Satsang from radio Show Altitude.

Today’s episode focuses on Demystifying the Darkness, the different aspects of self that reflect the shadow part of us and on certain misconceptions  have damaged the purity of what darkness really is and its function. This topic is of great importance in this moment of transition on Earth, and in the transition of humanity into a wider perception of our own capacities.

Let’s start reviewing our own personal conception of shadow. I don’t want to generalize, but in my all my years of experience in working with people, I have encountered a very strong division between darkness and light. This sense of duality creates an abyss in the natural dance that occurs between these two forces, and debilitates the matrix of the yin and the yang, if we can put it that way.

We can start by considering that, from that place of light, we usually create certain desires to keep our light: I want to maintain my happiness, I want to maintain my wealth, I want to maintain certain flow, auspiciousness or expansiveness in my life. Here, we get entangled and work towards that and defend that. We take a position of wanting to remaining in the white part of the yin and yang matrix. However, we don’t really understand the other side, the dark side, due to our misconceptions.


We think that the dark side is evil, that’s wrong, that it’s destructive, that it’s something that we should avoid, something that it will be painful. When we have judgment or apprehensions about the darkness, it cannot fully display its force.


So this is something that we need to review: What is it that you think about darkness? What is it that you been taught or that you have acquired? How do you interpret that? It could be something evident or it could be something very subtle. It could be something in your process of refinement, but seldom do you would look at this part of the structure of being (and life) that is just the aspect of repose. Here, I would like to expand a little bit the concept of what really the darkness is.


Understanding Darkness (Anti-Matter) And Light

In life, and in the dynamic force of the universe, there are two forces that are in constant flow: one is the force of light and one is the force of darkness . The force of light creates matter, or gives the illusion of matter. Matter doesn’t really exist, it’s just a way of our perception, of our senses. The distribution of light creates that sense of matter, of heaviness, of density. This is what we interpret as Earth, but in the end, it is just light and vibration. There is not really any other way of forming matter.

The other part is the anti-matter or the dark side, where everything is as fast as the universe. It is the depth of our self and the unknown part, the mystery part of light that comes just in little bits. It’s like the darkness comes into the light, one by one by one, one by one forming matter, all our experiences and all the opportunities in our life to learn.

The force of anti-matter holds the mysteries of the universe, as well as matrixes that are, in this moment, at play: the matrix of rejuvenation, the matrix of bi-location (the possibility of being in two or three places at the same time), the matrix of regeneration and the matrix of going beyond time and beyond space. These matrices can be only understood and practiced only if we understand the anti-matter aspect of life, the darkness.


In certain traditions, the darkness has been depicted as the black Kali or the black Virgin or as a figure without a face (an empty figure). Yes, by relating to the emptiness and the depth of life with joy and compassion, we can heal and unite the darkness and light.


Darkness is not bad: it is the repose of life, like the night and sleep. Within that, new knowledge comes that is not interpreted by the mind, knowledge that is the real flow of what we need to know in the moment.

It is non-cognitive way of learning. It’s like after a dream, when you wake up with the sensations that, “Oh, I know what to do.” The inspiration comes so naturally that you act on it, but not in a mental way, not in a cognitive way. Darkness holds this power.

The Earth holds much darkness, because she doesn’t radiate a light of her own, like the Sun. In principle, Earth is dark. Right now, we are in the process of uniting that depth of her darkness with the light, so that the dynamics of life can be regenerated in a very different way. This will allow for the concepts of immortality, the concept of rejuvenation, the concept of being in several places at the same time in matter to be not only possibilities or memories of what we have done in the past (because we have done it before, and still certain yogis and teachers are able to maintain that ability).


Right now, these are not  common things on our planet, but it will not be uncommon in the next two thousand years. The matrices are coming back, and this is why Earth is going through all this darkness right now, to show us the misconceptions that we have, how we have charged darkness with fear, with anxiety, with insecurity and with instability, simply because we don’t know. In the divine darkness, we don’t know. The knowledge emerges in the present moment, like a lotus emerging from the darkness of the mud, with all its qualities of purity and brightness. The most amazing flower grows from the divine darkness.

Shadow Work

At present, Earth is in this process, and we are all somehow connected to that divine darkness. The only problem is that we have to pass through or cleanse the personal concepts that we have put on divine darkness. This is not easy to do, simply because the darkness will be more apparent in our daily life, the apprehension of what we have called personal shadow work.

Personal shadow work is simply about working with the energies in the Earth bodies that have been stagnant. It is not something evil. It is just the life force flow to Earth bodies. If you place a judgment or if you forget to acknowledge certain energies, it gets stuck, it gets solidified. Yes, it has the colour of darkness, of brownness, of density, but it doesn’t mean that it’s evil.

