(Satsang, May 15, 2018)

Transcribe by Vashista Roske, Edit by Briya Freeman

Berdhanya: I want to start this satsang with one question: Are you a mother?

Students: [Some say yes. Some say no.]

Berdhanya: This is the first topic of contemplation: Am I a mother?

Of course, you are, because you give birth to your creation. At the physical level, you can conceive and create new things. In a more expanded way, you’re constantly creating your life based on the probabilities of the number of choices that you make.

The Supra-Astral Body and Your Choices

We can imagine that the frequency of each choice that you make is stored in one part of the supra-astral body, and that part becomes more full. This fullness becomes your life. You invest in each choice you make, in each cycle, in each choice you make, in each breath you take, and in every, you speak and act– through your presence is.

It’s like each choice can be a pebble of a different colour. If you choose the pink pebble and put it in the pink jar, at the end of certain cycles of the moon, you will have more pink pebbles and the pink reality will manifest for you. The soul bodies will organize that and deliver that to you. This is what I mean by probabilities.

In the retreat, I hope that you could see through the examples of each person that came forward what their probability was. With that, you could make a prediction. It was evident that some were going to take a predictable direction.

One of the most powerful aspects of the soul bodies (and in the transfiguration of the soul bodies) is that you are able to see the direction that you are going in, with the same clarity in those that you observed. You recognize: “Oh, I’m going that way.”

The trick here is that if you choose to invest sixty percent of the jar in the pink colour, you can’t get back. Most likely, the pink reality is what you’ll manifest. To make the choice to change, you need a certain amount of pebble. Once the wheel is going in the direction of pink, that’s it. It’s a law. You cannot change it.

Let’s use a more concrete example. In the retreat, there was a participant who did not want to see his reality. The oracle told him that this is the second time we see him in the same position. By the third time, the physical body may show something related to sight or negation.

His motherhood, spiritual parenting, has the same flavour. It doesn’t want to see its children, its life, or depths of I am. It doesn’t want to see the depths of its universe. In transfiguration, there’s a recognition that I’m constructing my life every time I hit that frequency. It’s the inner profound choice we make to hit certain frequencies. If we hit the pink frequency, we get the pink frequency.

The Spectrum of Divine Attributes

As a spiritual parent, the mother chooses a diversity of colours and choices. It doesn’t only choose pink but the full spectrum of divine attributes.

The second thing you should be aware of: if you always choose the same flavour, you’re handicapping yourself. You need to choose things that are challenging and need for you to expand, incorporate and grow. In that way, understanding the kind of mother you require constant vigilance about the kind of growth you are to have in front of you. You’re the mother that says, “Okay, you go to summer camp this time, and in the winter, you’re doing another thing….”

Foreseeing of the probabilities are giving to yourself, you design the opportunities that you need. Somehow you know, because you arrive in yourself as an inspiration.

It doesn’t come from the will, it comes out of the mother’s vision. It comes from the inner parent who knows what is next. In transfiguration, you’re absolutely clear. You know you are there, and if you continue in that direction, you are going to get this.

It’s not about anything in the Earth bodies — changing jobs, changing cities, getting married, having children. You can make all the Earth body choices you want. Being a spiritual parent is about the depths of inner vision, about the depths of what the oracle gives you, about preparing the environment for yourself to grow. It knows what’s is next. It knows according to your choices, what you’re deserving and what you’re capable of.

This may manifest in the soul bodies and the Earth bodies as the way you prefer to live, and the jobs you prefer to have. However, the manifestation is irrelevant. You may or might not manifest it. What matters is the clarity of prediction. You’re predicting your own next step according to the inner choices you are making now. When you see this, you are a spiritual parent to your inner universe. What kind of parent are you?

In the retreat, we saw another example of parenting, where the mother cannot see the child because of aloofness and overextending. It’s extremely important to know what kind of parent you are. Are you dramatic, patient, kind, etc.?

If you don’t have any idea of what kind of parent you are, get a plant. A flowering plant. See the relationship you have with another living thing that’s totally dependent on you and has no expectations. The first sadhana my teacher gave me was to put me in charge of the garden. Plants are the most forgiving beings.

