The Steps of the Seeker


Steps of the Seeker is a must-have book to guide your spiritual journey, helping you to understand the stages, challenges and dynamics of the relationship of student and spiritual teacher, as well as the diversity of readiness in the peer and students that you will meet along the way. Highly recommended. (36 pages)  


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Introduction of this book

The steps of the seeker are usually multiple and individual. Many factors at the soul level determine the readiness and state of each aspirant. However, there are certain general steps that, as a student or teacher, you must consider to deliver yourself fully.

The 4 stages indicated in this booklet can serve you as a point of reference to understand where you are located, what are you missing, what you take for granted and most importantly, how you are qualifying yourself.


May this satsang bring you to the right contemplation.


“The journey of the seeker is one of great adventure, wild transformation and beauty — but at times, it can also be paradoxic, confusing, and so counter to social norm. The ebbs and flows and tests along the way are constant, providing you with ever-new opportunities to expand into broader dimensions of Self: more truth, more love, more compassion, more embodiment and more self-acceptance.

I love this book because it lays out so candidly what it means to be a seeker, the stages, tests and qualities required, and to help you understand the peers and students you will meet along the way.

A must-have piece for any seeker, at any stage of their journey.”

Briya Freeman, Editor

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