Group healing activities propel self-understand, communication and compassion

The movement of the living consciousnesses is explored in the intensives.

Monthly Intensives with Berdhanya empowers the energetic field of the seeker and their self-realization. Offered in the quiet hills of Wakefield, Quebec, this small group of seekers benefit from living teachings that are synchronized with the Earth’s latest changes. This sacred space allows each participant to be safely initiated into a new body of energy. The Monthly Intensive allows participants to strengthen their equanimity and perspective towards various lessons and relationships in their life. In the Intensive, expect an experience which facilitates your understanding of the topic of the month, self-enquiry, artistic expression, meditation, and a powerful initiation. The Intensive brings great clarity about the cycles and lessons of your life as well as the cycles of Earth.

Jan 19: Attributes of the Natural Self

The inner master can be in a state of action of inaction. The suspension in time and space of our inner attributes and faculties are the real dark zones of the seeker. This intensive invites our avoidances, fears and suspended self to move into their most appropriate natural state. Berdhanya will facilitate a deep infusion of the first ray of the source.


Time: 9 am to 12 pm

Place: 22 Hillcrest Chemin. Wakefield.

Cost: $175.00

Reservation needed.