Deep Listening- Subconscious Core alignment


5  Audio tracks and 5 audio introduction pages in PDF, 70 pages of the book subconscious Core Alignment in PDF 

Key words: subconscious purification, vibrational language, manifestation, creativity, spirit guides, intuition, receptivity, transmission.


The subconscious creates templates for the creation of matter. How many times have you been clear and want to manifest the perfect job, the perfect health, the perfect relationship, and still what comes your way is an  “incomplete” form of that personal right. The creation of your experiences is in relationship with your own designs stored in the subconscious matter. Your hidden concepts, values beliefs, attachments, dualities and unprocessed thoughts and stimulus create a thick matter of denser particles that obstruct the clarity of your manifestations, and the lucidity of your perceptions.

Your subconscious has distinctive layers;  the layer of your sacred contracts for this incarnation, the layers of your multidimensional memories, the layer of the imprint of collective humanity and the layer of detachment. Each of these layers offers you an empowerment of perception, and a possibility of personal evolution. The subconscious can be  your hidden treasures or it can be a hidden burden. It all depends on your relationship to it and to the direct management of this part of you.

Energy, awareness, truth, lucidity and self-responsibility is held in the layers of your subconscious. Deep listening allows the inspiration, the refreshment and the revelations of the subconscious matter to come into your awareness.

Deep listening introduces you to the vibrational language of the angels, archangels and masters of the subconscious realms. It stimulates your relationship with the infinite and loving nature.


What is Deep Listening?


These 5 audio tracks are meditative process designed by Berdhanya in 2009. There are powerful, yet simple techniques to reclaim inner space from the subconscious parts of our energetic structure.

Deep listening is a practice that can be adopted as a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Each track offers specific work and requests from you to either listen attentively to the stories, or to complete the missing part with a technique called gibberish.

What do you need for this course

You will received your 5 tracks at once. You will be able to download it into your computer and play it at the time of your convenience. Downloads have a week expiration date. An additional $ 10.00 will be charge if missing the download expiration date.

You will need:

  • Headphones
  • Your private space
  • And a meditation shawl or blanket

Table of content

5 pages PDF guidelines.

This audio contains 5 tracks. Each track is designed to deepen your awareness  into the different layers of the subconscious.

Track one: True presence. In 2009 Berdhanya introduced in this talk the practice of deep listening. In its original version, this talk brings a cutting edge awareness about resonance, transmission and sensibility.

Track Two: The story of the small apple. 14 minutes Narration: Berdhanya. Music: Adam Lees.

Track Three: The story of the empty pearl. 9 minutes. Narration by: Berdhanya.  Music by: Adam Lees.

Track Four: The story of the white horse and the hard stone. 4 minutes. Narration by: Berdhanya. Music by: Adam Lees.

Track Five: Purification in gibberish 25 minutes. Music by: Adam Lees and Mark Timmings.

Benefits of this practice


  • Purifies the subconscious layers of our structure of concepts, believes, values, attachment, duality and undigested thought process.
  • Familiarize your awareness with the vibration of the language of the masters of the subconscious. –Angels, archangels, masters, fairies and so on.
  • Brings forward the inspiration, inventiveness and creativity stored in the subconscious bodies, supra-astral body, light body, celestial body and consecration body.
  • Unleashes the energy of our destiny and our magnetic pull towards truth, freedom and illumination.
  • Connects us with our multidimensional existences and parallel dimensions.
  • It opens a wider and deeper space for meditation and contemplative practices.

This practice can be introduced to children after 5 years old.


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