The Altar of the initiate


Through its warm narrative, Cosgrove explores the stages of addiction and illness, and then moves into the world of artistry and expanded perception.

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high-resolution-front-coverfor-The-altar1-111x148Through its warm narrative, Cosgrove explores the stages of addiction and illness, and then moves into the world of artistry and expanded perception. He then points readers further, indicating that shamanic birth is merely a milestone on the way to enlightenment. Profound and grounding, and drawing its foundation from indigenous North American, Celtic and Vedic teachings, this finely detailed trajectory serves to demystify the passage through each stage of your development, and to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the soul through which you can heal yourself and others.

—Briya Freeman, Editor-in-Chief, Eagle Feather Books

How this book can benefit you

As a map to healing, expansion, and enlightenment, this companion volume to “Artisans of the New Earth” allows you to :

  • locate yourself on this fascinating map of human evolution crafted through the framework of the Seven Directions — an indigenous understanding of the trajectory of soul development:
  • understand that what many are now living on the Earth, and what had previously been limited to a small number of individuals, is what has been called through the ages as the Shamanic Birth;
  • discover from the timeless perspective they offer-why, for a growing number of people, working with the multiple dimensions of existence has actually become a natural part of human maturity and a stepping-stone on the path to enlightenment; and
  • be guided through this profound and grounding finely detailed map as it demystifies the passage through each stage and development of human awareness, finishing at the tumultuous process of enlightenment and spiritual awakening.
  • understand the magnitude and meanings of what the current Earth changes really are and the adjustments required for the assimilation of these energies.

Table of content of this book


The Seven Directions Of The Soul The Power of Now, or the Long Journey Home Spontaneous Stillness ?Power Of Choice Change Metaphor of The Sea What We Resist Persists Inward Spiral

The First Direction The First taste of Life What is the First Direction? Infant mortality has always been with us Understanding the first direction Acceptance

The Second Direction No Way Out What is the Second Direction? Lessons to Learn from the Second Direction

The Third Direction God As a Belief What is the Third Direction? Born Again Addicted to the leftover pain The Ra Ceremony

The Fourth Direction I Think Therefore I Am What is the Fourth Direction? The Theologian and the Thief The Illusions of the Mind

The Fifth Direction I Feel Therefore I Am Drama Passion and Pain The Cave Self-Acceptance

The Sixth Direction God Seen The opening of The Heart ?The Wounded Healer Shamanic Birth Sha Sha Retreat The Man of the Heart Cannot Be Taught The Master Thief Awakening the Shaman Clear Sailing Hands of The Artist The Alchemist: Alignment of head, hands and heart The Path of Heart Drawing From The Bottomless Well Of Inspiration The Folk Soul The Celtic Shaman The Mistake They Should Have never made The Memory Of Earth The Five Points Of Power Finding our own gifts

The Seventh Direction

God Is Mind and Ego Wholiness Enlightenment and Spiritual Awakening When there is No Other Time But Now And No More Reason why Not In An Instant The Is So What? First Awakening Supercharged Magnet No Driver’s License Beyond Religion The Teacher I Am Nothing Point of No Return Beyond Enlightenment The Seventh Direction And The New Earth Legend Of The Rainbow Warriors Has the prophesy come True The Loss and Regaining of Freedom It Seems that the Meek are a Hell of a long way From Inheriting the Earth New Matrix of Earth?Metaphor of the Dam Milestone in our Evolution Start and The Pressure is off Zero Tolerance Policy No More Time delay?The New Prosperity?A Parting of ways The New People

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