Fibres, Grids and Origin of Soul

January 15, 2021
This article is a transcription of a student class.

What are Grids?
Begin by putting three dots in your notebook.
Let’s explore the inner authority grid.
Let’s imagine that those dots are composed of high concentrations of resonance—for example, the resonance of the attribute of authority. One drop is the resonance of authority in blue colour. For instance, you can direct and have authority over energy fields in that tone without saying anything. That is the quality of that dot.

The second dot is still authority, but it will be in the voice. It is a different colour. The third one will be the authority of the heart, for example.

In that way, the authority dots are floating in the authority ocean, each with its qualities. We can call it a constellation if we want. In those dots, you have different ways of leading your universe. So you are given various tools or spectrums of light to exercise that. When you are born out of that ocean, you are constructed that way. You are in the perfect resemblance of those authority molecules that are in the great sea of the one. You are born out of it. Any form that you take, human form, or other races, will have that cosmic DNA and that attribute’s codes. You will be serving or expressing those tendencies of authority.

Formation of grids and fibres
Naturally, every dot in that make-up will form your nervous system. We can call these dots the neurons of authority. When you decide to activate through action, that particular authority resonance, that dot gets highlighted, gets active, gets activated, alive. Naturally, it will link or look to expand or incorporate other beads of similar resonance.
Therefore, if you activate the dot number one, it will create a resonance between the one and the two, another dot. The fibre) between the one and the two and the three and the six creates a matrix, a grid. The links between the dots are fibres, conduits, ligaments, nerves, and wires that conduct the energy back and forth between the two dots. Each matrix has infinite forms and frequencies to link to, but in each incarnation, you are requested to attach a certain amount of those dots in each condition. And we can say that will be the completion of the integration of an incarnation.

Animating your grid
If the dots of authority, for example, are 100 and you start linking 10, you have 10% of accessibility to the grid of authority. The more you connect through your fibres, through inviting new vibrations into your life, white, black, up-down, you strengthen the grid of power; Or the grid of compassion, the grid of motherhood, or the grid of the divine life, or infinite amounts of grids.

Diverse frequencies in the grid
So, there are grids with different vibrations,(wavelength) lower tones and higher tones. Slower tones, like stones, the unconsciousness, the inert, the tamas. Higher tones, sattvic, pure, free of identification: they are both parts of the grid’s diversity of frequencies.

We are continually changing the frequency in that grid of authority. In tamas, we may say, “oh, I don’t care, whatever comes in life, I don’t take action.” That is an unconscious attunement with that. You gain more respond-ability (fluidity) as you exercise higher frequencies. We are also inviting a grid of different qualities to make us more whole, more conscious. You may incorporate the grid of authority and the grids of compassion, creativity, sight, expression, spirituality and so on.

In the end, a ball of fibres is formed that is continuously interacting in an alive and orderly way where you slowly move from tamas to rajas and sattva, through all the gunas. With the incorporation of more links, more connectivity, call it fraternity, compassion, sympathy, etc.

Earth grid
Every time we take form on Earth or any other planet, we need codes to survive on the planet; we need a particular form ( anatomy) to adapt to the planet’s vibration and perform our experiment. We are formed in the image of Earth’s DNA, of her memories, of her gunas.

In any world, we have a certain percentage, a significant portion, of the planet’s consciousness as a grid of our formed grid. We have the grid of our shared human consciousness, the collective, that represents us as humans, so we get informed of what’s going on in the human consciousness collectively. Therefore we can add to that collective our guna, in whatever way we choose to express it.

Reciprocity in the grids
So, the fibres are just the exchange, the quick exchange, of information between two dots, between two points of resonance. There are infinite grids that we can call timelines. You can be in different time frames in other grids all the time. They are the accumulation of grids of the same complementary and supplementary nature. The enlargement of grids forms the giant matrix of creation, the Divine Mother or the Divine Heart. They all pulse. They are alive, and they form matrixes, and the matrixes form constellations, and the constellations form universes and so on. They are in all scales of creation.

The importance of recognizing your attribute
So it all depends on the recognition of your attribute. If it is authority, to be expressed as a teacher, a counsellor, a shoemaker, it doesn’t matter. Once you distinguish your quality, it puts you in a grid of that nature.

Student: When you say distinguish your attribute.

