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Self-cultivation in the intimacy of your own home


“Anxiety”: A Portal to the Spirit

4 hour audio course to transform anxiety into a spiritual tool.

This four-class series offers a refreshing perspective about personal cultivation, focusing on anxiety as a portal to self-realization. Each class provides an in-depth understanding of the role of anxiety in the spiritual journey, providing tools and knowledge which support the student in refining their personal approach and perception about this common expression. Exploring this topic from new and empowering angles, Berdhanya shows the way towards effortlessness, contemplation, meditation and self-inquiry.



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$ 40.00

Key Words:

From anxiety to peace, understanding anxiety, personal approach to deal with anxiety.


11 Hour Audio Course to Reclaim the Power of Regeneration

New life can only be brought to our energetic matrix once we have restored our body from the consequences of duality.

In the dual state, our energetic body is fragmented in time and space, losing energy and capability for deep perception. Once we have healed our dual perception, a natural process of restoration happens on all levels of our being.


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$ 375.00

Key Words:

From restoration to regeneration, emerald sound-light, constellation kite, devotion and new born. Surrender and inner regeneration


5 week audio course to enhance your inner knowing

This course introduces the Organ of Revelation as a way of learning and navigating in the new earth. It makes clear distinctions between revelations, thought process and analysis. Revelations are the result of a mature mind where time and space reveal direction, meaning and knowledge in the present moment. This course prepares the student’s awareness to relate to revelations with confidence and clarity. Each class builds up energetic stamina and awareness about the ramifications of revelations in our daily life. Our introspection is deeply supported by the understanding and management of revelations.


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$ 150.00

Key words: inner knowing, construction of the matrix of revelations, contact with the council of revelations, revelations and thinking.
“Through the process of this class, I have learned some important knowledge about the context of revelations and their relationship to my everyday life and evolution. The unique perspective from which these teachings flow, were a joy to receive and were absolutely mind blowing. The impact was far reaching, and even weeks after the course finished, I felt like I was still integrating this profound knowledge into my being, on every level.”



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$ 85.00

Key words: Self-fixing tendencies, over extensions,inner independence, self-responsibility, alchemy, transmutation.

The Temple of Grace.

Discover your divine self-esteem and inner purity.

The Temple of Grace is part of your energetic structure.  In the Temple of Grace you hold your ability to maintain your purity, your self-esteem, and your self-protection. Activating and understanding the Temple of Grace allows us to eliminate self-destructive patterns, to calm our mind, and to contact spirit guides. This 5 week course stabilizes, heals and activates your suprastral body; your command center.

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$ 40.00

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$ 80.00

This course was both profound and frustrating.  The content and experience brought me to some new places within myself that I am grateful to have discovered.  I came face to face with my own tyrant which has refused to give the Temple of Grace space within me and around me.  I also found unexpected peace in places that had been a source of pain. Shiverla

Guilt-Free Motherhood

Parenting without guilt

This course is a foundation for the new generation of mothers who are seeking to empower their children and themselves with freedom from guilt and its consequences.

“ I experienced a deep remembering of the truth, that the Divine Mother is contained within me and that from this source lies all of the wisdom that I’ll ever need to be a nurturing, guiding, loving, containing mother.  “ Satkiana

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$ 85.00

Key words: common guilt, feminine power, divine motherhood, over-extension.

Empowerment on Embodiment

The process of embodiment is a way that nature  continuously upgrades our potentialities.

We embody two main currents; the current of the earth with all its feminine attributes and the current of sky with its corresponding masculine attributes.
The embodiment of the attributes of earth facilitate the process of descension, ( being here now) and the embodiment of the sky attributes help facilitate the process of ascension for us ( being everywhere and everything).

This course facilitates a deeper understanding of the process of spiritual embodiment.

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$ 85.00

Key words: upgrading potentials, self-reliance, inner solidity, vitality, organ of embodiment.

Courses on Detachment

This course opened the door to deeper understanding of my self through astral influences and offered the way to cope with them through knowledge and meditation techniques. It is another tool for me to leave behind accumulated illusory deposits of believes that I use to so strongly identify with. After each class I felt literally lighter, uplifted and empowered by Berdhanya’s compassionate and enlightened teachings”.

The Astral Personalities course was inspiring.  Each guided meditation was a deep and powerful experience that supported the knowledge.  It challenged my false ideals of what it means to be “spiritual” and led me to a deeper awareness of my own wisdom and expansiveness.  Playing “small” seems to be a worn-out skin.  Thank-you Berdhanya for guiding me to my inner truth.
C. Ramirez

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Personality Bundle

$ 385.00

Key words for astral personalities: astral influences, personality, detachment, destiny, inner qualities,astrology.

Key words for life, persona and personalities: False personalities, personality types, detachment, consecration body, life force, healing, vitality, depression, commotions, passion.

“The astral personality classes added an unparalleled understanding and depth to my interpersonal relationships as well as provided insight to my overall purpose and mission in life. Thank you for the deep inspiration that resulted.

Healing Courses

Cellular Breathing;

  A15 minute practice for cellular regeneration.


This 5 hour audio course provides you with a simple daily practice using breath, intention and awareness of the Earth bodies. This course offers a 15-minute practice to recharge and regenerate your system. It feeds the earth bodies and supplies them with harmony and balance. It also releases impurities accumulated in the central channel and serves as a basis for enhancing your presence.

“This course ( cellular breathing) is one of my absolute favorites! I find it so refreshing, renewing and nourishing, like my whole structure has being bathed in a rich conditioner. There is more wholeness and more tranquility. Thank you”.. Serenis

After the practice of cellular breathing, it feels as if a rich conditioner has been applied to my earth bodies. I am nourished, relaxed and expanded”. Bala

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$ 85.00

Key words: Cellular healing, cellular memory, cellular regeneration, earth bodies flow, chronic illness, fatigue, radiation.
“Very powerful technique! What a change!” Christine Christine

Healing Body Fluids

This course purifies your understanding of the function of spiritual fluids. It not only contemplates, heals and expands not only the fluids of the human body but the very nature of the flow of earth. The teachings link a group in a matrix of healing that touches our cosmology as well as the depth of our inner flow. Berdhanya’s unique approach to healing, group energy communication and transmission, make this course a real exercise of self-acceptance, intuition, vision and inner depth.

This course has shown me a new path of connecting, healing and communication with the fluid water aspects of myself. It has bridged a gap in knowledge I was seeking, one that relates the fluids of my body and being to that of the Earth and other realms. A pure joy, as always!”
-Bermalva Bermalva

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$ 108.00

Key words: healing the fluids of the body. Working with the ray of fluids. Initiation to the Ray of fluids. Blood, plasma, water, rivers, ocean.

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