Healing Body Fluids


5 hours Audio Course

Key words: healing the fluids of the body. Working with the ray of fluids. Initiation to the Ray of fluids. Blood, plasma, water, rivers, ocean.


 Who can benefit from this course

The course is structured  to meet your busy agenda and to support the flow of your inner life.Any individual interested in having a mystical understanding of the flow of life is suitable for this course. This course is loaded with alternatives ways to healing, meditation and group effort.

About the format of the course

Each class is one hour in length and it is divided in 3 segments. One meditation segment, one knowledge segment and one segment dedicate to comments from the students. This course is recorded live, so it has the flavor of a classroom setting. There are 5 classes, and it is suggested to do one class per week at the same scheduled time of your choice each week. This creates a sacred space around your commitment to yourself with this course.This course was created in 2015 from alive classes.

Benefits of this course

This course purify your understanding of the function of spiritual fluids. It contemplate, heal and expand not only the fluids of the human body but the very nature of the flow of earth. The teachings links a group in a matrix of healing that touches our cosmology as well as the depth of our inner flow. Berdhanya unique approach to healing, group energy communication and transmission, makes the course a real exercise of self-acceptance, intuition, vision and inner depth.


What do you need for this course

You will received your full course at once. You will be able to download it into your computer and play it at the time of your convenience. Downloads have a week expiration date. An additional $ 10.00 will be charge if missing the download expiration date.

You will need:

·      Your notebook, headphones,

·      Your private space

·      And a meditation shawl or blanket.


  • Introduction
  • Class 1

Knowledge and initiation on the ray of fluids. 2 segments.1 hour audio.

By expanding awareness to seemingly opposite forces, the fluid realm gives the gift of paradox. The realm of fluids are embedded in the body and require flexibility and flow to access all the fluids present – blood, lymph, etc. Fluids are life, consciousness and memories, grounded through the body.

  • Class 2

Creation of the matrix of healing. 3 segments. One hour audio

A matrix is formed between the veins of the body and the rivers of the Earth. Balance is the key in liberating the fluids, and exchange of information takes place within this flow of balance. The speeds of fluidity can vary, which are dependent on self perception of Truth.

  • Class 3

Connection with master of the fluids. 3 segments. One hour audio

  • Class 4

Healing practice to heal the world of fluids.- 3 segments. One hour audio.

The fluids descend into the depths of the body where they are refreshed and renewed. It is a healing practice for individuals, reaching far back through our ancestry, and helps to liberate and ascend the fluid realm itself. When the realm of fluids becomes more subtle, it can raise up towards the pull of the sun, for liberation.

  • Class 5

The fluids of earth and the matrix of healing.One hour audio.

The primary flow of the realms of fluids are inside the layers of Earth. They keep the balance of temperature on the planet. They exist within our bone marrow in the same fashion, and are connected to the crystal kingdoms, which are connected to planetary systems created from corresponding crystals. The fluids serve as a channel for the flow of life to travel.

What people said about this course

This course has shown me a new path of connecting, healing and communication with the fluid water aspects of myself. It has bridged a gap in knowledge I was seeking, one that relates the fluids of my body and being to that of the Earth and other realms. A pure joy, as always!”

“Classes with Berdhanya are a succinct way of getting initiated into the different realms of reality. The fluid classes will offer you understanding of personal , planetary and universal connection and communication with structure of fluids, the vital part of living being whether private, global or cosmic.”
-Igor P.

“Berdhanya Swami Tierra is an extraordinary teacher that will envelope her students with her compassion and guide them just as a mother takes her child by the hand deep, deep into places you have never known existed. She takes us into places of different realms that are inside and outside of the body, in an endless and simultaneous interconnection. By taking this course, I developed an enhanced understanding of the Realm of Fluids. Their magnitude had a great impact on me, my lineage of ancestors, and the evolutionary process of our planet.”
-Maria O.



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