Prediction is very precise, mathematical, organized. It moves according to what the spiritual parents know, then it goes to the light body to look at the resources you have– your memories, experiences, skills, potentialities, capabilities, etc. From there, your supra-astral body reveals what needs to be expressed now on Earth. You have the choice to see it, express it and to manifest it or not. In that way, you see the kind of parent you are.

Who is your child? Your life is your child. It’s not your body, mind or job. It’s the totality of your life. You feed it with thoughts, emotions, physical presence.

In the transfiguration process, you acknowledge your life as your child. You give your child opportunities to progress. You manifest. At the moment that you say, “This child needs to go to university.”, you take care of your life to provide that. The male aspect provides logic to step by step create that. The female aspect is the fun, the affection, etc.

Yes, your life is your child. However, creation is also your child. You start enlarging from yourself to the community, to people you touch, until you can say “I give birth to all of this, I am responsible to all of this and I can see what’s coming to this child.”

If the choices are only from your will, it will only be in one flavour. If you’re choiceless, you will have flavours from all the different baskets. If you come with your own personal will, you will choose what you know, over and over, because you don’t know better. “That is what I know. It works. So, I will choose it again.”

When you have proven logic works for you, you’ll choose logic over and over until it reaches the max and cannot take you any further. If you remain with the paradox of choicelessness, you’ll see that whatever life brings to you is foreseen as a manifestation of your potentialities. The choicelessness just flows. You don’t need a big inquiry. The next step is clear. It presents itself.

What Makes An Experience  an Attachment

The other clarification that I want to make is about experiences. I’ve been addressing experiences that do not belong in your life. However, what makes an event into an experience is how much attachment you have. The amount of attachment you have toward a certain experience makes it an experience or not.

For example, if I’m browsing at Ikea without fantasizing about the object, I can  encounter an object and immediately say, “Yes, that one.” However, I’m not trying to accommodate that object into my reality and I’m not giving myself a rule: “I cannot do that because it would be an unnecessary experience.”

What makes an experience is how much attachment, involvement and emotional turning, you give to that object or subject. I don’t want you to be at home having no experiences! You’re here to have experiences.

There are some, however, that clearly do not belong to you anymore. You would not go to a discotheque for three hours to be overwhelmed! You don’t need that anymore. You know clearly that it doesn’t belong to you anymore. On the other hand, there are somethings you must cross, and as a parent, you must say to yourself, “You must go there.” As a parent, give yourself things that are challenging and new, just don’t get all entangled about it. It’s new but remains choiceless and unattached.

You have the experience of cooking, but you’re not thinking, “I am doing this to lose 5 kilos!” You don’t give the experience a concept, a charge or an interpretation. Allow cooking to be a pure experience. Don’t become anything except the cooking. Don’t charge the experience to become an unnecessary attachment.

The Mind Is Like a Mirror

This is a fine line because the mind likes to be attached. The mind is like a mirror: it naturally reflects what you’re doing. The mind is so subtle, perceptive and acute.

You don’t want to load your mind with sensations coming from the senses. That dulls the mind or is unnecessary. This is part of non-attachment.

It’s like at the movies: you can go to the movies and see the movie, but there can be a part of you that doesn’t go into the movie. You’re not fragmenting. It can move you, but you’re not part of it. You don’t disappear into the movie. If you’re not vigilant, the mind goes into the movie and it becomes as though you are living it. It goes into your light body records as feeling like you lived it. The mind interprets it as though you were there.

It’s like a stamp that goes into the light body and the spiritual parent reads it as, “She did this.” If you see the ripple effect of what comes from the senses, you will be more careful of what you see, touch and speak. The key is not to get attached or involved. Remain clear and vigilant.

As a spiritual parent, you supply to Earth what’s needed. For example, video games that boys play leave such an impression on their minds. They are the keepers in their light bodies, and so the spiritual parent gives them to war. What’s being stored is announced and predicted.

When the senses are impressed, it creates a domino phenomenon from the mental body through the supra-astral body, light body, and ends up in the celestial body as a false impression. This is part of the powerful design of the subconscious: to be impressed by anything coming from experiences (either false or real experiences). As long as you dream about them, imagine them, you’re attached. You’re already making a reality.

