The understanding of the location of your concentration produces biological reactions and enhances emotional and mental natural qualities.

The space between the eyebrows is known as Ajna chakra or Sthapani marma. It is 1/2 anguli ( finger unit) in size, and its health determines the order of the mind. Anatomically sthapni marma lies at the junction between the frontal bone, maxillary bone and ethmoid bone. By stimulating the sthapni marma, the stimulus will directly go into the brain.

Ajna means order. This marma brings order in the body, mind and consciousness. Another name for this Marma is Sthapani, which is translated as establishment, steadiness or stability. It creates stability of the mind and cohesiveness in all aspects of oneself.

This marma point controls the sixth chakra, the prana, the mind, the senses, the pituitary gland, and the six head nadis ( Ida and Pingala, Pusha and Gandhari, Peyasvini and Shankhini in the Shushumna Nadi). No worries if you don’t know all these terms jet, however, imagine a tiny place where all complementary and supplementarity energies of the body, mind and consciousness meet. It is a solid point to soothe the mind and bring cohesiveness in all the senses, chakras, and body. It controls the Agni of the senses and the mind. So it is pure transformative and organized fire.

Meditating in this center is key to any meditator that wishes to develop concentration, insight, focus for the mind, and unfold the higher conceptual powers of the 3rd eye. One can use the mantra OM for general energization purposes or the mantra AIM ( pronounced “I”m) for increasing the power of concentration. 

The yogi practice of Traraka or fixing of the gaze energizes this marma, particularly if one focuses on a ghee flame.

The beauty of this marma is its power of establishing balance effortlessly. You can imagine this center as the maid that cleans and puts the house in order as you sleep. The state of meditation activates the marma then the rest of the chakras follow a state of restoration and relaxation but with deep awareness.


1. Regulates Tarpaka kapha

2. Enhances cerebral circulation

3. Relieves headaches

4. Improves concentration, memory and ADHD tendencies

5. Unfolds intuition and insight

6. Calms mind, balances emotions and stress

7. Relieves cranial pressure

8. Benefits eyes and nose


* Migraines and headaches

* Hormonal imbalance

* Lack of concentration, poor memory

* Stress and insomnia

* Emotional disturbances

* Sinus conditions and nasal obstruction

* Glaucoma and eye strain

This Marma is naturally stimulated when the forehead touches the ground in the Yogasana (posture) known as the child’s pose. This posture induces a deep state of relaxation and is often used to treat insomnia.

Shirodhara is Ayurveda’s unique treatment stimulating Ajna and other Marmas located on the head, making it a very beneficial therapy for calming the mind, stress, hormonal imbalances and insomnia.

Be skilful for stimulation of sthapni marma

  • Methods: 
  • Direct stimulation: To commence the stimulation of sthapni marma, sit in the relaxed position and concentrate on every breath. Now fix the fingers of your right hand in the webspace of the left hand to make a fist such that the thumbs of both the hands meet in vertical direction afterwards touch the base of the proximal phalanx of your thumbs on sthapni marma in this way, the stimulation of sthapni marma is done. The pressure given to simulate the sthapni marma is just equal to applying the tilak on the forehead. Activate this point 15-18 times with the synchronization of breath thrice a day.
  • Oil applications: Apply marma massage to the area, using a strong circular motion for about 5 minutes can be combined with oils like dhanvantatara thaila, Aswaghanda Taila, almond oil or plain sesame oil. This practice is excellent to control vatta disorders or disbalance in the sixth chakra.- Again, the treatment of Shirodhara is the deluxe treatment for this marma.
  • Herbal paste: Sandalwood oil or paste applied here during meditation calms the mind and nerves and relieves fever. Lotus oil is also good.
  • Stimulating oils like camphor, bayberry, basil, mint, and calamus open the mind and senses.
  • The application of ice in this marma stops bleeding. You can also use bhrami oil or aloe vera. For pain, use herbs like calamus, bhrami or myrrh.
  • You can also stimulate this marma in a meditation state.
  • Precautions: Avoid the excessive stimulation of the sthapni marma.

It is always amazing how this tiny spot in your body can regulate so many aspects of your perception and well-being.

Remember in your following meditation to smile and salute the internal agni of Sthapani marma.