We are on Earth to cultivate humbleness and to reclaim the life force as our master. Our experiences are a doorway to humbleness, as we learn to belong to the moment without judgement, resistance or struggle. When we release and extract the life force from our nonsense, our human beliefs and ways, we return to the source.

Humility is related to the intelligent flow of life, and not toward how we live our experiences.  The ultimate act of humbleness is to surrender to the alchemy of life as it flows through us.

Acknowledging that the alchemy of life has its own way of moving through us through our experiences, we allow the grid of life to complete itself and to circulate in every part of the structure.

We have to let the life force circulate to create a grid of life. The life force will know how to get out of “the bowl”. If we think that we know more than the life force itself, it is pride. We have to humble in front of this force and acknowledge that the life force is our master.

The life force flows freely as we surrender to our heart, nurturing the deep knowing that life naturally returns to the flow of the source.

To be humble goes beyond what’s happening in our life: it ripples in our multidimensional self, to the collective and to the Source.

We have a responsibility to recover the flow of life. We are humble when we consciously meet our own mind and do nothing against it; life, then, delivers us to our heart.

To cross the gate of humbleness, we are required to qualify ourselves through compassion and purity, meeting all challenges and experiences without any identification or attachment. By consciously recognizing how we deviate from the flow, or how we have taken life from the Source, our heart sees the full expression of life.

There are 5 gates of humbleness to master or cross. We must cross all 5 to arrive at true humbleness.

Gate 1: Humbleness Before the Creation of Destiny

We must transcend the false sense of thinking that we are the creator of our destiny. On one level, we are, but on another level, we are far from it. We decide our destiny, but there is a greater destiny written in our personal heart. How humble we are before this recognition is our choice.

We never know how the alchemy of life will manifest itself, but we can be sure that the life force has its own wisdom.

Gate 2: Humbleness Before the Time of the Life Force

Linear time is a construction of the mind; real-time belongs to the life force. We must let go of the false sense that we are in control of time. The “I am in control of my agenda and my life” is an illusion. We must learn to obey the time of the life force and the proper unfolding of its pure alchemy.

True order only belongs to life and to the source. Your life force will tell you when you are ready to somatize something. The alchemy of life flows according to our readiness and willingness.

Gate 3: Humbleness Before The Sense of Knowing

We must cross the false sense of knowing, releasing the concept that “I am because I know.” We must acknowledge that what we think we know is always incomplete and, if we are not fully awake or realized, our knowing is wrong. Our deep sense of knowing that we don’t belong to the world of the limited dual mind is an act of true humbleness.

We must also be humble before the proper time for knowledge. The proper timing comes from the ultimate knower, the Source. We must not get stuck in the inner attitude of thinking or knowing when and what’s right for us. We never know what life will present to us. Pure knowing is delivered to us when we are empty when we are willing to become a vessel of receptivity. Only then can we be in alignment with our destiny.

Gate 4: Humbleness Before The Sense of Doing

The life force gets trapped in excessive doing. We must acknowledge and release the self from the sense of doing. We are asked to free the doer or that part of us that identifies with “I am because I do. The more I do, the more I am.”

Identification to the doer can be expressed in different ways.

For example:

  • In denial, the doer will avoid doing what they need to do.
  • In isolation, the doer will cry for help, perpetuating the tendency of not being able to do it alone.
  • In control, the doer will want to do things their way and carry a false sense of completion or satisfaction when things are done.
  • In doing more(exaltation, greed, addiction to action), the false self will think that they are gaining power through their actions.

As we release ourselves from the false sense of doing, an effort is abandoned and we enter into the effortless flow of the spirit. From the perfect alignment of doing, presence emerges.

Gate 5: Humbleness Before Our Desires

We must understand that we pursue our own desires to avoid pain. If we entertain endless desires, we hold the life force hostage by always wanting more. Through the denial of desires, we hold the life force hostage by thinking we don’t deserve anything. Note that the denial of desires is not desirelessness!

To cross this gate, we are invited to become the divine expression of love through our own desires, by understanding that our desires are in alignment with the desires of the divine.

By letting go of our false sense of happiness, and by clearly seeing our invented pain and shame that perpetuates our false desires, we enter the path of bhakti (devotion, love, surrender), where we acknowledge that humbleness is, in fact, the willingness to become desireless and selfless.

We understand that if the moment grabs us, we belong to it. At that moment, we may live an experience, but it dissipates quickly because of the innocence, willingness and devotion of the heart to return to the flow of alchemy. Life is free to flow infinitely.

The 5 gates of humility relate to the qualities of the Divine.

Crossing the 5 Gates of Humbleness

The divine is the creator: desireless, effortless, all-knowing and timeless. When you cross all 5 gates, Earth releases you and grants you the life of your heart, the true life force.

With every crossing, your personal heart gains magnetism, presence, humbleness, courage, direction and knowing as it moves with the flow of alchemy. You then transcend and qualify yourself as divine, having given your full structure and dimension to your being. You become all-knowing, transcendent, and you acquire the will of the essence.

Your own true humbleness gives you permission to use your alchemy for others to become, and you have the power to change the destiny of others through your presence, your touch and your word. When you are free, you can free others.