In my experience, when we unlock those energies in the Earth bodies and acknowledge certain forces within us, it has a tremendous power. It’s not that we are dark or that we are wrong, it is that we have not placed a charge on divine darkness, and not taken full responsibility of the gutsy power that divine darkness holds. It is tremendous and we have not been taught how to manage that, or to recognize all the gifts that that divine darkness can give us.

It is my invitation today to heal the personal concept of darkness, to look beyond this and see divine darkness for what it really is. Here, I am asking you to do something impossible, because you cannot really see the darkness: darkness permeates everything, as darkness permeates the day and the day permeates the night. Light and darkness implicitly hold one and other.

Personal Darkness

At the personal level, the only darkness that you can focus on is ignorance: No I don’t believe you. No, I cannot do that. No, I’m not ready. No, I have to do other things first… That place of diminishing your capacities and diminishing the capacities of life is darkness. You are not trusting the potential that —  regardless of you or not– it will develop in the next two thousand years. The new generations will have the right to have full access to the divine darkness and all the gifts that it holds.

So what can we do with our personal darkness, you may ask? The best is just to acknowledge that it is not real, to say: “Well, I have this aggressivity or these unpleasant or aggressive thoughts or envy or whatever is uncomfortable for you. Yes, I have this and so what? It will pass.” Don’t place any judgment on it because the darkness is not in the emotion or in the thought per se, it is in the position that you take in front of it.


This is crucial to understand, because if you judge it, you don’t want to see it, it goes directly to your subconscious. You forget you put it there, and then it becomes a haunting force that wants to be recognized and wants to be acknowledged. It creates a pressure within you that can destabilise your psyche.

This is important to understand: it is the ignorance, the self-judgement and the negation of your own capabilities and potentiality that creates the personal darkness and the common human darkness. The darkness of ignorance is completely different than divine darkness, which is synchronized with the in mysteries and mysticism in the teachings, that of the quietness and repose of the universe.

I hope this inspires you, As we are moving closer to the Solstice, closer to the beginning of a new ear, you will be confronted (consciously or unconsciously) by the force of darkness. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have restless mind that comes in the form of guilt or fear, or that tells you that you’re wrong: I shouldn’t be feeling this way, I should be feeling this other way…


I suggest that you do not judge that voice right now, to accept that voice and to recognize the divine darkness that is within us right now, which will peak at Solstice. We are getting closer and closer, and things become darker and darker. So it’s so important to understand, because then we will be much more relaxed in understanding and dealing with challenging situations in our lives that are asking to be acknowledged, and to recognize the depth of the changes that grow in the dark.

The other aspect to consider is in your own spiritual development, where you are letting go of your concepts of the self. Sooner or later, you will touch on concept of darkness. I want to bring it to your attention now, so when you pass, it will go smoothly and without fear. Meeting the darkness is a normal part of the jump into the unknown: the dissolution of your identity and gaining the awareness of the vastness of life and the universe. In the development of your spirit, you will definitely meet this process. Hopefully, these teachings and clarifications will help you to cross in a way that is more relaxed and aware.


The Gifts Of The Darkness

Finally, I want to touch on the gifts of the divine darkness, one of which is the development of anti-matter. Antimatter is the absence of solidity, but which holds the template of being in solid form. For example, when you do a painting, you first do a sketch. The sketch would be like anti-matter; it has a template, you know what is going to be there, but it doesn’t have  the perspective, the shape, the volume and to give it that sensation of matter and solidity. Antimatter holds the templates where different potentialities of the soul can be expressed.

One template is bilocation, or being able to locate oneself in different places in one time. You are able to create a matrix or a template in different places and to fill it up with matter. I will discuss this more widely later in a different talk. But I want you to be aware that, with the management of divine darkness, you are able to access faculties that so far we have forgotten and that will soon re-emerge. It is in the plans that humans will have the ability to move themselves through time and space. As mothers, we actually already do that, for example. We have the ability to accompany the little child to school, like a guardian angel. We don’t have yet the power, the awareness, the lucidly and the lightness to manifest it physically, but, as a mother, we still know that a part of us is in different places with our different children. As a teacher, I constantly have the experience of being a guardian angel for those who are connected.

There are many other possibilities in anti-matter, in divine darkness. One of them is deep repose: when you go into a state of complete slowing down, until all your vital signs are almost at the point of death. In that process, you are able to regenerate your entire body. You regenerate and rejuvenate; literally, you get younger. We do this in mediation, for example: when you are in a deep state of samadhi, a regeneration comes. Ten minutes of meditation are like two hours of sleep. It has been proven by science.


We are just starting to see the potentialities of the depth that divine darkness offers, and to make it part of common awareness. It’s not anymore just in the monasteries; it’s not anymore a secret. It will be the right of each human to access his own rejuvenation.