It’s like at Ikea, if I start imagining where a vase will be, I am making a reality that maybe a vase will break so then I have to buy a new one. Realize that your creation is precise, immediate and a potential seed for the creation of your next moment.

Student: It seems that Blockbuster movies bring something that an artist felt was needed, and the more people are impressed, the more it affects the entire population. Does it affect only those who see it or everybody?

Berdhanya: Everybody, because we’re the same. It’s like the Disney phenomena, with Cinderella and the Prince. Look at the type of expectations men and women have developed relationships and of how they should be! As spiritual parents, our contribution to the collective is huge. The less aware you are, the more you are a robot, obeying the collective. By meditating, we contribute our frequency to the collective.

Student: Does it shift the collective?

Berdhanya: It contributes. How that it’s organized depends on the spiritual parents.

Student: Of everybody, or just the aware ones?

Berdhanya: Everybody. You are a spiritual parent. When you hit the spiritual parent, it’s a very comforting body. It’s like a mother: very understanding, supplies everything you need, directs you and shelters you. It prepares you for the next step, which is the consecration body when you are all by yourself when all the spiritual parents, guides and libraries leave you alone and you have to cross alone. You have no help. It’s about your choice and how you choose.

It really depends on how deep and secures you are as a spiritual parent and how courageous you are to confront your own personal battle. If you are not solid as a parent, you won’t feel strong enough. You don’t feel you can handle it. If it’s solid, you say, “I never abandon myself.” Like a mother, we never abandon the child. Never. With that, it’s much easier to cross. Otherwise, the samurai is like a big army and it’s too much.

All this prepares you for that, so you don’t faint at the first poking. That’s the Consecration Body. It’s the rose and the sword. You have to have both to face your own truth without avoiding. You say, “Okay, I did that,” and you keep going. It’s based on how your spiritual motherhood is. It’s the one that says “Keep going. You’re all right. Keep going.” It has to be solid.

Unfortunately, we don’t have good examples of mothers. Our mothers have not been teachers, but have had needy personal agendas. They wanted to project onto you what they could not be. That is not the spiritual mother that I am talking about. You have to create your own model within yourself.

What kind of mother are you? Are your actions pure? Or you want something for yourself? Are you pushing your child with an agenda? It’s that fine line between giving freedom and direction at the same time. It’s love, but it’s not wimpy. Not sugary. Not pampering. Love expressing direction and tenderness, the male and female together. A spiritual parent is both. The attributes are in the subconscious core alignments.

Student: Does it need to be a conscious choice?

Berdhanya: Yes. You see what your children need and, in a choiceless way, life delivers it. I receive it because it’s what I need.

Earlier, you were telling me that you knew that you would be travelling with me. It’s foreseen. You’re leaving behind the artist to become the teacher. You foresee it. It was not something you worried about, or what you should do next.

Student: You talked about not being able to stop after you have gone sixty percent pink. Does that mean that if I don’t go one hundred percent, I can’t go in another direction?

Berdhanya: Let’s look again at the participant on the weekend who was invested in the idea that he was fine and didn’t want to see anything else. That’s a pink direction. Day after day, he chooses pink, and the rest of the colours are not considered. Pink, pink, pink. When pink is more than half the jar, he cannot change the course. It becomes law. You’re going to manifest a pink reality. That is why if we use the same tools over and over (e.g. just pink), this is what happens. We have the choice. It’s a choice of frequency.

Student: Is it the ego or the spirit that stops the evolution? Where does it come from?

Berdhanya: It can come from the ego or the destiny. In the end, it’s how ready that person is to see themselves. In the newcomers, we could see who are the seekers, who are the ones who just want to feel better and those who want more. This is what pre-destiny is about: the projection of your choices. In that way, they are the mother of their own life.

And it’s not about jobs or whatever. You can have the perfect job and wife, but something is missing and incomplete. Something is not deep or taken. It’s the subconscious dynamic. It’s not about the Earth thing. It may or may not be a happy life. We don’t know when, but we know the choices will manifest and the spiritual parent foresees it.

