Fragmentation: The Dissolution of Our Self

Real unity only happens in the moment of self-realization. Until then we remain in duality, fragmentation and pain. We must give ourselves the courage, consistency and contemplation time to perceive our internal choices. We need the space to practice our authenticity, our gifts and our role on earth in order to end fragmentation. Unity is gained by awareness, by patience and by abandoning all falsities. Unity is the very core of the heart and the very essence of matter.

Unity had always existed; however, you had forgotten to live with the law of unity and have chosen your own will as a rule of existence. Unity is not meant to be achieved but to be realized.

Understanding fragmentation

With created stories of an exalted and a diminished ego, the little heart feels them in the form of pain or a need for resolution. The little mind on the other hand gives opinions and concepts to totally believe the narrow pointed reality of our stories. These conversations give birth to the little self and create prolific consequences. Fragmentation, degeneration and unfinished lessons are put in motion when we choose to live from the little self.

Let’s now talk about the structure of the Earth bodies or the walking state (conscious). You have you physical body, etheric body, emotional body and mental body. This is a powerful unit which, when it is working together toward a particular goal or service, can supply you with a variety of signals for integrated behavior. You feel centered, secure and inspired to deliver your ideas, passions and creations. When this unit is at peace you are able to relax, to be still and to work with purpose, cooperation and enthusiasm.

When these 4 conscious bodies are not cooperating with each other you lose energy, your center and your direction. When these 4 fields of energy are not working together you are in fragmentation.

The Unity of Power

If you want to run a marathon, your physical body must be strong and your mind needs to be able to focus. You also need to be emotionally motivated and to have a clear intention to preserve your stamina so that you can go the required distance without depleting or hurting yourself.

You need your emotions as well as your physical body and mind. You need your etheric body to be sealed in the present moment and interacting with your space (internal and external environment). The four earth bodies are like pieces of Lego. Each has a different color and shape and each one contains a distinctive and intrinsic matrix that allows you to interact with your life on earth. Also, it allows you to receive guidance and inspiration from your guides and soul bodies.

In a state of wholeness you are able to discriminate, assimilate, integrate and deliver yourself in a neutral and self-responsible way. When this phenomenon occurs, the life force contained in each of these bodies is activated, magnetized and sealed. This gives an intense sense of One Presence. This Presence contains a vital component for you, allowing you to perceive the truth of your reality and the truth of who you really are.

You may have had glimpses of the experience of wholeness: a spontaneous joy, vitality, sharpness and unapologetic security in front of your inner and outer life. However, for a non-educated mind it is rare to be able to maintain this state of wholeness within the earth bodies.



Signs of Fragmentation

The stories of the little self can be a powerful trance. We may not be aware of what are the real motivated forces of our actions. The most significant sign that you are fragmented is when you sense (not necessarily a feeling) that you are in the wrong place, you are not sure what to do with your life and your mind seeks a “better place” to be. Fragmentation removes you from the time and place that you are supposed to live. It gives you a place and time that does not correspond with the natural flow of your life.

Day to Day Fragmentation

Fragmentation can be observed in your daily living quite easily; however, the deeper subdivision is harder to see by yourself. You need honest feedback to show you if your impulses are based on fragmentation or in a real movement of the soul.

In everyday life you may encounter a lovely Saturday morning when you wake up. You have certain ideas of how your day should unfold and ideas that please you and will be the best way for you to be effective and have some relaxation. In a way you prepare your earth bodies to respond and engage in your plan.

You would like to do your laundry, go shopping and have a nice meal with your friends. As the day passes, you may end up baking a cake, going for a swim and wanting to be somewhere else. You may call this spontaneous living, but as you perform these activities your mind is still asking you to complete the initial plan.

In this example, your mind holds on to its initial list of what “should” be done, while your body is engaged with other things. Your emotional body will usually get anxious or restless with the opposing instructions and want to avoid contact or to retreat. It will not be able to project its passion into any of the activities at hand. The etheric body, which is the template of your health and strength, will also get tired because it has no real place to perform. In the back of your mind, you still have the list of laundry, shopping and meals as unfinished business, which creates the energetic weight of the subconscious. Meanwhile, your physical body becomes robotic, responding to habits or impulses, rather than performing holistically or naturally. This type of subdivision is easily corrected with some concentration and awareness.

