The Pillow Book


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The Pillow Book is an invitation to deep and meaningful rest. A good night’s sleep is easy to achieve with proper tools, lifestyle and understanding. This book provides comprehensive principles which can be applied in our daily life, as well as those which help us to awaken to the mysteries of the self. Each word of this evening companion is embedded with relaxation, meaning, care and nourishment.




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Table of Contents

Introduction.. 4

Chapter 1: The Art of Sleeping. 6

Why Do We Get Tired?. 9

Fewer Hours of Sleep?. 9

Sleep According To Our Needs. 10

What Is The Secret to a Good Night’s Sleep?. 10

Establish A Sacred Routine. 11

Your Bed Position. 12

Supporting Your Spine with a Good Mattress. 12

Chapter 2: Overcoming Insomnia. 14

Causes of Insomnia. 15

The Consequences of Insomnia. 16

A Ray of Hope For Those Having a Hard Time Sleeping. 17

The Ayurvedic Perspective on Insomnia. 17

Insomnia and Your Dosha. 19

Recommendations to Balance Your Sleep Cycles. 21

Restful Evening Routine Ideas. 24

Tips For Good Sleep Hygiene. 25

Chapter 3: Understanding The Nature of Your Dreams. 32

The Function Of Dreams. 33

Dreams and Prana. 34

Dreams in Relationship With the 4 Subconscious Bodies. 34

Dreams Coming From The Subconscious Vs. The Unconscious. 35

Dreams Coming From Our Chakras. 36

Dreams Related To The Doshas (Constitution) and The Gunas (Qualities)  39

Dreams and The Doshas. 40

The Three Gunas: Dealing with the Emotional Content of our Dreams  44

The Multiple Voices of Our Inner Universe. 47

Chapter 4: 50

Exploring Your Subconscious. 50

The Subconscious Mind is Friendly. 50

The Subconscious Mind Speaks in Metaphors. 52

Integration of All Parts Is The Key to Unity. 52

Your Subconscious Is Unique To You And Common To All 53

The Tone of Voice In Your Dreams. 54

All Elements of the Dream Are You. 54

Dropping Any Identification. 55

Dreams and Our Energy Centres. 55

Key Points On the Subconscious Bodies. 56

Chapter 5: The Dream Decoding Practice (How to Work with Your Dreams)  60

Chapter 6: Prayer: A Human Gift. 76

The Misconception of Prayer. 76

Anyone Can Be Grateful and Graceful 77

We Are A Prayer. 77

Activating Your Inner Resources Through Prayer. 78

We Are The Whole Universe. 78

Honoring 3 Divine Aspects of Yourself. 79

How To Pray: A Healing Practice. 84

Appendices. 88

Appendix 1: Overview of The Three Doshas. 88

Appendix 2: Routines For Total Relaxation. 98

Appendix 3: Herbal Allies To Enhance Sleep and Dreaming. 109




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