Our mind has made some fundamental divorces that have produced confusion and ungroundedness in realizing what we are.

We have divorced our inner world from the outer world.  We see them as separate, as two different matrixes, having different dynamics, having different lives and purposes.

We have limited the concept of time as being linear, by continuously looking back and forth as two different things.

We have divorced our individual existence from the infinite existence. We live our individual life as limited and we relate to infinity as far and unreachable.

We have divided space thinking that there are many spaces, and not only one that is carrying us within that space.

This way of divorcing from reality is the creation of our mind.  It is the nature of our mind to perceive in a limited way. Sooner or later, in the spiritual path, you need to make certain friendliness with your mind and its way of thinking. You need to relate to it with compassion and to show the mind the direction towards Essence; toward a greater aspect, where the narrow perception must unite and serve a greater picture.

The great care of Essence embraces you and all narrow perceptions created by your mind. It reassures your mind and it shows that any effort of divorce is futile. Essence heals you and heals the finite aspect of your mind. It heals it by showing it infinity.  It heals it by showing the mind that it is part of the infinite.  The power of Essence is the same power as the Infinite. Essence is the compressed Infinite in the center of your chest, and embraces all your divorces, as the mother embraces the child that is in distress.

Offer your mind to Essence by your willingness, by your humble realization that without Essence you are operating your life in a very narrow and dogmatic way. Invite yourself to Essence. Become It.  And let its Glory and its Eternity shine through your finite activities.

Seven empowerments to deal with the mind

1.- The mind will insist that he/she is right.

The mind is used to have its way. It will give you reasons, concepts, and values to sustain its point of resistance. That ride can be exhausting, confusing, and disempowering. Fundamentally it debilitates the opportunities to accept learning that are beyond the right and wrong. I am sure you have already experienced that thoughts move you back and forth form doubt to stubborness, from jugement to guilt. The mind simply takes for granted that what it  know is right and correct in the journey towards Essence.  Understand that the mind gives you those conversations just to moderate its pace and to give itself the time that is needed to dissolve well established comforts, concepts and dual thinking.  Awareness, time, and patience is necessary on your part in order to help the mind move a solid step forward.

2.- The mind is overwhelmed about infinity.

The mind feels insecure when it is in front of a bigger possibility than what she is capable of. This is natural.  If you can imagine a small child looking up to a grown up person, the perspective is big and perhaps threatening. In an equal way, the mind senses Essence, but cannot see Essence since it is too big to comprehend and too abstract to relate to. It is fundamentally important that you sympathize with your mind and take her one step at a time. Modifications and expansions can serve as a platform for her to admit and surrender that there is something greater than her. The mind will only calm down in front of infinity when she accepts her smallness and her role. When the mind accepts her role and does not overpass it, this creates humbleness within her and she functions better.  When the mind overpasses her capabilities, a feeling of overwhelmness shuts her down. It is a feeling that she cannot handle infinity, a feeling that she needs to sort out everything.  This relates to the common expression of “Being in your Head”.

3.- The mind will seduce you to remain limited.

The limitation of the mind is the result of dual thinking. The dance between right and wrong, male and female, up and down, debilitates the equanimity of the mind and traps her into a limited way of thinking.  The mind for centuries has exercised her dual way of thinking. Therefore, she is used to selling you her most effective products. If you observe  what your mind tells you, you will see that she is asking you to remain where you are. She will offer you limited input and only a few selections of new things.  The best approach in front of this seduction is to acknowledge it and to continue your way towards Essence.

4..-The mind needs containment

The mind will only surrender when the compassionate commander within you, points towards infinity. The inner commander shows up when you commit to a daily inner connection with yourself. The commander establishes order and shows to the mind, that there is “ someone” directing the boat. Your daily sadhana is of vital importance to show the mind who is the commander. If you already have a daily practice, you may notice that some days the mind will give you excuses not to do it.  However, if you disobey the mind, and you continue steadily, the mind will understand that it cannot be capricious or rebellious towards your higher wishes.  See the mind as someone who needs a dose of discipline, a dose of direction, a dose of compassion, and a dose of encouragement, as well as a space to express its role.

5.- The mind’s ultimate happiness is when it surrenders to infinity.

As much as the mind resists to merge with essence, it is happy to dissolve in it. When the mind offers little by little all its aspects we open more space for essence to be. Therefore the mind feels contained, directed, and inspired by essence. It is through that offering that stillness appears and permanently gets establish. Then the mind changes the dual perception into paradoxes, into fraternity and cooperation. This is a slow process because we have to acknowledge that the mind has more than 108 facets, functions and dimensions. All these aspects are like grains of sand being devoured one by one into the black hole. Know that the mind ultimately thrives in joining forces with all aspects of Infinity.

  1. Let the mind think, it is its role.

We cannot go against the natural function of the mind to have thoughts. It is a preventing a woman not to release eggs.  It is natural for the mind to think.  And when we talk about stillness, it is not about interrupting or intervening into the natural flow of thoughts.  We need to understand that true stillness happens when the mind has glimpsed Infinity and has accepted It as its Master. Stillness is a result of the surrender of the mind.

  1. The mind will threaten your life when you move toward infinity.

The mind knows that it is finite. It will fear death.  It does not see the eternal content of existence and it will panic and get depressed and scream loudly for survival, help and continuation of its life. At one point in your evolution, you may see yourself as a beheader of your own mind.  At this point you must be firm, precise and merciless. You must not believe the pleading screams of the mind in its final hours.  At this point, you act out of compassion, you act out of understanding of what needs to go.  You regain the embodiment of infinity in your finite world.