Activating the organ of Embodiment

What is embodiment?

The process of embodiment is defined as the acquisition, or awakening of frequencies of energies in your structure of being which are new, or that have been in dormancy.

For example, we can say that the initiation of motherhood in a first time mother will induce the embodiment of a cluster of qualities that refers to motherhood. – Compassion, sacrifice, tenderness, intuition and so on.

This initiation either brings forward the existing matrix of motherhood in the woman- if she had experienced motherhood in another incarnation- or forces her energetic structure to acquire new components of this divine quality.


What do we embody?

In principle, our energetic structure holds the universal matrix. We are complete, however we may have not unfolded it into its full splendor and qualities. We may have not experienced and learned in full mastery certain aspects of this universal life. We embody the divine in all its diversity, flavors and dimensions. We embody our own potentiality, our own enfoldment and our own expansion.

We embody two main currents; the current of the earth with all it feminine attributes, and the current of sky with its correspondent masculine attributes.

The embodiment of the attributes of earth facilitates for us the process of descent ion, ( Being here now) and the embodiments of the sky attributes helps facilitate for us the process of ascension ( being everywhere and everything).

Depending of our own individual evolution, we may be in the process of descent ion or ascension. Both spiritual dynamics are necessary to be whole and to vibrate Unity.

Also, we can embody different aspects of one attribute. For example: In the attribute of love, you may need to embody patience, empathy, connection and so on. Each divine attribute you mature allows the enfoldment of wisdom, freedom and completeness.

We can embody as well, the energies of our environment, the people around us, the mental dynamics of others or our own, or segments of our own energies that have not been owned.

On a small or larger scale, we are constantly embodying different frequencies and different dynamics. It is our awareness of the process that will mature the sophisticated organ of embodiment.

The anatomy of embodiment

The energetic organ that makes the recognition of a frequency, its assimilation and integration into the structure of being is the organ of embodiment.

This organ is formed by a series of flexible pleats around the Earth bodies. It has an oval shape; it opens and closes, as does an accordion. At the top and at the bottom of the oval, there are two centers of energies, like a chakra that holds together the pleats.

As the process of embodiment is accepted, the white pleats open and interact with the frequency in question. Inside the pleats there are clusters of red energy like the seeds of a pomegranate.

This incredible adaptable organ can extend its depths or altitude depending on the frequency that is requested to“ Reach”. For example; if our evolution requests from us to embody a piece of energy that is stored in the celestial body, the organ of embodiment can enlarge and reach the celestial body.

The organ is managed by awareness, by relaxation and by acceptance. The “ tissues” of the organ of embodiment are soft and delicate and are able to detect the subtle aspects of our existence.

The organ of embodiment is fractal; meaning it is replicated in all the cells of the body, in all the chakras and in all bodies of the structure of being. It contains itself within itself in an infinity way.

The movement of the organ of embodiment can be seen in two directions: rotating in it own center, like the earth rotating in it self. The second movement involves the gravity of the two poles towards the center, forming a flat doughnut. Both movements can happen simultaneously depending on the stage of embodiment and the plasticity of the organ.

Children are fresh and able to use the embodiment membrane for learning and for adaptation. We actually as children are able to “ pick up” the subtle energies of the subconscious of parents, the energies of environment and the true meaning behind a spoken word.

As we grow older the organ of embodiment gets stiff by the incorporation of concepts and values. As we practice meditation and other forms of subtle energy awareness, we re-establish the health of this important organ.

Ultimately the organ of embodiment allows us to integrate the intensity and immensity of higher energies. The organ prepares the structure of being to fully unfold the divine attributes with all its aspects and enrichment.

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