On this occasion, I would like to point out a very soft spot within you that falsely thinks that you are not loved by God, that you are being abandoned and left alone like a child in the mysteries of the cosmic dangers.

That false sense of being lost is truly unbearable for the devotional heart of the seeker. It has its origin in the original “sin”, where the soul judges itself as bad or not enough when it realized that it had been tricked by the infiltration of duality on Earth. This original sense of separation started endless motions of actions in the individual soul that, since then, is looking for recognition and love.

From that point of spiritual pain, the soul grieves the source and at the same time, the individual creates belief systems that reaffirm this false separation. In a way, many of our reactions (constructive or destructive) toward others and toward our own life are based in a spiritual tantrum.

A spiritual tantrum is a travesty to the alchemy of our destiny, to our personal heart and to the flow and free spirit of life.

Let’s now review some aspects of the spiritual tantrum that may help you to enter and reassure this soft spot in your heart.

Origins of a spiritual tantrum

A spiritual tantrum refers to an unconscious state of grieving and seeking or the notion that we have lost something and that we need to do something to reclaimed. This state of feeling a loss and effort opens a space of inner incompleteness and a position which seeks to solve it.

The moment of loss usually refers to the moment where the conclusion of an experience gives the mind a sense of being emotionally or mentally lost. For example, the child that sees his mother going out of the door thinks that he is left behind and that he has lost her. In reality, his parents were never his and he has never lost anything.

The infantile mind seals the conclusion (e.g. life took away my parents) with a pain and a position (e.g. I will be angry at life). In that moment of conclusion and an inner position, a space of grieving arises with the notion of flight (reaction), revenge (strategy or activation of a coping mechanism) and pain (the result of constriction). The value of oneself is measured by being good or bad, giving origin to duality and a most dangerous a spiritual conclusion of not being worthy of love, and of being able to display and to share one’s goodness with no strings attached. The young soul concludes that he/she is not good enough to be loved, considered and respected. If you get a picture of this, you can foresee the immense pain and the creative ways that the soul uses to seek salvation.

Our initial separation from the Source contains grieving and with that, a desire to get it back. At the same time, our unconscious doesn’t believe we are worth to get back, so the dual mind born, the pain born, the anger born and the despair guide many of our incarnations. This spiritual unconscious position travels through time and space and practices many forms of salvation. We spend many incarnations trying to be good, trying to prove our worth, and creating endless actions that reaffirm a state of shame, pain and unworthiness.

On another hand, the soul coping mechanism is to create a shield of protection so the powerlessness, helplessness and shame cannot be seen by others. That shield can take a form of a passiveness, extra sweetness, passive aggression or an inner sense of superiority. That is pride, the fact of defending a territory with the concept that is ours and that we need to guard at any cost. The tantrum is refusing to let go of any expression of pride and control. The spiritual tantrum is characterized by a great resistance to be seeing. This can take a form of stubbornness, insecurity, withdraw and active or passive anger.

The tantrum uses our fundamental pranic energy ( life force) in order to be animated. In the end, we own prana to earth. We utilize this precious life force to perpetuate our pride and pain. Any ownership of the prana or life force must return to the source or earth in order to sustain life.

How to recognize the steps and flow of a Tantrum

The unconscious is not a place or easy access, however, life is very generous and your co-creation with her has transparency. Here a few steps of the flow of tantrum were you can contemplate and correct the false perception.

  1.    Acknowledge when your desires are not being satisfied and that you have 3 types of reaction. The freezing reaction, the check out a reaction, or the fight reaction.
  2.   Acknowledge when you have charged the situation with a personal will (it has to be my way) or the feeling that a personal value is taken away from you. (certain shame and lost comes forward). For example, if your partner does not agree in having the same spiritual path than you, you may feel a sense of not being heard or acknowledged.
  3.    Acknowledge when the charge hits the emotional body/ego / little heart or the karmic heart. In here you can be active or passive aggressive.

The flow of prana ( life force) in a tantrum and natural healing.

The position of a tantrum uses the prana or life force in order to be alive. Here a reflection of the flow.

1.- The force of the tantrum explodes or implodes producing an outrage which can be expressed outwardly or inwardly generating different mechanisms of control, cutting the flow of life (rejection, denial, isolation, giving away power or self-diminishment, judgement, effort or trying harder and more control, resentment, anger , somatization etc.)

2.- The force then travels into the mental body, creating agitation, restlessness and rumination in the mind. This creates confusion, narrow-mindedness, stubbornness and rigidity. We lose our awareness and alertness. The thought from the mind thinks that it is in danger and it creates and perpetuates the expressions of the emotional body.

3.-The force creates a grid of life which is limited to the consequences of the tantrum and maintains the tendency of overriding the natural flow of life with all different expressions of pride (rejection, denial, isolation, giving away power or self-diminishment, effort or trying harder and more control, resentment, anger, somatization etc.)

4.- Acknowledgement that the force has its own purpose, and a way of moving and circulating. This step is not under our will, we are not shaping the life force, the life force is shaping us. This is necessary to understand in order to allow the full expression and flow of the life force. No station or control mechanism is better or worse, they all contribute to the full release of the force. They are all lessons of humbleness.

5.- Releasing the grip of control or any personal motive to allow the intelligence of life to apply her own wisdom. Knowing where your limits are and learning when to give that up. After repeated failure to get what you want, you realize your inability and abandon all efforts to correct the situation. Profound understanding that letting go is a gift to the alchemy of life.  

6.- Surrender. The life force is freed from all constraints. This step opens the way to our own liberation and brings forward an act of compensation and an observation of how you contribute to sustaining life. The mechanism that produced the effort of the mind ceases to be the doer, the knower or the one that desires. Surrender allows you to merge with the force and reclaim the life force as your master.

7.- Acknowledgement that it is the force of life that makes you a master by making you humble, by making you bow in front of its perfection. Then all experiences become one.

When we understand our inner tantrum a great war end. Defending, caving and evasions finish and we enter into a place of inner forgiveness and peace. We are able to recognize the confusion of the little child and offer to him compassion, patience and reconciliation. Most important the entrance to the state of belonging begins, so the prodigy child enter consciously the kingdom of his own source.