Subconscious Fragmentation

A deeper type of fragmentation is the one coming from an early childhood inner decision. For example at one point you mother had to go to the store and leave you in the care of a new babysitter. The underdeveloped mind of the child can interpret the action in many ways like abandonment, self-blame, or injustice. The child adopts and responds as a way to cope with the pain. The responses can vary, be retreating, needless or pleasing. As we grow up our interpretation of the reality and the response we have adopted is forgotten and becomes part of our subconscious. This current is there guiding our actions, molding our perceptions and directing our life away from the natural flow. The current will be there seeking recognition, healing and completion.

We can have these decisions buried in our subconscious from one life to another life, and continue to make choices that prevent us from being real, simple and still.

I have met people who in early childhood were charming and cute. They were seductive with the family members and gained their attention by playing cute. They have this way of responding as a tool for communication and as an avoidance of their responsibility. As adults they keep playing the same card, except that life requests diverse responses from them and more mature interactions.

This type of mind stays in another time, wanting to be like an adult; however, they keep seeing life as a threat and hope somebody will rescue them. This type of subdivision creates a life that is unfulfilled, incomplete and resented. The avoidance of self-responsibility had many forms of expression; however, the results are the same. People don’t feel in their time or in their power.

Fragmentation by Regrets and Fantasy

Living in the past and wishing to life in a better future are forms of fragmentation. When you are in the past you are holding unto frequencies that are obsolete and don’t exist anymore. However, the energy is still there and it traps you.

I have witnessed with shamanic work with some clients, that by wishing to correct the past, they stay in a self- created loop of energy. This frequency doesn’t allow them to move forward in life and to see really what is happening in front of their eyes. It also disturbs how they are recording and relating to their own past.

Also, when you are projecting into the future you are dislocating yourself from your life. You may see wishes as an innocent thing. However, just thinking about a friend you need to visit and then mentally locating yourself into their space, is how you are moving your energy into their location. You are actually invading their space with your desires.

I see this often between young males and females. For instance, the male has sexual fantasies about the female, sees her in bed and can imagine the whole sexual act in his mind. You may consider this a private affair; however, in the female space there are different hormonal secretions due to the male projection. This intrusion causes restlessness and energy disturbances. Our wishes and projected intentions are powerful and promote the earth bodies being disjointed. They also can lead us to steal other people’s energy.

I have witnessed fragmentation with a happy couple who had a single good friend. They did some activities together and they supported each other on a regular basis. They were also neighbors. The single friend often saw her friends having dinner and having a good time from her living room window. She started wishing she had the same situation and started desiring her friend’s husband.

A couple of months past by and out of the blue the husband started to have an interest in the wife’s friend. They had a short affair and the husband commented to me that he did not understand his behavior. He loved his wife and never found his friend attractive. As I talked to the friend it all became clear. The powerful intent of her wishes had made an effect. She stole energy from her friend in order to fulfill her own wishes.


Other Forms of Fragmentation

Gossiping, envy, wanting to change others, dramas, fantasies or any intention that moves you out of the present moment induces subdivision. I have witnessed meditators; for example, leave their body to go to a better place. They felt blissful in the moment but in reality they were not there, they were not in their body. After meditation and sometimes during meditation the energy field of the mind and the emotions abandon the physical body which feels abandonment, fear and insecurity.

Fragmentation has Consequences

When you are fragmenting, your mind leaves the moment and the emotional body starts projecting its passion somewhere else. The physical body is the only part of your structure that remains in the now. The physical body, however, has no commander (mind), no real passion and no real power (energy). It is like being in coma. Your body is there, but the rest of you is not present. What do you think will result from this?

The process of subdivision, which occurs in our daily life and also in other time instances, leaks the vital energy that we need for ascension. The process of fragmentation deeply affects our energetic structure. It shatters the power of our energetic structure and intervenes with human rights and privacy.

