Our heart is so immersed in definitions of love that we lose track of the real purity of the most powerful force in creation. I am not intending to define love here; however, I do want to bring your attention to the consequences of daily activities that we do in the name of love.

There are subtle semantics that make a difference between a correct action and a corrupt action.


FOR love will imply your inner disempowerment. It will place you in servitude toward an ideal, towards an organization, or toward a person. Doing an action in the name of Love had being used by religions to exploit your innocence, to create guilt, and to maintain a false sense of goodness.

FOR love, we have in a certain way, permission to impart our personal will onto others.

I do this for you “because I love you”, or I don’t do that for you because there is no love. This belief can be so strong that it can move mountains, create empires and enslave the most powerful parts of you. You see this type of action as okay, because it is in the name of Love. For example, the insecurity of telling the other what you see in them because you think you are going to hurt them, because they will think it is not an act of love, is a corruption of love. FOR love: “I won’t tell the truth, I won’t hurt.”

We need to be aware that anything that we do with a definition behind it will inevitably corrupt any pure intention. In the name of love, we have created crusades, imparted ideologies to our children and created a personality that feels good when it acts in the name of love, in the name of what is right, in the name of peace.

We need to be aware of this trap, of this false force that only wants to put you in a wheel of effort, false service and guilt.


IN Love reassures your true nature. It is a place of being, a place that is effortless, a place of real existence and a place where nobody can manipulate you.

When your actions are coming from the realization that you are love and that you don’t need any effort to impart anything to others, you are walking in innocence, in synchronicity with creation and in a state of purity.

You are love; it is in you, around you and with you. You don’t need to put a concept to any action in its name, just be it in its pure essence, in it purest requests and in the unbearable simplicity of it’s existence.

Review what actions you are doing in the name of love, in the name of service, in the name of an ideal. Once you are aware, remove that intention and become what you thought was separate from what you really are. Simple awareness of this will heal this subtle corruption of our perception. It will bring light into the bioenergetic system and will consolidate who you are.