The 9 Gates to Mastery



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The 9 Gates to Mastery: A Seeker’s Initiation to Freedom and Belonging

In the creation of a refined master, there are certain initiations that you will cross which serve as your basis for pure perception and freedom.

The 9 Gates to Mastery explores the most significant passages in the trajectory toward self-mastery and belonging to the Source. For the true seeker, it is a guide which honours your commitments, solidifies your inner realization and crystallizes your belonging to Source. ( 115 pages)

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Table of Contents



The Gate of Humbleness

The 5 Passages to Humbleness

The Gate of the Power of Creation

The 3 Passages of the Power of Creation

The Moving Light

Gate 3: Paradoxic Location

The 2 Passages of Paradoxic Location

Suspension and Action: Deep Space

The Gate of Falls and Betrayals

Falls and Betrayals in the Soul Bodies

The Psychological Self

Signals and the Breath

The Gate of Transmigrating Forms

The Human, Semi-God and God State

The Gate of Being Seen (or Announcing Oneself)

Shame and the Quadrants

Prana and Inner Quadrants

Structure and Planets

The Gate of Innocence

Interventions and Effortlessness


The Gate of Caring

Motherhood and Spiritual Parents

The Psychological Self and The Stamina of the Heart

I am not this, I am not that.




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