When humans are not in order, nothing in nature is in order. Other kingdoms get affected if we are not in the right place and in wholeness. Plants animal, rocks, fairies and other non-seeing species are part of us, and some depend on us for their existence. When we are not present and not playing our role everything becomes chaos and everything gets out of order.

Fragmentation in the earth bodies affects the function and wellness of our cellular structure. The molecular degeneration has it roots in our lack of wholeness, respect and awareness.

The cosmic disorder and devolution is a product of our choices. This disorder is accumulated, recorded and distributed in our subconscious. This unbalanced energy force will seek wholeness, healing and peace. The Karmic heart will present itself to us.

Coming out of Subdivision

Recovering all parts of ourselves that we had left here and there through life times is a slow process. However, the first thing to do is to be aware of how our stories and dramas are the root cause of this phenomenon. Start by slowing down your movements and to be present.

At the end, all our self-created stories are avoidances of the realization that we are the creator of our reality. This realization is to embrace being responsible and to be an autonomous being.

Any mind activity which you have anchors it in your body. Stay in your body as you watch TV and imagine things or plan things in the future. The whole science of presence is to keep the sense that you are inside your body as you perform mind activities and have emotional stimulations.

In the beginning this may not be easy since a lot of our social relaxations techniques are to go out of the body (movies, drinking, sex etc.). However, the task is not to avoid some of those activities, but to give all 100% of your presence to them. If you are watching a movie see that you are watching the movie instead of being taken away by the story.

Checking facts is a powerful return to the present. Challenge your own dramas if they are giving you a convincing story of your reality. Is it really real? The wonderful thing is that we really know when we had been truly sincere or we are just playing games. We may not want to admit this, but we know.

Avoid the intense grasping of the desires to be better, to have more and to conquer more. Notice your aversion to unpleasant lessons and take faith you can handle new challenges. It is part of life.

Do not give meaning to every action you perform or other people’s actions towards you. You don’t know the big picture and your dramas don’t allow you to have the compassion for what others are going through. Realize you are okay and establish yourself in wellness, in patience and in compassion.

Enjoy the present moment, have fun and celebrate. The more gratitude you choose to have the easier it is to be in a moment which unfolds all the mysteries, the wholeness and the energy you have never imagined to exist.

Entering into the big heart

To see your fragmentation in a neutral way is crucial. It is actually a test of your supra-astral body. Seeing your life, your shortcomings, and the consequences you have produced within your life, the life of others and the life of earth is not an easy thing to admit. However admitting without guilt is the only way to stop the deep-rooted subconscious fragmentation. This is the real test of maturity, neutrality and intelligence. Out of this maturity you choose to compensate the earth, others and yourself with contribution that promotes compassion, healing and freedom.

The contributions, donations or service is a way to purify the effects of your fragmentation upon life. The practice of compensation creates a generous heart, which little by little learns to give freely, with no agenda attached and is not looking for results.

With time you learn not only to compensate for your own fragmentation, but you also will be willing to compensate for the faults of others. You will not mind finishing a job that somebody refuses to finish, because you are aware that without the completion of that task things will not run smooth.

I have a powerful example from a saint. She dedicated her life to supply health, shelter, food and education to the poor. In one of her discourses I realized that the manifestation of poverty is because of imbalance. I saw the ones who eat too much, waste food and the earth resources. With this attitude they will actually be taking from the mouth of others their opportunity to eat and to have their portion of food. Her love, care and service to others are acts of compensation for our childishness and lack of unity, oneness and compassion.

The request of life to redeem your incomplete actions is also an act of compassion. It is a way to educate you to be mature, to cooperate with life and to put your gifts at the service of a greater celebration. It is however, sad to see that when we arrive at this moment of healing that we don’t understand the big picture and we refuse to surrender to life’s way of educating us. We see service as a task, as a last resource to do, as a waste of time or as a task we need to do.

Your celebration, happiness and contentment, come to you as you walk away from the fragmented self. These qualities are established in your life when the compassion of the big heart decorates your actions and you display its splendor in the presence of every one you meet.

For an active healing approach request from Bhuvaneswari teachings the subdivision workshops and the Unification practice.