Lost Secrets of the Feminine


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Lost Secrets of the Feminine opens your world to the forgotten power of the female form. Exploring the topics of relationships, difficult emotions, moon cycles, intuition and social impact, Berdhanya reveals spiritual faculties inherent in women that have been confused, shamed or obscured throughout history. A gift of profoundly moving insights inviting women of all ages (and the men who love them) to awaken to our true capacities, our responsibilities and our freedom. ( 95 pages)



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Table of Contents

Introduction_ 9

Life and the Natural Self 11

Life Lives Us_ 11

The Natural Self_ 12

The Persona_ 13

Intention, Tension and Attention_ 17

The Power of Intention_ 17

Any Intention Creates Tension_ 18

Attention Creates Awareness_ 19

True Relaxation Brings Forward Your Natural Self_ 21

Intentions and Karma_ 22

Get Out of the Loop_ 23

The Evolution of the 9 Emotions: From Commotion to Devotion  25

About the Emotional Body_ 25

The Palette of the 9 Emotions_ 27

What is a Personal Position?_ 27

Positions in the Emotional Body_ 28

Commotion_ 28

Emotion_ 29

Passion_ 30

Dispassion_ 30

Compassion_ 31

Devotion_ 31

Emotions, Acidity and Self-Creation_ 33

Personal Reflection on Acidity_ 35

Commotion: The Destroyer of Creative Actions_ 37

Love, Compassion and Patience_ 41

Love: A Painful Awakening_ 45

The Laws of Human Love_ 45

The Painful Awakening of Love_ 46

Understanding Our Opposite_ 46

Women Need and Resist Stability_ 47

What Men Want from Us_ 48

The Big Man and the Small Man_ 49

Wake Up With Self-Worth_ 50

The 3 Gates to the Illuminated Heart: Equanimity, Meditation and Self-Inquiry  53

Equanimity_ 54

Walking Towards Equanimity_ 56

  1. Be Patient 56
  2. Tap into your fire_ 57
  3. Choose your values_ 57
  4. Commit 58
  5. Accept What It Is_ 58
  6. Inner and Outer Harmony_ 58
  7. Choose Your Words Carefully_ 59
  8. Live Life Fully_ 60
  9. Get Out of the Little Heart: Serve_ 61
  10. Moderate Your Senses_ 62
  11. Embrace faith_ 62

Meditation_ 63

Inquiry_ 64

Activating the Illuminated Heart 67

  1. Qualify Yourself_ 67
  2. Respect all forms of life_ 69
  3. Serve all forms of life_ 70
  4. Use all forms of life_ 72

Women: A Testimonial of Love_ 75

Four Steps Toward Containing A Woman’s Multi-Dimensionality  79

The Call to Respect the Power of a Woman’s Moon Cycle  83

What Modern Society Wants from Women_ 83

Time To Go Within_ 84

From Sacred To Taboo_ 85

What the Moon Cycle Does for Women_ 85

The Flow Is Spiritually and Socially Supportive_ 86

Sweet Surrender_ 86

The Facts of Woman’s Self-Worth_ 89

Everything rises or falls in accordance with our radiance   89

The Virus Has Grown Socially for Centuries_ 90

Let’s Consider Some Energetic Facts_ 90

Honoring the Use of Our 16 Tracks_ 91

We are Wide and Deep_ 92

Start in the Present Moment_ 92

Conclusions_ 95



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