By Matthew Cosgrove.

The Subdivision of the Kingdom

In order to understand the origin of the original split between male and female let us consider the subconscious as female, the conscious as male. We have consciously accepted that the superior part is the head, which is the male part, and it is king; the subconscious emotions residing in the body are female and below the king; The division between these two parts of us has so deeply penetrated human consciousness, and is the root cause of much of the illness and suffering on the Earth.

The head (or, the conscious mind) usually exists at the expense of the body (or, subconscious mind). To complicate matters further, with the head’s ascension to the throne he becomes self-aware, which is the birth of the ego. Knowing he is not the legitimate heir, but with all the resources of mind and reason now at his disposal, this very insecure king murders body and heart. The now undisputed king, who is the conscious mind, goes on living alone in his haunted castle atop the hill, roaming the empty halls of power like a phantom in a house of mirrors.

The problem for the conscious mind, as we have seen, is of course that she, (the subconscious mind) hasn’t really died. He cannot destroy her because they are intimately connected, as the head, whether he likes it or not, as we have seen, is subject to chemical impulses sent from the body’s central nervous system. To his constant annoyance, she, like a silenced wife continues to kick demanding to be heard, this duality thereby forever perpetuating the state of civil war.

The Creation of Ego

This polarization of the male and female is built on the judgment that we need to from moment to moment, constantly assess and choose between either; stillness or motion, right or wrong, and good or bad. The polarization of these two forces has kept us in a constant state of duality, automatically perpetuating a false self (ego), which exists out of the judgment that we need to try and constantly fix, control, and alter our reality. This phantom self, or ego, because we believe it to be us, has actually become self-aware. It only exists in this duality between the two opposites, so it can never live in the truth and oneness of the true present moment. In personal relationships, in order to affirm its reality, it constantly needs to take and defend a position. This position is of course a point in a place that does not even really exist either. Ego is a mirage so it is therefore pointless to try and “rise above “ it, when we enter the present it simply vanishes.

The concept of the powerful but disruptive female energy is not a new one, nor is the judgment that negative emotions need to be vanquished, or risen above because they in themselves are the source of all disharmony.

The Source of all Evil?

Why is holiness or saintliness associated with celibacy, piousness and the restraining of emotions? Why is a sensual woman not considered to be virtuous? Why do religions treat the woman as inferior? Why do so many believe that to be white is to be closer to God and skin whitening cream for woman a billion dollar industry in India? The answer to these question lies within inherited judgments embedded deep our collective subconscious, evident in our formative religious beliefs.

God as a White Man

The western cultures have infused a Christian derived image that God is a white man and the divine feminine is reduced to a loving, but sexless virgin with no real power. Adam was tempted by the serpent,(Eve) into eating the forbidden fruit, (sex) causing of course the fall from grace, or the disconnection from God. Sexuality is then unclean, outside of God to be done in darkness and in secret. According to this belief, a virtuous wife should then not be sensual, compelling men who want real ‘dirty sex’ to seek it in pornography or from prostitutes.

The Holy Man

Eastern religions, long dominated by celibate holy men, who in their own way also adhere to these deep unconscious judgments against the feminine, have stayed as far away from woman as possible, so as not to tempted into base lowly desires. The lower chakras are then seen as the primary force to overcome or to transmute before attaining enlightenment. This may seem logical to them, but disowning something does not make it go away, but rather, usually just makes it kick stronger. This has caused a whole society to have their second chakras completely blocked, which is now evident in India with the culture of domestic violence against woman and gang rapping finally being reported by courageous journalists.

Radical Muslims also have a hatred for woman, treating her as property, with no rights as a person, going so far as to put them to death for just wanting an education.


Somewhere along the line, long ago with the maligning of woman, witches, wolves, and wilderness, the W was stolen from Wholy. Holy with an H has a big hole in it. Wholy with a W means to be complete, in this case meaning to own both our Earth and sky or our upper and lower chakras.

So the question then is, where does the judgment against the feminine and against Earth originate, and how do we heal it? The first stage of any healing is identification: to understand and spot these inherited judgments within us in order to liberate ourselves from their influence, and to no longer perpetuate them

The Epic of Creation

This judgment against the feminine has been evident in even the most ancient known writings on Earth, the 6000 year old Sumerian tablets uncovered in what is present day Iraq. They recount a story depicting the beginnings of our Solar system over 4 billion years ago called The Epic of Creation;

When in the heights Heaven had not been named,

And below, Earth had not been called:

Naught, but primordial Apsu, their begetter,

Mummu and Tiamat she bore them all;

Their waters were mingled together.

No reed had yet formed, no marchland had appeared,

None of the gods had been brought into being,

None bore a name, their destinies were undetermined;

Then it was that gods were formed in their midst.

