Chakra Development


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Chakra development is the  journey of the stages of your awareness.

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Chakra development is the  journey of the stages of your awareness. The chakra system goes through different stages of maturity and inner evolution. This booklet is a valuable manual to the seeker that is interested in the development of the chakras from moment of conception to adult life. This teachings facilitates the understanding of one inner perception in relation to our age and purpose on life.  This teachings are recompilation of a talk given by Berdhanya in Wakefield Quebec 2012.

Recommended to parents or to any seeker that is familiar with the chakra system.

Content of this booklet
chakra development“To come to earth is a great adventure. The expansiveness of the soul needs to come into form, into a small, tiny and dense form. During the process of the soul’s descention into matter, it goes into different stages in order to be successful as well as to gather all the information that it needs in order to be and to perform on Earth.”

1.-Chakras at Conception, birth and infancy.

2.-Chakras at adolescence and early childhood.

3.-Promoting chakra development.

4.- Central channel, matter and antimatter.

5.- Chakras of the Earth



At the age of 14, you should be completely independent of the influence of the chakras of your biological parents. You start looking to understand the concept of “we”, looking to connect with peers and to define your role within the group.”



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