The structure of being in a Snap shot


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The Structure of Being is a representation of the intelligence, grace and power of matter, soul and spirit. It is a living mandala that encompasses all aspects of your self. It is living because it is in constant movement, pulsation, interaction and connection with all its parts.

This book gives you a total understanding of the 12  bodies of energy, it offers a compressive map of development, unity and self realization.

Table of content

Chapter One


The Two Faces of the Structure of Being

Diagram 1

Diagram 2

The One Hundred Forty-Four Components of the Structure of Being.

The Twelve Rings of the Structure of Being

  • The four Earth Bodies
  • Diagram 3
  • The four Soul Bodies
  • Diagram 4
  • The four Spirit Bodies
  • Diagram 5

Fractal Nature of the Structure of Being

The central channel and the chakra system

Diagram 7

Fluids and flow

The chakra system

The eight chakras of matter

  • First chakra
  • Second chakra
  • 3th chakra
  • 4th chakra
  • 5 chakra
  • 6 chakra
  • 7 chakra
  • 8th chakra

The antimatter chakras

Diagram 8th

Earth bodies close up

  • Physical body
  • Etheric body
  • Emotional body
  • The 9 emotions
  • Mental body.

Soul bodies close up

  • Supra-astral body
  • Light Body
  • Celestial body
  • Consecration body

Spirit bodies close up

  • Body of truth
  • Body of freedom
  • Illuminated body
  • Body of fusion

The Twelve Rays and the Structure of Being

Diagram 9

Chapter Two

Transformation, Transmutation, Transfiguration and Transmigration

The Four Mayor Cycles of the Structure of being

  • Transformation
  • Moving from transformation to transmutation
  • Transmutation
  • Transfiguration
  • Transmigration




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