Subdivision: Your only crime.

The part of us that is finite is our foundation for spirituality.  Designed to allow us to experience life, it is a vessel through which we embody the sacred vibrations of our infinity.The dynamic between the finite and the infinite offers us strength, vitality,compassion and love to the life of all.

The finite is our playground. It offers us opportunities for self-responsibility, personal choices and learning. However, our limited understanding does not fully perceive or understand its dynamic. Let’s contemplate on this.

I have a secret to share with you, which you have been trying to solve through your mental or emotional effort. When you apply this information in your life, you will be able to gather enough energy for a higher sense of self-perception.

We must understand that in order to run a marathon, the mind needs to be one-pointed in its intention and the body needs to be in good health. You also need to be motivated and to preserve your stamina so that you can go the required distance without depleting yourself or causing damage to your body.

Equally, for the journey of Self-Realization, you need four elements to work in perfect synchronicity with time and space. You need your physical body. You need your mind. You need your emotions. You need your etheric body. These four bodies all need to be in the present moment and to be contained by a certain space or environment.

When the four bodies come together in full presence, the life force contained in each of these bodies is activated,magnetized and sealed. We then experience an intense sense of One Presence. This Presence contains a vital component for you to perceive the truth of your reality, the truth of who you really are.

These four bodies (physical, etheric, emotional and mental) are like Lego pieces. Each has a different colour and shape, and each one contains a distinct and intrinsic matrix that awakens matter. When these Lego pieces and their potentiality come together, they lock you into the Now. They lock you into your Self and into a certain naturalness. When these four blocks are locked together, they create a foundation for the subtle molecules of the spirit to descend into the vessel of matter.

When these four blocks link, there is a tremendous release of atomic energy, conducive to receiving its complement in Universal Awareness.

The state of wholeness is when these four bodies (physical, etheric, emotional and mental) can harmoniously navigate through the experiences of life. Wholeness in matter allows these four bodies to work together to contribute actively to our own destiny and that of others. Wholeness is when these bodies are able to discriminate, assimilate, integrate and deliver in a neutral and self-responsible way.

You may have had glimpses of the experience of wholeness: the spontaneous joy, vitality, sharpness and unapologetic security in front of your inner and outer life. However, we are rarely able to maintain the state of wholeness within the earth bodies.

For example, we often start a perfectly good Saturday morning with certain ideas about how it should go. You would like to do your laundry, go shopping and have a nice meal with your friends. As the day goes by, you end up baking a cake, going for a swim and, the whole time, feeling like you would prefer to be somewhere else.

In this example, your mind remains with your initial to-do list of “what should be done”, while your body is performing some other task. Your emotional body, unable to project its intensity into any of your activities, will usually get anxious, restless and want to retreat or avoid others. The etheric body, which is the template of your health and strength, gets tired because it has no real ground to perform from. In the back of your mind, you still have your initial list of laundry, shopping and meal as unfinished business, which creates a certain energetic weight. Meanwhile, your physical body becomes robotic, responding to habits or impulses, rather than performing holistically or naturally.

The worst part of this division is that your mind leaves traces in the spaces where it visits. For example, if you keep thinking of the friends that you need to visit, this intention travels to their space and invades their environment. You crowd them. You trespass on them. Moreover, a piece of your mind is not available to you, and you lose wholeness. If you consider how often you do this during the day, you will be astonished at how little of yourself you have access to, and how robotic you are in front you of life.

Through the process of subdivision, which happens in our daily life and also in other time instances, we leak the energy we need for ascension. This fragmentation affects not only the human psyche but also other kingdoms, (plants, animal, rocks, angels). It is the main cause of our molecular degeneration and cosmic disorder.

We are greatly affected by the consequences of fragmentation. It is a self-imposed genetic modification in our cells, with the same effects of decay that we are witnessing as we genetically modify our food and animals. The price to pay is devolution — and degeneration — of our potentiality for illumination.

My intention in sharing this information is not simply to focus on the impact of your subdivisions. Rather, I would like to share with you that there are tools and a ceremony, which, delivered in a sacred and safe space, facilitate a permanent linkage of these bodies. There is an energetic aid available right now, which will supply to you an awareness of this destructive process, as well as provide protection and support unity.

I consider the Subdivision Workshop, in conjunction with the Unification Meditation, a must for any seeker who wants to live in the template of a fulfilled life on Earth. The Subdivision Workshop clears the karmic consequences of your subdivision and gives your earth bodies the chance to support you in your journey to a harmonious experience of life.