Yoga of Consolidation: a Daily Companion for well being


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The Yoga of Consolidation is a tool to assimilate experiences and inner perceptions in the multiple levels of your structure of being. It is a yoga (union) that enhances concentration, fluidity and inner revelations, opening a perception that is timeless and practical. This practice can be adopted as your daily inner connection.

The Yoga of Consolidation reaffirms in your body all of what you are in the moment. It is a way to access your inner library and to declare the simplicity of your presence.

Berdhanya Swami Tierra

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Content of this book:

  • Introduction
  • Effort and Effortless: The Clarity of Consolidation
  • Consolidation and Self-Creation
  • The Benefits and the Subtle Components of Practicing this Yoga
  • The Force of Retention
  • Guidelines for the Yoga of Consolidation
  • Tips to Enrich Your Yoga of Consolidation Practice
  • Self-Refinement through the Yoga of Consolidation
  • Student Comments & Questions
  • Herbs and Ayurveda Work to Support Your Practice


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