These verses describe how in the beginning was primordial Apsu (one who exists from the beginning) joined with Mummu (counselor and emissary of Apsu) and Tiamat (maiden who gave life). They depict how Apsu (our Sun), a called planet Tiamat, (which later becomes Earth) and Mumu, (the planet Mercury) between the two, are joined (their waters mingled) in some kind creative primordial substance pregnant with potential.   It is to be noted here that Tiamat is already at this point considered as being the creative feminine (she bore them all). In these early stages of the solar system’s formation there were as yet only the three planetary bodies, therefore None of the Gods had been brought into being. Their destinies that were undetermined refers to the fact that, as they were still linked, their orbits around the Sun were yet to be established.

Their waters mingled together….

Gods were formed in their midst:;

Gor Lahmu and god Lahamu were brought forth;

By name they were called.

The above describes the emergence of Mars-Lahmu (deity of war) and Venus-Lahamu (lady of battles). The next verses proceed to describe the formation of two more planets; Saturn-Anshar (foremost of the heavens), and Jupiter-Kishar (foremost of the firm lands). Following them comes a third set of planets: Uranus-Anu (he of the heavens), then Neptune-Nudimud (artful creation) and finally Pluto-Gaga (counselor and emissary of Anshar).

The next verses describe what is a scene of celestial turmoil. The newly formed solar system was far from stable.

The divine brothers banded together;

They disturbed Tiamat as they surged back and forth.

They were troubling the belly of Tiamat

By their antics in the dwellings of heaven.

Apsu could not lessen their clamour;

Tiamat was speechless at their ways.

Their doings were loathsome…

Troublesome were their ways.

The planets were it would seem, erratic in their orbits, gravitating towards and converging on Tiamat who sensed something was out of balance. For the outer planets the power and magnetism of Tiamat,in their perception, was turning out to be a problem for them. It would seem that rather than come into alignment with the both the male( Apsu ) and female (Tiamat) they chose the male. They then decided to destroy Tiamat, but none of the outer planets could stand up to her:; one god after another steps aside. There now appears a new planet, not born of the union between Apsu and Tiamat, but out of the darkness of space, as if called forth by the gods (the divine brothers) to defeat their mother (she who bore them all).

In the Chamber of Fates, the place of Destinies,

A god was engendered, most able and wisest of gods;

In the heart of the deep was Marduck created.

Alluring was his figure, sparkling the lift of his eyes;

Lordly was his gat, commanding as of olden times…

Greatly was exalted was he above the gods, exceeding throughout…

He was the loftiest of the gods, surpassing was his height;

His members were enormous, he was exceedingly tall.


The brothers then enlist the help of the new planet Marduck (Nibiru) to destroy Tiamat. He agrees, but only under one simple condition. He was to be given not only his own destiny—his own orbit around the sun, but also that his was to be supreme among all the celestial gods.

“If I indeed as your Avenger

Am to vanquish Tiamat, save your lives-

Convene an Assembly to proclaim my destiny supreme!”

The gods waste no time in agreeing; and were only too eager to have someone else settle the score for them.

“Marduck is King!

Go and cut off the life of Tiamat”

Entering the solar system in an opposing clockwise direction Marduck passes Neptune and Uranus, then is seized by the immense gravitational pull of Saturn and Jupiter, who steer it inward towards the centre of the solar system, directly towards Tiamat.

Tiamat and Marduck, the wisest of gods,

Advance against one another;

They pressed on to single combat,

They approached for battle.

The Lord spread out his net to enfold her;

The evil wind, the rearmost, he unleashed at her face.

As she opened her mouth Tiamat to devour him-

He drove in the Evil wind so that she close not her lips.

The fierce storm winds then charged her belly;

Her body became distended; her mouth had opened wide.

He shot there through an arrow, it tore her belly;

It cut through her insides, tore into her womb.

Having thus subdued her life breath he extinguished.

In this first celestial battle, it was not Marduck who struck Tiamat, but one of his moons (Evil wind). On his next orbit 3600 years later Marduck himself collides with Tiamat at planetary speeds, breaking her in two, leaving one half as a hollowing out lifeless body, and the other as shattered fragments that become the asteroid belt.

The Lord passed to view her lifeless body.

To divide the monster he then artfully planned.

Then as a mussel he split her into two parts.

Then another one of Marduck’s moons called North wind collides again with the separated half that became Earth, sending her into her present orbit between Mars and Mercury. This leaves the asteroid belt (Hammered Bracelet) in the previous orbit of Tiamat, along which Marduck much also pass through on the innermost part of his 3600 year long elliptical cycle around the sun.

The Epic of Creation may leave one wondering how could they have possibly known these details so many thousands of years ago, which if true solve many mysteries surrounding the creation of our solar system. However, of main significance as we investigate the root causes of the split that perpetuates the before described civil war, is their portrayal of the feminine (Tiamat) as the troublesome monster that the male Lord (Marduck) vanquished in order to gain his celestial supremacy over the other gods. The other gods even proclaimed Marduck as King before he had vanquished the monster. But like in the story of The Subdivision of the Kingdom, when the king murders her, she does not really die. In its new orbit around the sun, Earth is formed from the hollowed out remnant of Tiamat. Her tectonic plates still fold in on themselves as she tries to heal and stabilize from these traumatic events 4 billion years ago. Her fragmented and shattered half becomes the asteroid belt, through which Marduck must navigate on the innermost part of his orbit as he passes closest to the sun. By this wide elliptical orbit, “supreme among the other gods”, he is forever bound to return to the “scene of the crime”, through this treacherous mine field, which is a constant reminder that he has not completely “vanquished” her. She like the silenced wife continues to kick regardless.

