Certitude is the heart force and fluid that reassures and expresses the divine flow in a bold and clear way. Certitude is your belief systems in action and the expression of the colour of your personality. It gives you a permanent strength to sustain the core of your convictions, your passions and the formation of your life. It sustains integrity, purity of action and an unquestionable direction of the flow of life. Expressed certitude makes you secure, gives you a deep relaxation that all is under divine control and that you only need to follow what you know and what you love. When you are certain, you are bold, you act with conviction and you have a command (not control) over the experiences you choose to live and manifest.

Before we continue in our exploration, I want you to relate to certitude as a force, a current and a quality of the heart. 

Distortions of Certitude: Limitation and Illusion

In some instances, this quality of the heart is directed towards our little self, towards our limitations and illusions. We believe our limitations so deeply and take them as truth. When that is the case, the seeker suffers from incertitude. In that paralyzing state, they will question every move they make that represents a change or an expression of their identity. This incertitude can be so draining, so confusing and so paralyzing that the seeker loses track through the time of the voice and passion of their heart.

In that state, the seeker is stuck in their head and declines from the expression of anything significant in their life.

What we don’t realize is that certitude is a quality of the heart that will always be part of our energetic system. When we use certitude to reaffirm limited beliefs, we entrap that vibration in a destructive dimension.

For example, when I ask a person what they want in life, they may answer: “Well, I’m not sure. I don’t know.” In that statement, they are applying certitude to their incertitude. They are believing in their insecurity and are reaffirming it by adding a “maybe” or a fantasy. 

“Oh, I maybe I would like to move to another country, or maybe things would be better this way…”

In this state, the seeker faces many behavioural possibilities, usually coming from past experiences or from observations. Their force of certitude is invested in limitation and serves the illusion of restriction.

How to Liberate Certitude

  1. Know Where It Is

Contemplate on the limiting beliefs that you reaffirm in conversation. In this way, you will recognize the certitude that you have that has been misplaced or which serves the limited self. Examine conversations that follow a recipe such as: “If I do this, then I will have that.” or “I guess that this is better for me.” Be aware of where your certitude is invested.

  1. Forgiveness

When you realize that you have been deceived and tricked by the mind, don’t make a big deal of it. If the ego-sense has used the force of your certitude to make you believe that you are powerless and incapable, so what? Don’t condemn yourself.

  1. Decide to reclaim the power of the heart.

In an inner ceremony, look for the force of certitude, bring it to the center of the heart and announce your victory to the rest of your body. Realize the trick of the mind and refuse to believe in the illusion of weakness and insecurity.

  1. Back up your reclamation with an action.

Take courage and give form to your boldness through action. Realize that this is not only about an action that you need to take, but about making an entrance to a life that follows your most innermost convictions and passions. It is to stand naked in the entrance of the unknown and to relate to it with innocence and availability. Realize that you are always new and fresh in every moment.

The liberated certitude is a force that the heart needs to move you forward and to give you the entrance to the gate of perpetual flow, eternal inner trust and the inner security that comes from the greatest mysteries of the heart. 


Certitude is quiet when it is serving your convictions, your inner belonging and your compassion. At the same time, certitude gives spiritual boldness, originality and courage to challenge the illusion of the concrete reality.