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5 Hours audio and PDF

This 5 hour initiation is a sweet and grounding experience. It teaches us to enhance  the power of strength, steadiness and self- reliant .  It is genuinely empowering!

Key words: spiritual self esteem, grounding, immune system, judgement, forgiveness, karma, spirit guides,sacred contracts.


The Temple of Grace is part of your energetic structure. It is the first layer of the Supra Astral Body. In the Temple of Grace you hold your ability to maintain your purity, your self-esteem, and your self-protection. Activating and understanding the Temple of Grace allows us to eliminate self-destructive patterns, to calm our mind, and to contact spirit guides.

The temple of grace audio course is a step-by-step guide during 5 consecutive weeks, which stabilizes, heals and activates this powerful command center.  Please make your payment and send us a note to request your first class. After completion of your class you will received the next step.  Each week for 5 weeks you will received the audio files.

Each class is one hour in length and consists of 3 parts; the empowerment or knowledge of the topic of the week, a guided journey or meditation, and student’s comments on their experiences.

This course is recorded from a live class, so it has the flavor of a classroom setting. You will need your notebook and headphones.

Table of content of this course

Class One : Location and functions of the Temple of Grace.

0.- Placing intention ( 5 minutes) 1.- Yoga ( 6 minutes.) 2.- Audio Knowledge on: ( 15 minutes)

  • Location of the Temple of Grace in the structure of being.
  • Functions of the Temple of Grace.
  • Healing guilt and fear through the Temple of Grace.

3.- Meditation on Healing the meaning  of the Temple of Grace. (15 minutes) 4..- Students and teacher comments. ( 8 minutes)

Class Two : Good deeds and self-qualification.

1.- Physical activation of the Temple of Grace ( 12 minutes) 2.- Personal process on the good deeds ( 6 minutes) 3.-Comment on self-qualification. ( 36 minutes)

Class Three : The three levels of the Temple of Grace.

1.- Meditation  on the 3 levels of the Temple of grace (12 minutes) 2.- Knowledge on the 3 levels of the Temple of grace ( 15 minutes) 3.- Personal process on self—doubt  ( 1 minute) 4.- Students comments ( 11 minutes)

Class Four: Energetic activation of The Temple of Grace.

1.- Knowledge and Activation of the Temple of Grace. Contemplation on the mandalas. (20 minutes) 2.- Meditation on activating the energetic mandala on the Temple of Grace. ( 18 minutes) 3. Students Comments ( 9 minutes)

Class Five: Uses of the Temple of Grace in your Daily life.

1.- Meditation on how to use the temple of Grace on your daily life. ( 20 minutes) 2.- Knowledge on  how to enhance and use the Temple of Grace in your daily life. ( 19 minutes)

  • Self-forgiveness as a service
  • Helping others through the Temple of Grace.

3.- Student comments ( 2 minutes)

All classes are one hour length.

Who will benefit from this initiation

Those in need of consolidating their inner self-worth Those in need of breaking self-destructive patterns.

Those with glandular imbalances

Those with behavior inconsistency of problems.

Those enable to focus.

Those with self-esteem problems.

Those avoiding self responsibility.

Those overly opinionated.

Suggested bodywork for this initiation

The ayurvedic treatment Shirodhara prepare, enhance and clean the energetic structure of the temple of grace.

Schedule one Shirodahara a week for the 4 weeks of the initiation. Learn about the treatment Practitioners available in Ottawa

Article from the Leaning center to enrich this course

This articles will help you expand the knowledge of the temple of grace

Doubt and awareness

Facts about woman self-worth


 Through the years of studies with Berdhanya, I was able to realize pretty soon that studying with my teacher is “very serious business” of how to become a saint. Many times, I was pleasantly surprised by her, of moulding me into the form of an angelic being, helping me on my spiritual journey to confront the impediments that were in my way when I was not able to see them, and helping to resolving them to walk on a clearer and easier path.  I felt the same way during this course of Temple of Grace. Thank you for creating the regiment of angels, that I can proudly declare, that I am part of. Maria
“The Temple of Grace has been very challenging for me, and definitely confronted my deepest blocks to living my life to the fullest potential. I’ve encountered buried parts of myself that I had long forgotten existed, and I’ve identified repetitive thoughts, emotions, and habits that are as rocks weighing me down. The Temple of Grace material has shown a piercing light into areas of myself that have been long in darkness. A heat has been ignited inside me that is melting and pulverizing those habitual rocks of negativity and guilt. With the rocks becoming powder and mixing with the waters of this spiritual truth, I find a soulful clay with which I may sculpt life giving forms instead of the dead weight that I have been carrying for so long. Shawn
This course was both profound and frustrating.  The content and experience brought me to some new places within myself that I am grateful to have discovered.  I came face to face with my own tyrant which has refused to give the Temple of Grace space within me and around me.  I also found unexpected peace in places that had been a source of pain. Shiva


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