Artisans of the New Earth


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Shamanic perception is explored in this book by Matthew Cosgrove

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How this book can benefit you

Shamanic perception has become your birthright.
In this companion book to “The Altar of the Initiate” :
  • learn what modern shamanism is and how it is applied to attain wholeness;
  • discover how “seeing” is a natural by-product of raising your frequency;
  • learn surprising ways to connect with Spirit through the power of prayer, ceremony, and true meditation;
  • awaken into your conscious awareness the dormant powers contained in The Five Tools of the Shaman in order to enter, decode, and navigate the rich and potent inner landscape from which the Shaman’s work becomes possible;
  • discover the potential of reclaiming your multidimensionality through astounding but true accounts of encounters with Spirit beings in parallel worlds and what they have to teach us; and
  • learn how the true masterpiece of you as “The Artisan of the New Earth” will be the crafting of the new paradigm of God as the male and female energy aligned in the heart-The Sacred Marriage.

Table of content of this book

Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1. The Subdivision of the Kingdom Shamanism Soul and Spirit The Subdivision of the Kingdom Knowledge Fragmentation The Rebellion The Underworld The Upper-world The Middle World Back through Time The Shaman’s Work; Peace and Reconciliation through Insight, Reconstruction Battling the Beast Checking Out Enlisted by the Ant Nation Empty vessels in Evolution Evicting Squatters Reconstruction Working with the Teachings in this Chapter

Chapter 2. Prayer And Ceremony The All-Seeing God God as Santa Instilling Sacredness in Place Internal Place and Evoking the Sacred Sacred technologies, Voice, Drum, The power Song, Cry Of the Soul The Drum Drum Making Working with The power and Purpose of Prayer and Ceremony

Chapter 3. The Five Tools Of The Shaman Tapping into the Core 1:The Presence Signature of the True Warrior 2:The Ability to Die Strength of the Shaman The Shaman’s death Cultivating the Presence and the Ability to Die If You Don’t Bite You Cant Get Hooked Gretzky Shoots, Jesus Saves!

3:The Power of Intent Purpose and Direction Protection, Purity of Intent, Impeccability Greatest Paradox

4:The Archetypal Mind Reading the language of Spirit The Black Light Working With It There is No Fate But What We Make Paradox, the Gateway to Truth Read The Language Life Follows Suit Hidden Agreements Identification Breaking Free Things Are Not Always How They Appear Building Blocks of Matter Using the Archetypal mind in our Lives Cultivating Imagination The Circle The Cycle of Life The North The Keepers of our Highest Aspirations The East The South The West Cultivating Imagination Seeing is Believing

5:The Client Defense Mechanisms of The Client The Tantrum The Tantrum of the Client; The Test of The Seeker Learning How to Battle; The client as a Spiritual Warrior Containment of the Client Beyond the Client; The Steps of the Initiate The Fear of Annihilation The Mother Of All Tantrums Accusations The Tantrum as an Evolutionary Tool The Entombing and Resurrection of the Initiate; The Lucid Tantrum The Role of the Tantrum in Shamanism Working with The Five Tools of the Shaman

Chapter 4. The Five Tools As a Path To Enlightenment Freedom From Illusion Chapter 5. Reclaiming multidimensionality; Encounters In Parallel Worlds Nature Spirits The Frog Kingdom His Return Central Control Systems

The Rebirth Of A Nation Dragons Grow Very Fast Benders of Space And Time The Eradicator No Uncertain Terms The Truth About The Dragon Nation And Why They have Retuned

The Temple Of The Sun Confirmation Machu Pichu Titicaca Eye Of The Storm Jaba The Hud The Gate Home Of The Beast The Encounter Reactivation The Earth’s Ascension Into The Heart You couldn’t make this stuff up In This Event Relevant To The Times We Live In? The New Union

Chapter 6.

The Sacred Marriage The Three Kinds of Unions Understanding the Resolution Relationship No Such Thing As A Bad Agreement Understanding the Sacred Marriage Imparting vs. Reflecting

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