Flammable Dissatisfaction

The heart is the source of all lasting pleasure, of all contentment and all luminosity. The energy of the heart is the most powerful in existence, is the form of all and also is not in form. It is in the movement of matter and in the stillness of no matter. All is there, reposing in the emptiness of your heart for your delight.

I have encountered minds that dwell in an attitude of discontent. It does not matter what they have, or what they experience; they want something different, bigger, special and unique. This type of person can become deeply angry by not receiving what they expect. They may construct projects in their mind to make their life different and “better”. As these projects are based on discontent and avoidance of what they have, they cannot flourish because they are focused on a solid projection of the present.

This type of mind wants others, in one degree or another, to supply their satisfaction. Some of the mantras of the unsatisfied mind are statements such as “do it for me”, “give it to me“, “make me happy”, “only if I have” or “make me your center”. The requests can vary and to whom the request is made, but the common position of expecting something or someone outside of you to do it for you is there. People with this attitude are restless, judgmental and they are deeply dissatisfied with EVERYTHING. Nothing pleases them for long so they change interests often seeking to be happy, to excel and to be admired.

Nothing is right, the job is not good enough, the partner is not complete, the city is too cold, etc. In the end, they are also never ok, never ever right. This type of mind seeks pleasure, contentment outside of themselves and external reassurance. They don’t realize the link between pleasure and self-responsibility.

Real contentment arises when we partner up with understanding self- responsibility. We may think that self-responsibility is a duty that cuts our freedom. We may think that we are not able to give ourselves the pleasure of being independent, or we may think that self-responsibility is taking care of our daily duties.

The avoidance of accepting that “I can give pleasure to myself by activating my passions” is the core of the dissatisfaction. In the end you are looking for outside permission or partnership to receive pleasure, to look for it and to display it. You become aggressive, bitter and guilty if this permission is not given. These emotions burn the potential of the heart to guide you and to be able to proceed with your real passions.

The heart wants to commit, to serve and to play a role on earth. The heart only can do this when there is self –responsibility: “I am the creator of me, my reality and my happiness”. “I won’t avoid it by expecting life, god or others to do it for me.”

The heart in its full power and with profound patience builds step by step all of what you are and what you want to become. You don’t need big healing or to seek pleasure and completeness somewhere else. The big heart, which for a long time had been waiting for you to drop your childish position and to declare your maturity and sovernity, has it all.