As a spiritual teacher, I am constantly intervening on this. As a spiritual teacher, I have the right to say, “No, don’t do that. Go this way. Why are you not doing this? Look at this. Clear this thing. Make peace with this.” Then, things go where we want to go.

The power of direction comes from the celestial body. It’s the seed of the spiritual parent. I want to make sure you understand that you are the spiritual parent. The spiritual parent foresees the prediction of your life according to your choices and it supplies the things you need to accelerate your growth in the right direction.

Student: When we make the choice not to see, what happens to the spiritual mother? Does she become deaf? Does she give up until the next life?

Berdhanya: What do the parents do at that point? His reality will design something for him to see, but we don’t know what it will be. He has designed a reality for himself to grow or to vibrate at the frequency that he is choosing. The spiritual parents have no choice but to make the reality of his choice. His own inner parent will give birth to a world and dimension that will fit where he’s at, the one he has designed.

The poetic body, the creation, invention, all that is the celestial body. It’s a powerful creation that ripples down all the way to the physical body. From the physical body, it will ripple back up to the celestial body. The parent will design according to what the physical body emanates. If you don’t want to see it, it’s okay. So be it.

Student: All this creates anxiety that I can do it wrong and make wrong choices.

Berdhanya: If you have this stress, it’s because you don’t have the strength to realize that you’re doing it all the time and because you’re using the right and wrong point of view. The subconscious doesn’t care if it’s wrong or right. It’s just about what you want. What you want comes from your choices. The more you repeat the same choice, the more you get into that reality.

Student: Is the other student’s complacency because he has forgotten?

Berdhanya: No. He has not forgotten, he has chosen his will. He has decided to stay in his cave. Try not to see what’s happening to him as his karma or whatever. No. This is his choice. He’s creating his reality because of the spiritual parent he is. It’s easy for us to see in this example. It’s evident and transparent.

We’re using this example to understand, not to judge. It is just to see what is spiritual parenting, for you to see how you are a spiritual parent. You are able to make a prediction for yourself and for others about how it’s going to end. This is is your transfiguration point. You know the projection of your own life, and it’s separate from the manifestation of your experiences.

Spiritual parenting is inventing, creating, and it’s the ultimate alchemy. It’s poetic, artistic, inventive, and it uses all the colours, all the resources of the light body. It considers all the pitfalls of your actions. It considers your physical capabilities and the time of your incarnation. It considers everything, and it gives you that single moment for you to choose differently over and over again. This is the generosity of the spiritual parent. Every day, you can choose differently.

Student: Would you consider that sessions that you did during the silent retreat as experiences for you?

Berdhanya: Not for me, but for him it was.

Student: So it’s not about the intensity of the experience…

Berdhanya: If I were to have any sentimentality and think of how I can intervene and save him, then I carry it. No. As a teacher, I gave people the chance. If the student did not take it, I wash my hands. There’s nothing I can do.

Student: Each with oracle reading, we can learn from the experience, but we are observers at the same time?

Berdhanya: Yes. You can receive the information, but if you judge it and interpret it, it becomes an experience. If you innocently hear the oracle, then it’s done. You’re learning, but it doesn’t become an attachment. It doesn’t go to the light body as junk but becomes a tool to raise your frequency. Any experience should be that. From watching a flower to an inquiry.

Student: I recently worked with a 13-year old in an existential crisis. I felt compassion, but I didn’t try to solve his state.

Berdhanya: No. You respected his choices. The spiritual parent lets you choose. It lets you be free and assists you. It honours your choices. It doesn’t catalogue you as good or bad. There’s nothing wrong with your life. You make choices and are okay with it.

It’s very important to see the experience part clearly. Don’t shy away from experiences. You can live it intensely, one hundred percent, then let it go. You are always innocent. When you are dual, you are in a state of right or wrong. When you’re not dual, you think paradoxically. You know what is truth and you are not concerned about your experiences. You don’t call them or reject them. They are given by the spiritual parents according to the divine will and the will of the parents. You will know when is the best time. As a spiritual parent, you design when your choices manifest. What is also designed by you, and the colour of your frequencies.