“Anxiety”: A Portal to the Spirit


This four-class series offers a refreshing perspective about personal cultivation, focusing on anxiety as a portal to self-realization. Each class provides an in-depth understanding of the role of anxiety in the spiritual journey, providing tools and knowledge which support the student in refining their personal approach and perception about this common expression. Exploring this topic from new and empowering angles, Berdhanya shows the way towards effortlessness, contemplation, meditation and self-inquiry.


Class One: “Origen of Anxiety”.

  • The body,
  • the environment,
  • the fragmented mind.

The mind engage emotions.

Are you obeying what is not real?

Anxiety as a call to go within.


Class two: “ Personal Approach”

Personal approach is the theme of the second class of this four-class series. The inquiry of this class is to contemplate the personal approach that we have towards anxiety. Berdhanya invites the student to understand the “rules” of the inner approach and to connect with a naked inner sincerity. We suggest that you give yourself a week of contemplation before following the next class. This will allow the natural changes to occur, and for self-understanding to be assimilated into the deeper levels of the Self.

Application of the right medicine.

Inner and out approach.

Rules of the inner approach

Class 3: “ The ceremony”.

Berdhanya guides you with an inner ceremony to make reconciliation with your anxiety and to invite the truth to embody you. It is simple, deep and healing.

We suggest that you give yourself a week of contemplation before following the next class.

Class 4: comments and meditation.






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