B: If you are born to be a leader, then you need command. You need guidance, and you need all other attributes or points in the grid to feed you or build you. Remember that they are three main divine attributes, Love, Wisdom and Alchemy ( life). Each has different qualities; for example, the attribute of wisdom has the quality of equanimity. You can know your attribute by examining the core of your pain. Helplessness ( I don’t know how), powerlessness ( I am impotent) or abandonment. ( I am not being seen)

Student: Does everyone have a primary attribute?

B: Yes.

Student: So, is it a primary attribute that is highlighted for you in this lifetime?

B: Forever. They are related to the trinity of creation—love, wisdom or alchemy.

Student: It carries with you in all your parallel lives?

B: Yes. Your parallel lives are dots in different time frames, but it is the same you with the same attribute. As I say, you are born out of a matrix that has certain attributes, specific grids. I am from the attribute of Opening the way. (Will) Therefore, I need command and compassion and all these other dots that I need to link and feed and express and create experiences for me to arise.

Student: So is my attribute Authority? What about the Counselor?

B: The Counselor is how you would like to express it. See your date of birth; you are born in the challenge of Mastery. Therefore Masters need to command. Let’s use this incarnation to learn that. Review the trinity so you can have a larger spectrum. The trinity is multifaceted; it will highlight the aspect you need to master in specific incarnations.

All your experiences can prove to you that you can command and you need to command, and that command has positive outcomes in your life.

Free your attribute, make it active
To identify your attribute, you need to disidentify from experience.

Ask yourself, what if I feel this way, for example, anxiety, because the one holding this identification knows its end? Always think positive; never is there anything wrong. It could be unpleasant, but not wrong.

If you are trying to observe your identification, you are not taking responsibility for your attribute. You won’t have energy; it’s as simple as that.

You navigate to: I am in command of my grid. My fibres are strong enough, which are constructed by the trinity of love, light and life. My threads are ever-expanding in the attribute that is Divine Command, for example, or Love, Wisdom.

Then your physical body is nothing. I am a giant fibre, eternally part of everything. And it is my choice to go into different spaces, missions and time frames, experiments. I am never out of the grid. I am always creating more grids ( connections). I am an explorer, a creator. That is the real purpose of living.

If you put in practice your authority, you are fortifying the grid of Truth or Order, a passage in a master, to learn to place an order by commanding through any of the seven chakras. So with that expansive way of seeing yourself, your little identifications are just games. They don’t have any strength. So expand your view.

How a soul is born.?

The illusion of many is the opportunity to experience its qualities ( attributes: love, wisdom, alchemy). In reality, it is one soul or the pure desire of the one to expand and know itself.

What we call a soul is the fractal appearance of the one.

As the one becomes two, and the two 3, the process of expansion takes place. Each 3 ( trinity) can duplicate for infinity its attributes forming grids of the same qualities. ( Your attribute).

In reality, the trinity creates “alikes” through time and space. Those alikes are your soul in a parallel existence: higher self, lower self, middle self and all in between.
This accumulation and reproduction of spheres ( trinities) are in the soul bodies.
As a creator, you use the energy of the one to multiply its original attributes in many forms, in many spaces, in many time frames.

In the soul bodies:
1.- The soul can realize it can recreate itself through self-responsibilization. I am the creator. ( supra astral body)
2.- In the light body, the soul realizes it has all the data it needs to assemble infinite probabilities to experiment.
3.- In the celestial body, the “older” soul serves as a guide. ( higher self.
4. In the consecration body, the soul can move to more refined frequencies ( evolve).

The illusion that I have an(only one) soul is a sense given by the individual mind; in reality, we are one soul in many forms. I was never born, never-ending. We exist as a drop of water in the ocean of vibration. The freedom to express the passion of essence ( compactization of the one in the heart) aids the many energize one’s attributes in specific grids.

My planet of origin

When “one” soul could materialize in a form for the first time, it had chosen the conditions necessary to do so. It had selected a large structure ( planet, galaxy, star etc.) to aid the process.

In the process of taking form, the soul acquires information from that “mother” form.
That information is following the tendencies of the soul. ( for example: if you have more preferences of love, wisdom or alchemy, you will choose venus, Saturn or Earth as your mother planet correspondingly.)

That original DNA of the planet will always be present in any form you take. It will be an attraction ( magnetism) towards that planet, star or solar system. The qualities of the one will be filtered through that place and sent to all your forms. This constant connection with your planet of origin nourishes your unique soul attributes. It also serves you as a beacon ( 9 dimensions) to come back home.

The planet of origin is in the divine mother’s matrix, the great matrix that gives form.