual approach and suggestions for balance and education.

Meetings with Berdhanya regularly focus on:

1.- Verifying your correct understanding of the teachings.
2.- Relating the spiritual teachings to your daily life.
3.- Pointing out any self-deviation or illusion.
4.- Empowering your inner knowing by confirmation and verification of truth.
5.-Facilitating transmissions and empowerment.
6.- Personalize your inner healing and training with neutral and natural feedback.

One-on-one coaching propels and complements group programs and studies. Sessions with Berdhanya are 1 hour long and can be scheduled in person or Online.

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Why do I feel so insignificant?  A meeting with Berdhanya.



Cost: $125.00 per hour


Students price:$ 80.00 per hour


Latinos: 1 class $ 108.00 US 

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The shamanic session with Matthew and Berdhanya $ 240.00

Connect with us via Skype:

Password: Berdhanya Swami Tierra Ottawa.


Zoom (Berdhanya Office will send you a link invitation.

Shamanic sessions with Berdhanya and Matthew

About Matthew
Matthew is a natural born intuitive healer, with firm hands and a compassionate heart. His presence is an emanation of humbleness, courage and enlightenment. His extensive experience in different healing modalities are just decorations to his creative, musical, and passionate work.
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Shiatsu, Reiki, meditation (since he was16 years old), shamanic practices, ceremony facilitator,(facilitated over 100 healing ceremonies) and certification as a kundalini yoga teacher, have been conductive to solidify Matthew’s own personal expression of healing. His spontaneous courage, his presence and his ability to confront and stimulate both the lightness and the shadows, are very valuable tools to provide a feeling of safety and being supported while engaged in healing work. Matthew defines your reality with the mysteries of the unseen, which under the sharpness of his inner vision are just a play. He is a natural leader in the expression of earth healing. His work in art, architecture and building have contributed to his mastery over earth elements. He not only has the ability to give shape and form to vision in matter but Matthew also has the ability to give shape to the unseen through his prayers, songs and ceremonies. He is here to support unity within oneself (free of dualities) and to offer us a world that shelters beauty, simplicity and naturalness.. In 1987 he and his wife Berdhanya founded the Bioenergetic Institute and later Earth Based Healing;, both dedicated to the practice, teaching, and research of Shamanism.  See his work and purchase his books here

These healing sessions involve the energies of Matthew, Berdhanya Swami Tierra and yourself. A much greater potential is thereby opened up as both the male and female polarities meet to balance, contain, and also broaden the scope of the work. It enables Matthew who sees and treats energetic blocks in the Earth, and soul bodies to act as a platform from which Berdhanya can reach to the Karmic or Akashic level of causation. This gives you a liberating and full perspective as to where you are on your soul journey, and treats both the deeper cause and effect, enabling you to thereby shift into a cognitive mode of creating your life. The combined Spirit helpers, prayer and power songs of both master healers then meet in harmony and unison to protect and call forth the greatest possibility for your wholeness, wellness and expansion.

These healing sessions are focused on:

1.- Verification of your present energy field.

2. Cleaning and feedback of your energy field.

3.-Healing participation of 3 forces; you, Matthew and Berdhanya.

A shamanic session with Matthew and Berdhanya $ 240.00

“I so gratefully bow to your deep love and knowledge of me; you are truly my inspiration and always meet me right where I am. You very gently shine the light on what I cannot see, which is the kernel of absolute Grace. I am so grateful.”


“My session with you had a great impact. After three weeks of vigilance about erasing the old and obsolete, I honestly feel a switch in my being; it is as if the whole process of ‘Yes, life is fitting who I am is becoming part of me, not just my mind.”


“Thank Berdhanya for your guidance and wisdom, which continues and will remain with me for the rest of my journeys.” Claire. Italy.


“I thank you so much for my session. It is amazing, I truly feel that I have wings; I am cutting every moment of the thoughts that are obsolete, I feel so energized and I am loving myself.  I am embodying my wealth! ”


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