Real life appears with each step you take and disappears in each step you leave behind.

Opening the door

We are keeping meditations classes online, however, we are happy to open the doors for our silent retreats and some ceremonies. Visit Berdhanya school “Evolution” to keep enriching your inner stability and expansion.

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Berdhanya Mystic Teachings

Breathontology, healing and meditation

Breathontology (or pranaontology) is an art and science that uses the power of awareness of the breath to support balance and well-being. At its core, Breathontology uses awareness and the breath as a tool to reprogram life force energy using specific breathing...

Reflections on detachment

The Buddhist notion of non-attachment relates to an engagement with experience with flexibility and without fixation on achieving specified outcomes. The law of detachment indicates that we must renounce our attachment to things, which does not mean that we abandon...

Shiva Swarodaya and Breathontology Therapy

Train as a breathontologist Shiva Swarodaya is an ancient Sanskrit tantric text. A comment and translation termed Satyananda Saraswati made Swara yoga in 1983. It is also termed "Phonetical astrology": the "sound of one's own breath" and is written as a conversation...