Guilt-Free Motherhood Audio course


Guilt-Free Motherhood 7 lessons audio and PDF

Key words: common guilt, feminine power, divine motherhood, over-extension.



This course is a foundation for the new generations of mothers that are seeking to empower their children and themselves with the freedom form guilt and its consequences.


This course is a revolution from what your mother taught you about what it is to be a mother.  It is a revolution because it changes your perception of who you are and what you are meant to be in the Divine role of a mother.  It is a revolution because your presence, your wisdom, your grace, your intuition and life power serve you and you need to lead it, guide it and protect it.

This course confronts your old beliefs and tenderly invites you to drop them.  It is a statement to stop the sabotage of guilt; to stop the low self-esteem; to stop the over-extending; to stop the projecting onto your child and to stop looking for outside validations.

This course is an action towards your divinity in the role of motherhood, where you boldly take the scepter of life and make it your own.  This course is the end of your seeking to be well, to be right, to be good, and to be what your expectations and imagination have told you what motherhood is about.

This course is about making you flexible, simple and natural in front of the flow of your own life and the needs of your child.

What do you need for this course

You will received each week a 1/2 audio file. You will be able to download it into your computer and play it at the time of your convenience. Downloads have a week expiration date. An additional $ 10.00 will be charge if missing the download expiration date.

You will need:

  • Your notebook, headphones,
  • Your private space
  • And a meditation shawl or blanket

Tips to enrich your course

  • Make your weekly class the same time and day every week.
  • Let our office know when you finish your class, a new file will be send it to you at the completion of each class.
  • Ask your family for 1/2 hour break.
  • Take your time.No rush in finishing in 7 weeks. Listen again to classes that are important to you

What to expect in each class

Classes are ½ hour . In each class expect:

  • Empowerment with Berdhanya
  • Q&A: with Berdhanya and Satkiana
  • Meditation with Berdhanya

What we expect from you

Upon completion of each lesson, please notify us and we will send you the next lesson. We respect your rhythm and we expect you respect your commitment. We expect the completion of the course to be done in a max time of 3 month.

We suggest to write a line or two about  ” what I gain” in each lesson. This process will help you to consolidate your self-awareness.

Table of content


Class 1

What is feminine energy……. 14 minute audio

Berdhanya explains the nature of the universal feminine energy. This talk invites you to contemplate on the feminine life force.

Empowerment: 6 minute audio

Question and answer: 8 minute audio

Centering meditation: 7 minute audio.

Class 2

How we have blocked the flow of feminine wisdom. This lesson gives an understanding of the arising of the ego sense and how it has impacted the flow of motherhood.

Empowerment: 6 minute audio

Question and answer: 5 minute audio

Meditation: 11 minute audio

Class 3

Meeting the Guilt. This lesson connects you with your inner guilt in the spiritual role of mother. It invites you to observe:

  • The different types of guilt.
  • How the child really learns.
  • How the mother spoils the child by not revealing her natural, innate wisdom as a mother

Empowerment: 8 minute audio

Question and answer: 11 minutes

Meditation on Forgiveness: 11 minutes

Class 4

Where Does Guilt Comes From?

In this lesson Berdhanya touches-in on the nature of guilt.  Concepts like: a false sense of performance/duty; projections onto the child; and outside self-validation are highlighted.

Empowerment: 11 minutes

Question and Answer:9 minutes

Meditation:10 minutes

Class 5  

The Real Meaning of Motherhood. This lesson provides the scope of what it really means to be a mother of the New Earth

Empowerment:11 minutes

Question and Answer: 9 minutes

Meditation:10 minutes

Class 6

Initiation to Free Yourself From the Collective Guilt

This initiation is a powerful initiation. It gives you the opportunity to consciously remove one self from the influences of collective fear and guilt.

Empowerment: 30 minutes

Initiation:  29 minutes

Class 7

The Power of Prayer

Berdhanya has created a prayer for mother’s to charge the power and presence of their motherhood energy and to create a strong aura of protection for their child/children.

Audio:  4 minutes

Pdf format: for you to print and use in your practice.


“ I experienced a deep remembering of the truth, that the Divine Mother is contained within me and that from this source lies all of the wisdom that I’ll ever need to be a nurturing, guiding, loving, containing mother.  “ Satkiana


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