If we consider the male to be the conscious mind, and female to be the subconscious mind, we can thereby see that this formative and divisive concept of the male as king, was already present 6000 years ago in the mythology of these earliest times of our civilization, giving rise even then to the potential for inner subdivision. The power and magnetism coming from the monster’s “belly” can be likened to the constant flow of emotion from the unconscious in response to life situations, and the conscious mind’s futile attempts to control them, can be likened to the brother’s decision to try and destroy her.

As we have seen, the idea of male dominance, by extension can cause the conscious mind’s agitation against the subconscious. If this idea was already present in the mythology of Sumeria, it must then have originated in even earlier times. As we have no earlier written records, let us now investigate even further back through primal memory, to what may be the internal strife that The Epic of Creation was really but an enactment of.

What is primal memory?

Primal memory are impressions stored deep within the subconscious mind, buried under layers of fear and complex defence mechanisms, that we can pass lifetimes being unaware of. Because they are stored in the subconscious mind, these primal memories remain formative in the creation of our manifested reality, and continue being until they are acknowledged and embraced.

The physical world is but a reflection of what we hold in our beliefs, which are shaped by our experiences, whose impressions are stored in our subconscious mind. Therefore, physical reality is created by the subconscious mind’s reactions to situations. These responses, produced by the subconscious mind, are expressed and felt in the body as conscious experience. The subconscious mind infuses and offers the potentiality of experience to the conscious mind, thereby creating our perceived physical reality. In this sense, we are not victims of our reality; we are in fact the creators of it. So what are these primal memories we are in reaction to that perpetuate the civil war within us?

An example of primal memory can be found in a series of books starting with The Right Use of Will, by Ceanne De Rohan, which present a story stunningly similar to The Epic of Creation. In these books we are invited to explore what may be a collective memory from deep within the subconscious. The following is a very short summary of the story contained in the books.

Somewhere in our collective subconscious, not so far from the surface at this point in time, if we allow ourselves to dream, we can imagine the beginning of creation with the stillness of Spirit being pure consciousness (male), meeting movement, Will or pure energy (female). The first meeting of stillness and motion initially feels to Spirit like the meeting of two opposing frequencies, causing him to react and push her away from his light into the darkness. This rejection of female upon their first encounter from the beginning of creation we still live within us. It is important, because if we can understand what happens here, we understand the root cause of all pain and judgment and can heal it within ourselves.

He was pure consciousness, but he never knew what he was, or what it felt like to be him until their meeting. Without him she was pure energy, but with no light or consciousness of herself and alone in the darkness. As these two primal forces attract one another and can never be separated for very long, they again meet and so begins the story of creation.

With their first exiting union the energy between them increases and increases until it finally releases in a great explosion of light. From this first orgasm of love Heart is born. As in The Epic of Creation, where we now have Apsu (the Sun) and Tiamat (Earth) with Mumu (Mercury) between them, we find Spirit and Will with Heart, their first born between them, and again joined as some kind of primordial force pregnant with potential.

As they spin, creating n a great orgasmic ball of light, first huge winged beings called The Ancient Ones emerge, then the original 12 Arc Angels, ,followed by the lesser orders of the Angels. But as hey go on to create, the Mother, although she loves being in the presence of these angelic beings, wonders why these emergences are only in the image and polarity of Spirit. We then find out that Spirit has been harboring unspoken judgment against her that eventually manifests, not out of love and orgasm, but out of the darkness as a powerful being of light called Lucifer.

All of the emerged beings are greatly impressed by him except the Mother, who can feel that his intent is not loving. She had reason; Lucifer is the blinding light that hates the Will. Even Spirit was so impressed with him that he almost let him take the throne, which would have like surrendering to his judgment of her. Lucifer presented himself as one of the Arc Angels and many of the angels went with him which are known as the fallen angels.

As in the Sumerian Epic of Creation, we have a powerful being (Marduk) emerging not out of the union of the male and female elements, but out of the darkness, many are greatly impressed by him, the brothers mistake him as king,(the fallen Angels) but whose real intent is to destroy the feminine. In exchange he is given an orbit of his own “supreme among the Gods”.

The story in The Right use of Will is a very long and detailed one, but what followed is the Mother is again judged and pushed away ending up on Earth of all places as it is the magnetic polarity of creation made in her image. The fallen Angels and Luciiferic beings also end up on Earth causing it to be quarantined until now.

We are then led to believe that the primal male and female energies have finally made peace, and the wars against the feminine still raging are the final vestiges of the original judgment playing themselves out.

What we gain from these stories is an understanding of the nature of darkness and how to heal it within ourselves. We are Gods who constantly create, either in the light, but also in the dark, as did Spirit’s unspoken judgment which manifested as Lucifer.