Emotions, acidity and self-creation


As a Creator of your own reality, you have the freedom to use all the colours, textures and depths of nature to decorate your life, which is ultimately the reflection of you. As in nature, some colours give us the depth; others the light, and the illusion of texture. Emotions are like colours that give your painting the altitude, depth, width and perspective of the way you live your life.


You may ask yourself what this has to do with the topic of acidity. However, if we see acidity as a colour that has somehow been overused in the painting, we can understand why it can damage the full spectrum of the painting. When we are not responsible for our creation, and we give the responsibility to actions of other people or circumstances, we lose this great power of creativity and enter into a dark zone of resentment, bitterness, disappointment, blame, anger, delusion, depression, powerlessness, and fear.


All these emotions can be conscious or unconscious. It can be in the background of your painting, or it can be at the forefront. It could be evident to you in how you handle the series of events in your life, or it can be in the background, as a hidden force that manifests as dissatisfaction with your life.


When you give up your power of creation, you give it to the forces of destruction and insecurity. Destruction can have many faces, like warm, inactive anger, seduction for power, sweet manipulation of others to achieve what you want, or to defend what you consider precious to you. We need to be clear, however, that in nature, there is a force of destruction that serves as a contribution to evolution. That force is within us and when it is not polluted by self-interest, manipulation, and disempowerments, they just flow through us, serving us to move through evolution.


For example, you eat an apple, and it is destroyed through enzymes in your stomach to a more simple matter, to energize the body. That same apple gets discharged or is evacuated as waste to contribute to the cycle of life.  These are the genuine destructive powers in creation which are free of self-interest they are just doing the job of regeneration. But we rarely hold that genuine and pure force of destruction. We usually hold it in a more twisted way, by dropping our power of creation and self-responsibility.


When we hold that position for a period of time, it becomes rancid and acidic, like  water that has been stagnant without oxygenation. It’s a decay that is unnatural, painful and unnecessary. This twisted way of handling the natural energy of destruction infuses our cells with a mist of acidity. It can arise from a simple thought that, over time, grew into resentment and into bitterness, and ultimately, to acidity.


It is not by coincidence that we have put a taste to our feelings, with love being syrupy and sweet; anger as hot and spicy; fear as cold; blame as bitterness. This is not only a metaphor, but an actual texture and flavour in your blood.


I invite you to start with a simple reflection of making a conscious list of your disappointments, either with yourself (mostly because you have not met your inner standards) or in others (because they have not recognized you in the way you think you deserve it). As you make this list, with total non-judgment or any sense of guilt, you are actually stimulating the cells within yourself that hold that colour or frequency. With the aid of your sadhana or daily practice, where you consciously take 40 days to dedicate your efforts to releasing disappointments, you can reclaim the energy that you require to be the Master of your Creation.


It’s a simple exercise, however powerful, to give you greater awareness, and a perspective from which you can make new agreements that support the vibration of the New Earth. As the Creator of our Reality, we have no room in this new frequency to blame others. We have no room to hold external influences responsible for our way of carrying our life. Acidity, bitterness and blame are meant to be destroyed by your awareness, your self-acceptance and your self-responsibility.


Acidity does not happen to you. You create acidity by holding onto resentment, by twisting the powers of destruction. The emotional position of disappointment must be acknowledged as a transitory state for you to release the atomic power of you being the co-creator of a place that already exists within you, full of opportunities to gracefully unfold the veils of evolution.


You are the Creator. You are the Destroyer, You are the Maintainer. These three forces reside within you, calling to be purified, calling to be managed, calling to be expressed, and calling to support your self-spontaneous realization.