The flame of self realization is the sincerity and commitment of the aspirant

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Spiritual Awakening is your Human Right.

Liberate, Regenerate and Realize

Spiritual teachings are a way to facilitate the understanding and awakening of the right perception. The active talks, meditations and activities with Berdhanya facilitate the awareness of the natural self and the destruction of any self-imposed beliefs, values and concepts. Berdhanya teachings are delivered according to the seekers capability and involvement. Through the right perception the seeker is able to realize their own truth and relate to it as a place of empowerment, mastery and inner freedom. The teachings stimulate the seeker to tap into their feminine energy of surrender, self-care, personal responsibility, receptivity, relaxation and creativity. It is an invitation to effortless living, where the personal will has surrendered to the cycles of life and the perception of truth serves as a foundation for divine realization. The spiritual teachings and training of Berdhanya are directed towards those individuals seeking natural healing, mystic teachings or those who sincerely wish to establish inner freedom within themselves.  The teachings of Berdhanya invite the seeker to go through three defined stages where the natural self is always the point of reference to establish personal mastery and spiritual awakening.

 Spiritual Awakening with Berdhanya: the 3 Stages

First Stage


Purification through inner commitment.


The first stage is a bridge towards personal authenticity where mental concepts, physical imbalances and emotional commotion are purified.  This is a cycle where the seeker confronts their own acquired behaviours and encounters their true nature. This stage of purification requests from the seeker a sincere and piercing willingness to delve within and operate with courage and consistency.  Depending on the commitment of the seeker, this stage of purification lasts between three and four months.

Usually Berdhanya makes suggestions of a daily practice including breath, meditation, self inquiry, and the creation of a non-aggressive self attitude.  It is also suggested to follow an Ayurvedic lifestyle which incorporates natural supplements, diet, body work, and physical exercises to aid in the purification and detachment of constructed habits. The aim of this first stage is to learn to navigate into the inner self to establish confidence, consistency and safety which naturally allows the authentic self to emerge and reveal its destiny. This stage is supported by the course Practical Awakening.

Second Stage


Meeting the personal power


Perceiving oneself with transparency, neutrality and effectiveness are the consequences of the success of the first stage. It is here in the second stage that mental neutrality is applied to confront the deeper subconscious conditioning.  In this stage the seeker is requested to acquire self responsibility and a sincere relationship with their natural qualities. Success and happiness are constant when the seeker engages in cooperation with others and with their own potentials.

During this stage, the perception of the seeker is encouraged to become more subtle as we go deeper and higher into the exploration of their true nature. Contemplation, periods of silence and energetic healings may be present. The abandonment of limited perception is encouraged with new practices and teachings.

Third Stage

Union with the divine consciousness.


The third stage is the disintegration of any conceptual sense of self. It is the dissolution of any personal “I”.  It is during this time that the teacher re-affirms and confirms the arrival of the self-realized stage. The seeker is in a pure and direct relationship with the divine consciousness, where the “I” is in a perfect state of liberation. The seeker transcends any fears and desires, producing a state of emptiness and innocence.

 The seeker’s relationship with the body and the mind is united with the spirit, producing a state of self-realization through the right perception and the integration of paradoxes. This union destroys any attachment and aligns the real perception.

These three stages have small cycles and each must be embraced, understood and accepted as a way to move completely towards the natural state. The cycles of transformation are resumed, explored and proven in the teachings of the book “The Structure of Being”. The information in this book brings detailed clarity to each stage, their needs and the requirements of the seeker.

The cycles of transformation are resumed, explored and proven in her book ” The structure of Being.” You will find in this book the steps, the needs and the requirements for a clear perception of inner mastery.


“I have developed self discipline, compassion, a sense of inner strength and much broader appreciation of what my life has to offer to the world. The program as well as all the monthly activities have also contributed greatly to the sense of community and belongingness that I now feel.”?

“Thank you Berdhanya for giving me the capacity to see the beauty in my life. I am so happy, so full of joy and so grateful for what I’m experiencing. Thank you.? With gratitude,” Helena

“I just wanted to thank you so much for an excellent session today! It was extremely valuable to me and I was amazed how succinct and accurate you could put positive and true words to my feelings! It feels so much better now, even if the road is still long and windy, but as they say, even the longest journey starts with a single step…”?- Marcus Marcus