“Anxiety”: A Portal to the Spirit

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This four-class series offers a refreshing perspective about personal cultivation, focusing on anxiety as a portal to self-realization. Each class provides an in-depth understanding of the role of anxiety in the spiritual journey, providing tools and knowledge which support the student in refining their personal approach and perception about this common expression. Exploring this topic from new and empowering angles, Berdhanya shows the way towards effortlessness, contemplation, meditation and self-inquiry.



Thank you so much for the anxiety course. It has brought me back to the basics and to a place of beginning again. I feel like it was such a gift in understanding the effortless path as well as the effort required to sustain myself. It also showed me the protective force of the spirit. I have been in such a place of anxiety and the effort AND effortlessness required to transcend that anxiety is so simple yet it is and has been such a challenge for me, as a vata and as a channeller. It is so necessary even more these days keep up my commitment and relationship with my inner self. There are so many forces that have been taking me away from my centre. This course and this simple 40 day practice is such a gem of a gift for me. I feel so blessed. I really cannot describe the gratitude I feel for this course except to say that it brings tears to my eyes…..


Class One: “Origen of Anxiety”.

  • The body,
  • the environment,
  • the fragmented mind.

The mind engage emotions.

Are you obeying what is not real?

Anxiety as a call to go within.


Class two: “ Personal Approach”

Personal approach is the theme of the second class of this four-class series. The inquiry of this class is to contemplate the personal approach that we have towards anxiety. Berdhanya invites the student to understand the “rules” of the inner approach and to connect with a naked inner sincerity. We suggest that you give yourself a week of contemplation before following the next class. This will allow the natural changes to occur, and for self-understanding to be assimilated into the deeper levels of the Self.

Application of the right medicine.

Inner and out approach.

Rules of the inner approach

Class 3: “ The ceremony”.

Berdhanya guides you with an inner ceremony to make reconciliation with your anxiety and to invite the truth to embody you. It is simple, deep and healing.

We suggest that you give yourself a week of contemplation before following the next class.

Class 4: comments and meditation.






3 reviews for “Anxiety”: A Portal to the Spirit

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gurprasad (verified owner)

    This course is a masterpiece. I think it’s Berdhanya’s best course. Beginners as well as longtime students will benefit. It helps you relax. And it helps you use anxiety as a doorway into the great unknown. The best $40 I ever spent!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sylvie Gallienne

    Anxiety is a new disease in our society. I suffer from it from time to time. My teenage children and my husband also suffer from it and it impact negatively our day to day life. I knew I needed some clarity about the subject and spiritual guidance. I started the first lesson and already, I feel peace inside. I was longing for that deep peace. What a gift it is to have it back. I was so curious to listen all of the next 3 classes. In each classes I learn simple tool that have a profound change in my way to view anxiety. Berdhanya guides us with such love and compassion that it melts away anything outside the feeling of wholeness and peace. I encourage the whole family to listen to it.

  3. Bermalva

    I thought I was a person who did not have much anxiety in my life, however it was brought to my attention that in fact I do feel it more than I realized, it does ebb and flow from time to time. Learning of the different kinds of anxiety according to the doshas was new and helpful for me.

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