Mashy Movements

There are pure movements or actions and there are useless movements. The pure movements originate when they are initiated out of the knowing of the compassionate heart. The pure movement dissolves any thought, any impossibility, any fear and any doubt. The heart which is free from any stories creates successful actions and meaningful contact with others.

The stories of power, tyranny, control, being a victim and self-imposed perfections make you do things that are away from the real flow of life and the real flow of the heart. I have encountered people who, in the name of love or trying to be good, make decisions and actions which cause them to deviate from what they really know and from what they really are. I have seen writers who end up being architects, poets being beggars and women being disempowered and depressed, all because they had followed the conversations and commands of their stories.

The command that these stories have over you takes away the true sovereignty of your being. It produces an energetic static that doesn’t allow you to see what you really are and what you really want.

These movements, generated by your stories, are destructive. These movements are not productive, because there are based on an invented reality; they are fictitious and they are loaded with personal gains. These unreal movements create a not real you, life and energy.

This energetic static, created by these false movements, is really the only impediment to realize oneself. Once your stories are fully abandoned, you enter into a space of silence, repose and realization.

The movements of the stories need energy to exist. They actually steal from your primal energy life force. This life force comes to you either from the potentiality of your soul (meaning the energy you were given to express your gifts on earth) or from the actual manifestation of alchemy of the elements (the interactions with others).

The energy that your stories steal from you is the energy you need to construct your destiny, your unique expressions and to contribute to the earth’s development. The stories steal energy from your chakra centers where the actual energy is stored, distributed and metabolized. For example, if your story is about pride, you third eye will loose the clarity to see your connection with the whole – to perceive yourself as part of the whole. Your stories determine the movement between the chakras and the percentage of energy you have.

The more energy you allow your stories to steal from you, the more tired, depleted and discouraged you become. The less you identify with your stories, the more energy, authenticity and joy you can generate. The alignment with your natural flow or living with no stories is the key for the compassionate heart to guide you, to protect you and to unfold the mysteries of a bountiful emptiness.