Satsang excerpt  from 2020

All the messages that you hear every moment are the electrical discharge of your higher self into your essence and the essence filters these messages through your belief systems. They go first into the mind as a thought or to your emotions and from there you create an impulse. That impulse is translated as your action or as an inspiration to act on something.  The more pure or out of your way you are in listening to every moment, every days’ messages or sense of guidance, the more ability you have to act in synchronicity with the time. You don’t postpone, you don’t realize later.

So all that energy gathers in the third eye and the third eye can have a sense of cohesiveness or it harmonizes the message energy into the brain and from the brain, it will go into your thoughts or actions. The cavity of your mouth inside is the first one that receives the resonance and that gives you, literally and figuratively, a desire or taste for something.  See it as an inspiration, i.e. “Oh, I would like to go to this place and visit this friend.”  It’s a taste.

So all the upper parts prepare that resonance to be the cave of the resonance.  When the third eye goes with the throat, the lower part of your mouth wishes to act on it, to speak it, to express it. So, the message becomes the mission.  In every moment you have a message and that message is your mission.

If you see the word ‘mission,’ it comes from something that is being or needs to be delivered.  Like in old times, you have a messenger and you say to deliver that message to the other town and that trajectory was the mission.  When the message is delivered, it is the destiny, it is the destination, it is the arrival of the mission.

So in the same way, every message you have is a mission.  It is the mission of the day.  It is the mission that is building some kind of trajectory, a path. The message is delivered by you, by your higher self, and you don’t know what the destination is. You are just enchanted with the path, with what you see around you, as you continue listening.

In order to complete the mission, you need to walk the path. You need to express with the throat the resonance of what you have heard. So you say it, you express it or you are acting on it and that consolidates the mission, the message.

So we often get confused about what is my mission.  We see it as a destination.  We don’t see that it is built right here, right now and that you are building it with clarity if you act on it.  And the message could be trivial or insignificant, but it is through that insignificant message that you build a body, each tooth, each resonance. If you listen to only one tooth, one gum, it won’t make any sense.  But if you, in the walking, listen and collect information from each tooth, from each cycle, from each week, from each month, you are able to charge the cavity of your palette with a resonance that is ready to move or to move it to the lower parts. Then the lower parts are the ones that actually make the move.  The upperparts are steady, they only collect the information.  The lower part is the one that chews it, that expresses it, that connects to the throat centre.

So it could be things that look incohesive, but they present themselves in modules, the module of relationships or a theme of some sort.  When that message is expressed, you have completed the mission; meaning you are adding to your path, you are taking steps towards a destiny.

This is at the level of the Earth, but creation doesn’t have that thing about mission and destiny. Creation just wants you to discover who you are in each step of your research, your evolution.  If you have acquired the form, the form wishes that path and wishes that destination.  At the level of the soul or spirit, it doesn’t matter.  You are not there to prove anything or to walk anything, but you are there to know how you evolve, to learn.

The third eye and the throat have to be in alignment.  You have to be clear about what you listen to with no interference from your diminishing self-ego and you need to express freely.  You need to resonate your vibration, your message, so the path can open and be constructed and you can walk it.  The path doesn’t exist until these two cooperate, until these two forms an alliance.  It is a lot in your teeth because each tooth has a connection to your third eye and to your throat centre.

At the end of the day, ask yourself, what did I hear today?  And how did I act on it? Then the mission is postponed or complete or in process. Every day you receive those pearls of wisdom from your surroundings or from the teachings or from contact with your life. Every day you receive a message that has multiple points of view, to contribute or mirror your own message or mission.

When you hum, all the resonance of your mouth harmonizes the mission and destiny.  It relaxes and stimulates the spine because each tooth also has a nerve to each of the vertebrates. So in that beautiful interconnection at the biological level, you are able to discover your mission and your destiny.

Destiny is not something that is in your future. When you complete the mission of the day, you have arrived at a certain awareness that you have fulfilled, your destiny, your destination of the day, or the month, or the week.  So living in awareness is to listen to your message. You are a messenger in flesh. So how you deliver your message fulfills your destiny in the matter, so your matter has meaning and has a purpose. It all comes from the message, from the mission and from the purpose, the destiny, the direction, the track, how you open the path. And it is biology, you are built to do that.  So anything that you speak, if it’s not in alignment with what you know or what you are trying to research, it is out of your mission, it is out of the message. It is a waste of your energy. You are not fulfilling the message.

That simple question of what did I hear today, what was the topic that I listened to? How did it inspire me? How did it engage me? How did it fit into what I know? For example, today I had a class with somebody and she knew she had to take action on her expansion and do things that she had never done before. In the afternoon, I heard competition. Then I understood; you cannot expand if you are competing with yourself if you have expectations. So I learn. That builds for me to teach you this.

Even if you want to think you are doing nothing and you have no mission and purpose, it is because you have not understood, or you have put an extra value or something that is trying to compete with an image or a culture, images you give to yourself. It is okay, but it is not relaxed and it will not fulfill you. So, what did I hear today? In mediation or in my daily life and interactions? What caught my eye? What resonated with me? In what did I match and say “ah, this!” Because you are not only a messenger, but you are constantly receiving messages. And that is the first part of your mission.


Berdhanya: Are there any questions regarding this?

Student: Yes, I have a question today.  Mostly a clarification.  You said that the mission just wants us to be in evolution and probably to get the form, to embed the form.  Did you say at the same time the One isn’t expecting any path?

Berdhanya: Exactly, it doesn’t expect you to be something, to do something or to become something. What it wants is for you to learn. That’s why the law of feedback, of your creation, is all that you have. The feedback of the higher self to you, to you from your action, it’s all feedback. If you are engaged in the feedback, if you don’t hide in the cave, if you are not shy or have belief systems that make you less in expressing your message, your learning, your creation fulfills your creator. That’s how you have more fun, that’s how you are happier.  It’s when you are learning. Not when you are doing things good or right or bad. That doesn’t matter, it is all an experiment. It’s when you decide not to play that it is dangerous. It is when you decide not to play that there is a danger. Because you are in the dark. You decide not to receive the message that you are giving yourself in clarity and you cannot be clear in what you need to act on.  So, it is a matter of relaxing about your experiment.

Berdhanya: Any other questions?

Student: It all seems clear to me that when we have the impulse to work towards something and produce something, that impulse is enough of the thing to express and follow it, pursue the passions and express the things, but you don’t know how it will appear exactly.  But the impulse is there and the attraction to the expression is there, so that’s the thing to do. You always say you take the step and the ground appears.

Berdhanya: That’s right.  The important part is that you have the understanding that when you are obeying that, you are fulfilling your mission. Your mission is not something big, like becoming something or doing something or having something. It is none of that.  It is about you synchronizing your message with your expression, so your mouth can resonate, be the portal, then you are the messenger, you are the missionary, you are the mission of your creation. You create your creation. In that moment there is, that is your destination.  That is the destiny, to learn to do that.  So it’s very much correcting what is the mission and the purpose.  It is all appearing depending on the moment and whether you take the ride or not. If you don’t take the ride, you are not on the mission. You are not fulfilling your desire to be in flesh, to experience the third dimension. It’s like going to Disney World and not going on any rides. It’s just watching. The purpose is to go on the rides so you can scream and have the experience of what it is to be in Disney World.

All right my darlings, so you now have the meaning of your teeth and your gums and what you speak or when you hum, you are aligning these two.  It is a very powerful place here, the one that moves and the one that is steady, the male and the female. The concave and the convex of resonance.

Very well my darlings, a pleasure to have you all and I will see you in another time.