You can make love to your partner, embrace your children, write poems or give presents to the ones in your circle of love, but the transmission of affection won’t be complete or fully satisfied until you add 3 ingredients: presence, interest and curiosity.


Presence requires you to slow down your “mission of the moment” and come out of your ballon of action and linear actions). Presence, in this case, allows the power of the moment to be a doorway for you to genuine contact.


Interest is another factor that allows affection to be a source of satisfaction. You are interested in the other, in meeting and in connecting without any specific agenda or purpose. Your interest adds to your presence and naturally guides you toward curiosity. With interest, you bring your focus of the present moment onto the subject or object, unleashing your passion, your gestures and your touch. The senses become engaged and delight themselves in the energy field of the other.


You are curious about the other, how they are today, what is relevant to inquire about, what they want to share. You allow a space for the other to share. You can ask questions, but your sensibility will tell you if a silent companion is needed or if it’s possible to have a dynamic conversation about the new. Curiosity is another aspect of presence, where you don’t take the other for granted. In curiosity, you acknowledge that anyone who is alive changes every day, that they are different each day.

Affection is a powerful tool of transformation which reaffirms the divine qualities. Affection is a way to acknowledge the other, the environment and the movement you’re in. Divine affection is a quality of the heart which is beyond the affection of the lover, the mother or the friend. When discovered and implemented in your live, divine affection is your doorway to connection and belonging.

The power of affection is free from any direction. In pure affection, you want to enjoy the other as they are and have no interest in changing your reality or theirs. Divine affection is based on neutrality, calmness and acceptance.

As you project your affection, you cultivate your inner affection. By uniting both, you are decorated with silence, compassion and availability.